He was about to pursue her when the teacher entered the class and he grudgingly went back to his seat glaring at Rose.

Throughout the teacher's class and even after the teacher left and another one entered, Jayden kept throwing rolled up paper on me and when I couldn't bear it,

Jayden!!!! I yelled hitting the table out of frustration.

"Miss Rhoda why are you yelling in my class" the teacher, Mr Bob asked and I bite my tongue in frustration.

"Sir Jayden had been stoning rolled up paper at me" I said and the teacher glanced at him.

"Jayden why were you doing that" the teacher asked.

"I wasn't doing anything sir, she started it first by throwing paper at me so I retaliated" he lied and I frozed.

"That was a lie sir, I didn't do anything to him, I never threw any paper at him" I defended myself.

"Don't lie Rhoda, you knew you did" he said and I shrieked getting more annoyed.

"I didn't do it Jayden, stop lying against me, sir I never did anything to him" I defended myself.

"Both of you stop it" the teacher yelled and we stopped arguing.

"Both of you meet me in my office later for your punishments" he said and went back to the board.

"I hate you so much" I said glaring daggers at Jayden and he smirked.



I walked to the teacher's office during the recession and I met Jayden already there sitted with his legs crossed.

"Good day Mr Bob" I greeted the teacher who totally ignored me.

"Miss Rhoda, without wasting much of your time, your punishment would be to wash the female toilets and sweep the locker room for one week" he said and my eyes widened.

All of that punishment for a crime I didn't commit. "Sir do you mean all the female toilets? I had to ask because the female toilet in Westbridge High are six in numbers.

To my greatest astonishment, he nodded and I felt my whole system crumbling.

"Not only that but also the class A locker room" he said and I stared at Jayden who had a smirk on his face.

How I hate him!!!!!

I waited a little to know what Jayden's punishment would be but to my uttermost surprise, he was never given any."

"You can all leave now" the teacher said and I glanced up confused.

"Sir what about him I said pointing at Jayden. "Won't he be given a punishment", I asked confused as Jayden rolled his eyes.

"Miss Rhoda" you can leave my office" Mr Bob stated dismissing us and I heard a big bang on my ear .

"This is outrageous" Reign growled and I sighed not knowing when she got back.

"How could they give us such punishment and he, who was the architect gets nothing" she whinned angrily.

I looked up at Jayden to see he still had a smirk on his face.

" I hate you Jayden and you would never get what you want from me" I shrieked and stomped out of the office.


"I hate you Jayden and you would never get what you want from me" the angry bird chirped and stomped out of the office.

I don't care if she hates me or not, I would surely get the cherry she had been refusing me.

I smiled and stretched my hands towards the teacher for a handshake and he reluctantly took it.

"Nice doing business with you Mr Bob. I said and he nodded.

Getting up and leaving the teacher's office, I chuckled as I remembered her expression when she found out I wasn't given any punishment.

Which teacher would dare punish me Jayden. Anyone who would be trying that will be kicked out of this school.

I smiled as I remembered how I got Mr Bob to give her that massive punishment.

I had followed him immediately he left our class into his office.

"What can I do for you Jayden" he asked and I ignored him sitting down and crossing my legs.

Sit down Mr Bob" I said and he hesitated before sitting down.

"I want you to tell Rhoda to wash all the female school toilet and sweep our class locker room for a week" I said and he scoffed.

"And do you think I would listen to you?" he asked and I smiled.

"If I were you, I would not hesitate to carry out the order" I said dropping a picture on his table.

"I would do it please don't let my family see this I beg of you" he begged getting down on his knees and I smirked.

"You see? if you had agreed to do my bid at the first mention, you wouldn't be on your knees begging now" I said smirking.

"I'm really sorry and I swear, I would do all what you want please just don't tell my wife" he rasped and I scoffed.

"Why shouldn't I show your wife this picture. Your precious wife would be at home striving and thinking of her husband while you go to hotels sleeping with whores, so tell me why shouldn't I expose you" I asked and he fell laying on my legs.

"Please don't, my wife made me what I was today and if she sees this, she wouldn't hesitate to take away everything from me" he said and I scoffed.

Then you know my offer, do it and your secret will be safe" I said and picked up the picture placing it back on my pocket and soon, Rhoda walked in.

I didn't miss all her expressions she had on hearing her punishment and it became more furious when she discovered I would be doing nothing.

All those while, I sat down with my legs crossed enjoying her explosion.

I would keep tormenting you till you succumb and crawl to my feet Rhoda.


My name is Jayden and Nobody born of a woman ever said no to me, well except for Rhoda.

Whatever I want, I get. Be it from a man or woman.

I am the only son of the Darkmoon pack's Alpha and soon I would become the Alpha.

I had slept with almost all the ladies in West bridge high accept for the ones I had no interest on.

And when I saw her coming into the school with her so-called boyfriend one morning, I became mesmerized by her beauty.

Shiny black hair, ocean blue eyes, sparkling and clear skin and those long legs that I want to badly get in-between.

Then I started my advance and she dared reject me saying she had a boyfriend.

I got her transferred to my class, don't ask me how I did that; I have my ways and remember I am this pack's future Alpha and this school belongs to my father.

Thinking that having her closer to me would make her succumb to my thirst but she was strong headed.

Since she would never agree to me, I would never give up until I get what I wanted and I would bully her until she crawl to me begging.

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