Chapter 1 Fatty, What Are You?

In a pink girly room, Jocelyn Murphy held up a men's diamond watch and looked at it over and over again against the crystal lamp overhead.

This watch was a limited edition worldwide model that she had selected at the mall.

She thought Joseph Stewart would love it.

Just then, her sister Gloria Murphy’s video call came.

Jocelyn picked it up, and Gloria’s face appeared in her phone with a smug sneer on the corner of her mouth.

"Dear sis, do you believe that Joseph's bullshit that he's busy today and won't be back until tomorrow?"

Jocelyn was filled with consternation, "What do you mean?"

Gloria was full of disdain, and her smile growing wild.

"Haha, you are stupid that you deserved to be cuckolded. Here's my gift to you, open your eyes and see what it is."

In two minutes, the image of Gloria and Joseph being intimate caught her eyes.

From the background, she thought they should be on the sofa of Joseph's living room.

So he was busy having an affair with her half-sister?

She had loved this man for seven years since she was eleven, and he was the sweet dream of her youth.

She had given almost all of herself for Joseph, and she had always thought that he would never betray her.

"Joseph, have you done this with Jocelyn?" The video revealed that Gloria was looking at the camera with provocation in her eyes.

"Don't disgust me, that fatty made my stomach sick. How do you think it's possible?" Joseph said as he kissed her.

Joseph who was engrossed in his entanglement with Gloria seemed to be totally unaware of the camera's presence.

The nasty scene was like a cold knife, cutting a crisscrossing gash in her heart.

It hurt so much that she couldn't breathe.

Jocelyn lifted her head and gazed at the dressing mirror opposite, the immaculate surface of which reflected her appearance at the moment.

She was all fat and freckled, no longer the famous beauty of the city, but just a fat person.

But he had said that she had become fat because of him and that he would never dislike her for the rest of her life!

Furious, she drove her sports car to Joseph's villa.

The man and woman on the sofa were shocked to see her arrival.

"What brings you here?" Joseph asked indifferently, with a touch of surprise in his eyes.

He then calmly climbed to his feet, slowly put on his bathrobe and walked up to her, saying coldly.

"Since you saw this, well, Jocelyn, let's break up, I'm in love with your sister."

The word that poured into her ears was like a pair of cruel hands, tearing her bloody heart into piece after piece.

Gloria snorted coldly and put on Joseph's shirt, taking his arm, her face full of contempt, "Joseph has long been disgusted with him, he just didn't know how to tell you."

Gloria's words were like a bucket of cold water poured over her head, and she instantly came to her senses.

In fact, she should have understood long ago that he had treated her differently ever since she had become ugly.

She had been foolishly reassuring herself that it was because he was too tired from work.

"Yes, even if you hadn't seen this today, I was going to make it clear to you tomorrow. Jocelyn, you are not good enough to me!"

"My family can't wait for me to kick you out, so let's just break up."

"My family wants you to take responsibility for the sake of our love for each other."

"Tell your father that it's you who don't want me anymore and that you're cancelling the marriage."

Joseph continued coldly, had no eager to marry this fat woman.

His words, once again, crushed her heart into pieces.

At the beginning, his mother was sick and needed a kidney replacement.

She donated her kidney to his mother without hesitation because she loved him.

Later, his mother recovered, while she was not well.

That operation left her with serious after-effects.

Her body began to put on weight rapidly and her face grew freckles, transforming her directly from the number one beauty in the city to a fat person.

But instead of feeling guilty, they even disliked her!

Joseph had cheated on her, yet they still wanted her, the victim, to take responsibility!

They were both cruel and shameless!

At this moment, she really wanted to kill them all with her own hands!

"You and your family are so cruel, who did I become fat for?" Jocelyn was so furious that she raised his fist towards his face!

Before the slap could fall, Gloria clutched her hand and viciously pushed her to the ground, her high heel stepped on her hand without mercy.

The sharp heel of the shoe repeatedly crushed and rolled over her hand as she spoke coldly.

"You donated your kidney of your own free will, they didn't force you. Don't always talk about the kidney donation, you just intend to make them feel guilty!"

"You're not physically fit, why do you blame others? There are so many people who donate kidneys, how come you are the only one who has after-effects?"

As soon as the words left her mouth, the heel of her shoe penetrated deep into her skin, and bright blood gushed out from the wound.

The sharp pain spread through her body, but not as much as a millionth of the heartache.

Jocelyn struggled and tried to fight back.

But Joseph did not give her a chance at all, kicking her stomach, saying indifferently, "Stop it, Jocelyn ..."

She didn't expect that not only did Joseph not stop Gloria, he even helped Gloria bully her.

It was outrageously vicious!

"Jocelyn, I really didn't expect that there would be a day when you would be treated like this."

With those words, Gloria smiled flirtatiously towards Joseph and spoke in a delicate whine, "Joseph, shall we continue?"

"Okay ..." Joseph smiled.

"But before that, can you throw this woman out? I don’t like to ...," Gloria added.

As soon as Gloria's words left her mouth, Joseph pulled Jocelyn's ponytail, and dragged her to the door.

He then closed the door sharply, not even looking at her again.

After crying for a long time, Jocelyn got into the car like a walking corpse and drove out of Joseph’s villa with a kick of the accelerator.

Her abdomen, which had been stepped on, suddenly began to twinge, and her eyes went blur.

The next second, the sports car went out of control and ran into a large tree by the roadside.

Because she was not wearing a seatbelt, she flew straight out of the car and fell into a snowbank by the roadside.

She tried desperately to get up, but she had no strength at all and her whole body throbbed with pain.

The snow was falling, little by little, covering her with a bone-chilling cold.

On the edge of the road, no one knew that the body covered by the snow was once the famous lady of the city.

The sharp pain in various parts of her body was still spreading, her consciousness faded.

She knew that she was probably going to die.

It was ridiculous. She didn't think that she would end up like this.

If she could survive this time, she would make them pay in blood!!!

Just a moment before she completely fainted, a pair of black leather shoes was seen at sight.


That night, Jocelyn disappeared, only sending a message to Allen Murphy, her father, saying she was going out for a travel.

Then there was no more contact.

Where exactly did she go? There are many different opinions all over the city.

But from the mouth of her fiancé Joseph, people finally learned that Jocelyn had eloped with someone.

This was a disgrace to the Murphy family!

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