Chapter 01:

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-TITLE: My daughter's dildo



Being a single father has many challenges, especially when you have a girl. Lucia's mother was absent from the scene just after his first birthday, so we have been wearing two in the last sixteen years. It was not easy at the beginning, but I managed to provide a stable home and raise a very good child. I admit that she was a little boy missed, but she was in good healthy and happy, was successful in school and we were very good. Unfortunately, that did not mean that I was at all prepared for puberty.

It was a thing I had avoided thinking, but before I do not realize it, she was there. My little girl became a woman before I'm ready. It is to me to have "the chat" with her. It took me a week to go back to the morale and understand what I was going to say. I was also uncomfortable as possible when I sit for the first time, but the natural curiosity of Lucia and his open personality have transformed what could have been a painfully embarrassed conversation in a special moment that has made us close.

Then, of course, came the other things. I tried to make sure that it also seems normal as possible, but a father taking his daughter buying a bra for the first time makes an unusual day at the mall. However, this has nothing to do with the fact of having to explain the buffers and all that accompanies this song and this monthly dance. And learn to a son to shave the face is one thing, but believe me, learn from your daughter to shave the legs is another.

You might think that I am overlooked the most difficult barriers of the parenting of a girl throughout the journey to femininity, and too, until my beautiful 18-year-old daughter come to see me one day with unexpected demand.

➖LUCIA: Dad, I need you to help me for something.

She always call me "dad" when she wanted something me, mainly because it was still walking.

➖ME: I come to give you your allowance two days ago.

➖LUCIA: That's not that. You know how I broke up with Ruph last month, is not it?

She sat on my armchair's arm. I pressed the Pause button on the remote control for nothing of what the avengers were doing.

She pursued;

➖Eh well, I decided that with the school, and preparing for university and football, I did not really have time for a boyfriend at this time.

➖ME: I love this plan

She pinched my arm;

➖Bearily, I am serious about it. I do not want boyfriend, but that means that I always have a problem.

➖ME: In this problem is ...?

My daughter moved uncomfortable next to me;

➖Caccard, first of all, you know that I am no longer virgin, is not it?

Wow! The conversation had taken an unexpected turning. I had suddenly no idea where she wanted to come.

➖ME: I was not quite sure, but, okay, now I know.

➖LUCIA: My God, Dad, does not afford horrified. It's not like I was a total slut, or anything. It was only Ruph.

She bit her lip and turned off eyes while a slight redness was colored her cheeks;

➖A lot

Exactly what Father Father wants to hear. Then I understood what she meant.

➖ME: Oh, my God, you are pregnant.

She gave me a tape on the shoulder;

➖No. Give me a little more credit than this. I take the pill and we have used condoms.

➖ME: How long have you take the pill?

➖LUCIA: I do not know, like a year. Anyway, it's not the subject.

I was relieved and a little injured at the same time.

➖ME: For what purpose?

➖LUCIA: I know you do not want to hear that, but I really liked to love.

She was right, I did not want to hear it.

➖Te it really miss me, really.

I bouched my ears and closed his eyes. Maybe it was only a bad dream and that I would wake up from one second to another.

Lucia remove my hands;

➖Dad, stops that. I try to tell you that I am really excited and I need your help.

➖ME: I do not hear you!

I tried to hand over my hands on my ears, but she kept my wrists firmly.

She crooked me laughing;

➖Tey and stop being such a baby. So, since I do not want boyfriend, and that I do not want to despair and start going out with dysnic guys, I need you to buy something.

➖ME: A single way for a convent?

➖LUCIA: believe me, if I did not have to ask you, I would not do it, but I need you to buy me a dildo.


I had heard him, but she did not register.

➖LUCIA: A dildo, dad. You know? Like a false dick.

➖ME: I know what a dildo is. But ... but why ...

She gave me one of his patented looks "How could you be so stupid".

➖LUCIA: Why do you think?

She always held my wrists and suddenly realized how much it was close.

➖LUCIA: It's more embarrassing for me than for you, dad, but I do not know what to do. I can not really explain it, but now that I lying with a boy, I feel that I miss something when I do it myself.

Will my sweet little girl honestly what I thought she said?

➖ME: I do not ... uh ... what ... ah ...

I drove completely at all levels. I had to gather it.

➖LUCIA: I thought that maybe if I had a dildo, I would have more impression of having sex with a boy, and I could better focus on school stumes instead of being so excited all the time.

➖ME: All this seems very reasonable, my little princess honey, but you must admit that this is not the kind of things that a father wants to hear from his daughter.

➖LUCIA: I know, I'm sorry.

She wrapped his arms around my neck and hugged him. I could feel the sweetness of one of his breasts brewing against my shoulder. I tried to ignore it, but I failed.

➖LUCIA: It's not like I had a mother around me to ask for help with this kind of thing. Even if you had at least a girlfriend, I could talk to him.

➖ME: Do not go right away.

She had to be serious if she played the mom card.

➖LUCIA: Go, dad, is you who taught me birds and bees and all that. You knew I was not going to stay virgin forever. I am no longer a little girl.

She played with my hair while she was talking, cabling her as she wanted. It was exactly the kind of intimate contact that I was afraid at that time.

➖LUCIA: You are the one who taught me that sex is a beautiful thing and that Masturbating naturally made some of the growth. You also told me that I could see you if I had questions or problems concerning sex, so I'm here.

I had always linked sex to my daughter in a very abstract way, but it was real. As a father, I knew I had to do everything I could to help him, but as a man, I could not control my physical reaction to my idea that my nubile girl is so desperately excited that she had to ask me a dildo to masturbate with. I did my best to do not think of my growing erection and I asked if she disappear before she notice.

I conceded;

➖TU is right.

It is difficult for me to accept that my sweet little girl is born somehow a little sexy woman.

➖ME: Go search for my wallet.

➖LUCIA: Oh Papa! Thank you Thank you Thank you!

She kissed me on the cheek every thanks and curse with a cry of joy.

I took it to try to hide my bandage so that it is not obvious. What kind of father was I? It was already serious enough that I pay for my daughter to buy sexual toys, but to have an erection during all this was simply wrong.

➖LUCIA: I did research.

She was back faster than expected, leaving me half stuck.

She put his laptop on my knees. I was first relieved because this hid the flush downless infection of my pants, but then I saw what on the screen is: a pin of lawn and doncombonant colored candy!

➖LUCIA: This site offers the best selection, good prices and free shipping.

She reinstates himself on my arm's arm and leaned against me so that we can both see the computer screen. Shit, she felt good.

➖ME: What would you say that I give you my credit card and you can get what you want

➖LUCIA: No, you must help me choose the right one. I had never had a dildo, don'ts what to do.

➖ME: I had never had a dildo more. How am I supposed what you need?

➖LUCIA: Because you know everything, dad.

She handed out and used the touchpad to scroll through the web page. His handle led to knowing them a few centimeters over my semi-erect dick.

➖LUCIA: Okay, so the first thing I must determine is if I just want an ordinary dildo or a dildo that divers. What do you think?

➖ME: I guess it depends if you want, uh ... or if you prefer, uh ...

I was wrongly disguising comfortable.

➖LUCIA: Go, dad, do not be so prude. Just say what you are trying to say. I am a big girl, I can manage it.

➖ME: It's not for you that I worry.

I took a deep insign and I decided to do what she asked me and to speak directly despite all instincts that told me not to do it;

➖Here is. I guess the simple dildo would be good for the orgasms of penetration, while the vibrants can also stimulate the clitoris.

Lucia slug and hugged my cheek;

➖You does not need to be a certain technique. You can just tell clitoris.

She leaned forward to watch the closer screen, placing a hand on my thigh to support himself.

➖LUCIA: I heard that vibrants can make less sensitive.

➖ME: Are you planning to use it five times a day?

➖LUCIA: at least five, but probably more.

She said that with an impassive face. When my jaw fallen, she burst out laughing and gave me a punch in the arm;

➖Is not because I am horny that I am completely obsessed with sex, dad. I plan to use it in normal quantity. Maybe three or four times a week. Probably more at first, but then every two days, about.

Visions of my dear shot dear to her bed with his legs spreading to make love with his new toy have been jewelless without inviting him in my head. I wanted to be the cool father and support my daughter, but it was going to ruin myself as a father.

➖ME: As long as you use it with moderation, I do not think you have to worry about your sensitivity.

➖LUCIA: Well, then I'll take one who vibrates so that I can use it on my clitoris.

She seemed to use deliberately a provocative language. She probably had to be torture to be so.

➖LUCIA: Now we need to determine what form would be the right one. They have all kinds of weird like that.

She clicked on one who had a bulbreaty and a t-shirt, then another one was a series of more and more broader spherical bulge.

➖LUCIA: And then they have all those who have the shape of a dick.

She clicked back and selected one of the realistic replicas.

I could not get back to the fact that I was sitting in my salon watching a collection of huge dongs with my daughter. It was crazy, but I did not want to admit that there was a part of me that was beginning to appreciate it. Especially a very specific part of me.

Clumky I've proposed:

➖I suppose they both have their benefits ... Some of them seem to have been designed to do the job, but the evolution is itself a very good engineer.

To be continued

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