My Hot Step Dad

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Esty Lions


Warning!!! This book contains lots of steamy and sensual content's!! Be warned guys!! ** Becky's dad had just died during the war front, and the news of her father's death broke her so hard, but what broke her more was that after seven months of her father's death,her mom has fallen in love with another man and seems happy with him. Little does she know that she would fall in love with her mom's lover, her step dad and may break her mom's heart, who knows?

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Chapter one

I sat on my bed thinking about my life and what I am living for. I am mentally drained from the death of my father. I still can't believe it is real.

It all started on this rainy day, I wasn't at home the day it happened. I was at Jamila's place.

When I came back from Jamila's place my Mom told me, she heard a knock on the door and when she opened the door, It was a soldier who came to announce to us that my dad, her husband was dead.

He told my mom that my dad had died at the war front.

Mom and I cried our eyes out and I cried my eyes out too because how was I going to survive and now I don't have a daddy?

My dad was my best friend and lover and now he is gone.

I felt really sad. How was I going to cope? I just hope everything worked out well because it's all draining.

My door creaked open revealing my mom Mrs Rita. "Becky, dress up quick, we are going to Emily's place. Her mom just called to tell you that Jamila is sick. Be quick, let's go and visit her."

"What's wrong with her mom?" I immediately became worried. Jamila was one of my favorite cousins and I really enjoyed her company a lot.

"I don't know, just get dressed. We have to go quickly." My mom immediately left me to prepare.

On our way to Visit Jamila, we stopped by the mall and got her a gift. I bought her a get well soon card and a gift.

When we got there, we met Jamila's mom, Mrs Florence and she looked really worried.

I moved into Jamila's room and saw that she really looked ill. "Jamila, how are you?" I asked her.

"I'm not really good. The doctor says it is typhoid and I've got a severe headache too." She told me and her voice was really faint.

"I'm really sorry Jamila. Here, I got you this. Please get well soon".

I handed the gift over to her and she tried to give a smile but it was faint.

"Thank you Becky" Jamila said as she received the gift and opened it.

We stayed for an hour at Jamila's place before we left. I didn't even feel like leaving Jamila in that condition. I wanted to spend the day and time with her but mom told me we had to go and that she had an appointment to handle.

Because of that, I agreed to go home with her. When we got home she told me that she was leaving me alone and that she wanted to go on a date to see her new lover.

"Mom!!?, Are you for real?" I couldn't believe my ears. If she really wanted to go on a date she could have gone and let me be at Jamila's place.

"So you mean after seven months of Dad's death you have fallen in love with another man? come on mama?" I said with pain and anger in my voice.

But I immediately felt bad because I might have hurt my mom but I can not take it back. What is said can not be reversed.

"I know how you feel but I...' my mom couldn't find the right words so she immediately broke down in tears.

"Hey, I'm sorry mom. I just, I don't know I am sorry I didn't mean to hurt you Mom" I said to her.

I don't know if she really loved Dad like I did and if she did why is she in a haste and in love with another man?

"It's okay, girl." She said and tugged me close, hugging me tight to herself.

My mom later left and went to see her newfound love. I guess she was lonely and so she needed a companion. I just pray he is a good person and he should make my mom happy.

Hours later, Mom came back home from her date and told me she had fun with him and I guess he made her happy. "I can't wait to see him, Mom".

I don't know if I really meant that sentence.

"Tell me everything about him Mom," I asked as if I really wanted to get to know him.

"He is Irish and he is really cute and sweet. He is a great listener too. I think that's all I can tell you for now." My mom smiled.

"Hope he better be good". I muttered.

"He'd be coming over for dinner too someday so that you will get the chance to meet him." She proudly announced.

Mom's presentation of him reminded me of my ex-Xavier. At first, he was one of the sweetest boys I had ever met until he showed me his real color. He was a wolf In sheep's clothing.

He cheated on me with other girls. At first, he used to be so clingy and sweet. He would whisper and announce sweet sensational nothing to me and I would sheepishly smile from the little tingles his words gave to me.

We used to be the best couples on campus then, everyone admired our relationship and I guess envied it too.

Before I forget, my boyfriend was the bad guy type of handsome and cool guy. In summary, all the girls wanted and dreamt of having him.

At least even if he doesn't date them, maybe he could get them laid. That was what the girls in my uni wished.

Also, I never dreamt of dating him either, though I admired him from a distance but I did not have this wish and infatuation other girls had for him.

We never used to talk, I didn't really give a fuck about him.

Something happened, it was all a shock to me when he started coming close to being friends with me. He would get me stuff, flatter me with expensive gifts and he was calm and sweet. I guess that's what I liked about him and not really his gifting nature.

Finally, he broke the nutshell and told me he wanted me to be his girlfriend. I didn't believe my ears. Lol

I was happy, at least I was asked out by the prettiest guy in school and who was I to say no to such an offer?

That day, we shared our first kiss.

I accepted him, and we started dating. I remember when I told my best friend she found it hard to believe until she started seeing proof.

Xavier and I really had fun. As much as he cheated on me, I would still say he was a good kisser and the best kisser of the boys I have kissed before.

He loved to cuddle a lot with me and would give me a peck or kiss any little chance he would get.

All this loveydovey act would make me think he is the one and one person fated to me, yeah my soulmate.