Chapter 01: Introduction.

How old was I then? 10? 13? You won't believe this, but back then I was only 20. I'd already passed puberty, what can I say? I even had a girlfriend with whom I practically did everything, and when I say everything, I mean my sexual needs as well as my leisure time.

I'd just graduated from high school, and like every student in my locality, I had to go to Cotonou to continue my university studies. So who should I stay with? Knowing full well that I had no one in Cotonou apart from my aunt, Dad's sister. I spent all that time with my aunt. Oh, the shape of that woman just drove me crazy. My parents didn't know what was going on, but I was proud and she was really happy to come into my room every night and get undressed to throw herself into my bed, She was superb and the more I practiced the act, the closer we became to each other until it became an avoidable habit, until the day my aunt got pregnant with me. I'll let you discover my story, a really horrible story, you'll see my youthful mistakes and above all my sex life with my aunt and how she adored my cock.

I had just been admitted to the baccalaureate exams.

That morning, while I was still sleeping peacefully like a baby, the door to my room opened on my mother, who approached me and gently caressed my forehead. Suddenly, I opened my eyes and greeted my mother with a big smile.

My bachelor is still sleeping," she said as she took her place on the bed.

You can't imagine how I felt at that moment, so I gently stretched and stood up.

Hello, Mom," I said.

How are you, son?

I'm great, Mom, I'm great. Now that I don't have to worry about my baccalaureate exam, I'd say everything's fine.

She smiled for a full second and then turned back to me.

___ Now's when the real trouble starts, son, I'll leave you to face the university.

I can't wait, Mom, I can't wait.

___ When you've just graduated, that's exactly how excited you are. Tell me, do you have any plans today?

Yes, Mom, I'd like to visit a friend.

Tell me you're going to your girlfriend's house. John's.

John? That was my name, the name that drove the girls crazy, I was a real gentleman, you'd have thought I was an American. I'm 1.75m tall with a skinny shape. Even you know very well what that means, having a very good shape here in Africa, especially when you talk about that shape, skinny, they already see themselves in seventh heaven and without lying to you, I was also an expert in bed, one day my dearest beloved asked me a question "John, tell me who taught you how to make love?" A question I never answer, who would dare give away their sexual secret? Not me, anyway.

Our mothers are really strong, I don't know how Mom managed to realize that the one I wanted to go out with was really my girlfriend. I made a face and looked again at my mother, who had been hoping for an answer from me for a very long minute.

Yes, Mom, she's my girlfriend.

She got up, opened the door to my room and peeked in. She wanted to make sure it was really just the two of us.

What's her name?" she asked.

Amandine maman, I really love her.

Tell me, what grade is she in?

She's taking her baccalaureate next year.

Oh long-distance relationship. You know, son, long-distance relationships really destroy couples. When I've got the money, I'll make the effort to buy you the novel by this young man who knew how to tell us all about it concretely. The novel is entitled JENNIFER and the author's name is Dieu-donné ABILE. He goes so far as to warn us, your parents, who are completely ignorant of the subject of sexuality with you.

My mother spent a few minutes talking to me about the consequences of long-distance relationships, as well as some advice on sex education, for me these were things that weren't going to happen to me, I was completely unaware that something was waiting for me from the other end of campus. After minutes of talking, my mother left me to go and see Amandine.

You can go but please don't stay too long, I'll tell your father I sent you on a few errands and no nonsense. I'll pay for the novel, don't worry. I still think you like literature.

Thank you so much, Mom.

My mother, she was the best of mothers, every day I bless my God for this magnificent mother he knew how to give me.

I threw myself on the bed and got into the shower. After taking my bath, I put on my shirt and headed straight for Amandine's house.

So you'll be leaving soon and leaving me all alone.

Don't worry, we'll keep in touch. I even had the courage to tell my mother about you.


Yes, that's why you should trust me. My mother will be there in case you want to talk to me. You don't have to worry, my dad will buy me a cell phone soon I'm sure.

Whose house are you staying at?

I don't know yet, but I'm sure I'll be staying with some of my local colleagues.

I'd rather you stayed with someone than risk not falling in love with someone.

No, you don't have to worry.

For her it was the best option, but this option was far from being the best, what am I going to say? I had no idea that living with my aunt would turn into a life of nightmares.

Don't worry, my parents won't let me live alone.

I prefer it that way.

We spent hours chatting about everything and anything, and so as not to disobey my mother's schedule, I came home earlier than planned.

* * *

A few days later...

I've now been declared admitted, in the days that have just passed, we've had to face the sports tests and the oral exam for those who couldn't be declared admitted. Yes, for those who didn't, because I got my mention, I got a mention Bien, which was the main reason why my father bought me a brand-name cell phone. It was the latest techno camon.

I was in my room, staring at my cell phone, when my bedroom door opened to reveal my little sister Mia. I didn't tell you about her because it wasn't important.

Big brother, Auntie's here," she shouted from the other side of the door.

Auntie? Yes, it was indeed her, my aunt, the one with whom I'd be starting a new chapter in no time. I quickly put down my cell phone and followed my little sister.



To be continued.

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