My Billionaire Husband

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Kayla Woods


On the way to deliver food, she saved a man, who was the richest man in the city. Hearsay he was ruthless, unscrupulous, only cared about interests. She saved his life and he promised a hundred million for reward. But when the onehundred million yuan into a bride price, it dawn on her: "I just want 100 million of the reward, not you!"

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Chapter 1 Unexpected Rescue of the Richest Man

Things happened in Houston.

It was two o'clock in the morning.

When Vivian Mond, who was delivering takeout, was waiting for the traffic lights at the intersection, she suddenly saw a car that ran the red light being hit dozens of meters away by a truck. The car turned upside down on the ground.

The car was seriously deformed and the glass was shattered. There was a faint smell of gasoline which meant that the car could explode at any time.

Vivian, who was still in a state of shock, lay down her electromobile and ran over to save the person without hesitation.

Lying on the stomach, she reached out and patted the man's face covered all over with blood in the driver's seat. "Hey, wake up. The car is about to explode. Come out!"

Seeing that the man didn't respond, Vivian moved into the car. She reached out to untie the man's seat belt and dragged him out, only to find that his leg was stuck.

After that, the unconscious man said weakly, "Save me."

"I can't pull you out."

Vivian tried her best to pull, but his leg was stuck so tight that no matter how hard she tried, it was useless.

Noticing that the smell of gasoline was getting stronger and stronger, Vivian let go of the man and made an excuse without thinking. "Sorry, I still have some takeout to deliver. Delay will make me lose me money."

Vivian really wanted to save him, but she was afraid that she would lose her life if she failed.

"Save me. I'll give you... 100 million dollars."

Although he was dizzy, the man's instinct to survive was extremely strong.

"100 million dollars?"

Vivian's gaze sharpened when she heard the man mention so much money. She glanced at the car logo. It was a Ferrari.

He was indeed a rich man.

His promise should be true.

"There is a jack in the trunk." The man covered all over with blood struggled to open his eyes. He wanted to remember the woman's appearance, but the blood flowed into his eyes and blurred his eyes.

"Get it."

Vivian couldn't wait any longer. She rushed to open the trunk to find the jack and put it between the seat and the center console. Only then did she drag the man out.

They had just walked several meters when they heard a loud bang. The car exploded and the airflow hit them heavily. They fell on the ground and the man fell into a coma.

Vivian was so scared that her face was pale. She patted her chest and said, "Phew, it's so dangerous..."

After a while, she dragged the man onto the electromobile and tied them together with a rope tied to the delivery box. She rode her electromobile to the hospital.

At the payment window, the cashier asked, "What's your name?"

"My name is Vivi..."

She was about to say her name, but was interrupted by the cashier. "Ah, you are our director's daughter. Your name is Yoona, right?"

Yonna was her twin sister.

They had exactly the same face and height.

But... Their fates were completely different.

Because she had been taken away since she was born and she had been sold to her adoptive parents after several times of transaction.

However, a month ago, her adoptive parents had an accident and were seriously injured. They were in the hospital, which required a high treatment fee.

At that time, her natural parents suddenly appeared and said that they could treat her adoptive parents. The premise was that Vivian had to donate her bone marrow to the youngest son of the Lee Family who had leukemia. And she could not show her face that was exactly the same as Yoona's.

Her biological mother, Yorlien Green, said, "Yoona is proficient in music, chess, calligraphy, painting, poetry, singing, and dancing. She is also the most beautiful girl in Houston. And you are just a country girl who is not elegant. I won't let your existence ruin Yoona's good reputation."

In order to cure her adoptive parents, Vivian accepted the requirement and bore the humiliation.

Late at night, she didn't even bother to make up because she didn't expect to be recognized.

Moreover, she had been to her biological father's hospital by accident, so she could only pretend to be Yoona and use her name to charge 1,000 dollars for the operation.

After everything was done, she went back to her rental apartment to take a shower, exhausted. When she washed her clothes, she found a black ring in her pocket.

Vivian didn't think much about it. She put the ring on the table and lay herself on the bed, trying to take a nap.

A few moments later, someone knocked on the door.

"Who is that?"

She dragged her slippers to open the door, only to see Yoona open the door and come in.

"Why are you com..."

Before Vivian could finish her saying, Yoona slapped on her face. "Vivian, are you insane? Have you forgotten what I told you?"

Yoona, who was tall and slim, had long black hair hanging down to her shoulders. Her delicate and beautiful face was slightly powdered. Her temperament was excellent and she looked noble. Her natural beauty was attractive.

Compared to Vivian, who was wearing cheap pajamas and slippers, there was a huge gap between them.

Vivian was so angry that she slapped Yoona back in her face.

In order to save her adoptive parents, she had no choice but to be bullied by her biological parents. But she was never a person who was at the mercy of others and who bullied the weak but feared the strong.

With the sound of the slap, Yoona screamed, "Vivian, how dare you hit me?"

Vivian's strength was much greater than Yoona's, and Yoona's cheeks were slightly swollen because of the slap.

Vivian shook her painful hand and frowned slightly. "Bear with it! I'm not your mother. Do you think I'll spoil you and bear your domineering character?"

"You took a random man to my dad's hospital late at night. What should I do if it gets out? Why are you so reasonable?"

Yoona, who was so angry that her face turned red, pointed at Vivian and said, "When you came to Houston, I warned you not to appear with 'my face'. Don't you want to save your adoptive parents anymore?!"

If someone hadn't told her father in the morning, she wouldn't have known.

"Your face... ha."

Vivian laughed at herself and felt sad.

Vivian realized that their fates were different. Even if they were born in the same appearance, she could not show their true face.

At that time, Yoona's cell phone suddenly rang.

She answered her mobile phone to the side and she happened to see the black ring on the table.

The diamond ring seemed familiar...

"Mommy, what's the matter?" She asked.

"Oh my god, daughter, when did you save Mr. Cheal? Why didn't you tell me? It's such a big thing. Just now, someone of the Cheal Family came and asked you to meet in a week."