Chapter 2 Pregnancy

Ayan's pupils dilated and darkened as he exchanged silent glances with Camille. "I don't like it when you joke like that," he said in a low voice.

The idea of falling in love with her seemed like a farce.

"I'm sorry," Camille said, her face stiffening slightly.

As Ayan looked at the woman before him — lovely, gentle, and understanding — an inexplicable emotion stirred within him.

Camille's phone rang at that exact moment. Her eyes widened with panic upon seeing the name on the screen. Although she quickly composed herself, Ayan had already noticed her reaction.

"Don't you want to answer it?" he asked in a low voice as she hesitated.

"Hello?" she answered after nodding and pressing the button.

"We got your test results back, Camille. There's nothing wrong."

There was a brief silence on both ends of the line before continuing:

"'re pregnant. It's been more than two months, the baby is growing normally, and do you... want to keep it?" The clear voice filled her ears word by word.

Her eyes froze, her face turned pale, and her whole body stiffened.

Although she didn't respond verbally, she subconsciously glanced at Ayan standing so close by, unsure if he had heard any part of their conversation.

Seeing Camille's reaction, he asked:"What's wrong?"

The person on the other end also heard it and asked incredulously: "Is Ayan there?"

"I see...well then I'll hang up now if there's nothing else." She hung up hastily.

Ayan kept his gaze fixed on Camille from beginning to end. Seeing how uneasy she looked at this particular moment made him ask again:"Camille...I want you to tell me what made you so flustered."

She shook her head inside – would telling him even matter? They were getting divorced anyway; would keeping this marriage for their child be worth it? No – it wasn't something she wanted or could do easily; too much was already weighing down on them both.

"I'm fine," was all she managed to say aloud while feeling tormented inside.She didn't want to burden him with a baby because it would shatter her self-esteem. Suppressing her emotions, she said stoically, "It's okay. Just some work thing. I can handle it myself."

Ayan didn't comment on her unusual appearance; instead, he scrutinized her critically and indifferently.

Camille forced a stiff smile and suddenly remembered something. "I'm heading to the company now. Let me know when it's time for the formalities." Without waiting for his response, she hurriedly left Hanyama Mansion.

The bitterness in her heart surged like a tide as tears streamed down her cheeks. Memories of the past caused unbearable pain that made breathing difficult and suffocating.

Why did he treat her so well when he never intended to keep this marriage going from the start? He could walk away unscathed, but what about her?

As Camille placed a hand on her stomach, she whispered softly, "Baby, you shouldn't have come at this time. Mommy really doesn't know what to do." This unexpected baby was conceived during an absurd night when he drunkenly hugged and repeatedly murmured one name: Eileen... She refused, but was overpowered by his strength; afterward came endless shame and inner torment that made Camille forget to take contraceptives.

Camille drove to the architectural design firm she co-founded with Preston Walker. They were accused of plagiarism in their recent design draft; if not resolved soon enough, there would be dire consequences.

Preston noticed Camille's weakness and nervousness upon arrival at their firm. He concernedly asked,"Camille, what's happened?"

She shook off his concern saying,"Nothing."

"What did Fumiko Estate say?" She asked while glancing at the clock.

Fumiko Estate accused them of plagiarism in their recent design draft.

"They want us to provide an explanation, or they will sue us."

"When is your appointment? Do you want me there?"


Preston nodded before walking away, handing another piece of paper over, "You've been offered a large sum of money for designing diamond jewelry."

Camille took the paper and scanned it before flatly refusing the proposal, "Not now. Let's wait until after Ayan and I get divorced."

"Are you and Ayan getting divorced?" asked Preston.

"Yes," Camille replied softly, her eyes flashing with sadness. "His sweetheart woke up, and he wants to marry her."

Preston furrowed his brow in dissatisfaction and deep sympathy for Camille.

"Why do you have to inflict such pain on yourself?" he asked in a low voice. "A year ago, you should not have..."

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