Chapter 1 He is coming back

Birds chirping, their melodious voices singing morning glory, the fresh and cool air after the heavy rain last night, the rising sun over the horizon, it was one of the finest days for Amanda Jackson, but she was just too lazy to wake up.

She lazily stretched her hands out as she smiled lazily at the beam of light passing through the window into her room. Today was such a fine day because everything that was going to happen today will be the best that has ever happened to her over the past few years.

Her fiance was finally coming back from overseas and Amanda was a little bit nervous because she didn't know how to face him after not seeing him for the last five years or so.

But why would she be nervous? After all, they have grown up together. She chided herself for thinking too much.


"Amanda, why are you still lazing around? You need to start getting prepared. Today Jason is coming back, you know that apart from welcoming him, you are also getting engaged, right?" Her mom's angry voice came from the corridor.

"Okay mom, I will be out in a minute, don't worry." Amanda groaned as she answered her mom.

Her family and Jason's family had known each other a long time ago. She had grown up with Jason and they could be considered childhood friends or rather sweethearts.

Her mom and Jason's mom were best friends for so many years and they so happened to be pregnant at the same time, they had joked about betrothing their children if one gave birth to a boy and the other a girl. Their families did not oppose it because that will help keep the relationship between the two families strong.

When Amanda and Jason were born, the two families were both happy because their dreams will come true, since they were young, Amanda and Jason were always considered couples.

Thinking about their past, Amanda could not help but give a sweet smile, as it held her most innocent and memorable experience.


She went to have a quick shower before putting on a simple dress to go and have breakfast.

She was living with her mom at the moment because her father had married another woman and they had to divorce.

Although her parents were no longer together, the relationship between her mom and Jason's family remained, which is why the engagement was taking place as planned.

"Good morning mom!" Amanda kissed her mom on the cheek as she went to grab her breakfast.

"Morning Amanda, why have you not changed your lazy ways of always dragging things out? You know you are soon going to be engaged and you need to start showing some qualities of being a good wife."

"I know mum, you can now stop nagging. I will do as you say. I have talked to dad, he will be picking up Jason from the airport, and the venue for the party is already confirmed, I just need to head over when it is time."

"It's good that your father still remembers that he has yet another daughter. I know that it was difficult for you to choose between me and your dad but I'm glad that you did choose me." Her mom embraced her.

Her husband's affair had hit her hard. She had sacrificed a lot back then for Peter Jackson but all ended in a drain after he married another woman. The scar was still as fresh as if the events happened only yesterday.

"Don't worry, I know it has not been easy on you to raise me, but I promise I'm going to be a good wife to Jason and I will always love you." Amanda returned the hug, as tears threatened to fall from her eyes.

"I know my daughter is the best, and mom will always be here for you."


In another Villa in city A, Vallarey Jackson, Amanda's step-sister, Ryan Jackson, Amanda's step-brother, and Juliana Jackson, her step-mother were having a lavish breakfast together with Peter Jackson.

"Dad, is the plan still the same as we had discussed?" Vallarey asked as she took a bite of her sausage.

"Dad, Jason is coming back, and we know that he is supposed to be engaged to Amanda but that is just a cover to fool them. We know that my sister and he have been in a relationship for a long time now and today is their engagement day." Ryan also inquired.

"Yes, the plan has not changed. Jason's family has long been fed up with Amanda and her mom, they could not wait to get rid of those two. I will be going to pick up Jason later at the airport and we will head straight to the hotel." Peter Jackson nodded.

"Have you notified Amanda and her mom?" Juliana asked.

"Yes, of course, that was the plan with Jason's family, she has to be there so she can learn the truth to avoid future troubles."

"That's good. I could not wait to see that bitch's face as she sees what was hers being taken away from her and she can't do anything about it. Also, her mother always acts like she owns the world, I can't wait to see her reaction, I bet it will be too good and entertaining." Juliana laughed with disdain as she spat out her words without caring about maintaining her cool demeanor in front of her husband.

Evelyne has always acted superior in front of her. Moreover, she was more beautiful than her and she always felt inferior whenever she was next to her.

"Mom, don't say that, after all, she is still my sister and my other mom. They are still part of our family, after all, they have Jackson's blood flowing in their veins." Vallarey, being the good and filial daughter that she was, convinced her mom to remain cool in a polite and good manner.

Of course, you could see that both Juliana and Peter were pleased with their daughter.

But none of them noticed the vicious light that passed in Vallerey's eyes.

"Today will be the day I send you to your death, dear sister, I have already taken everything that you care about from you and there is nothing that you can do about it....."


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