1. The twins

Mia's p.o.v

Have you ever thought what one's life would be if their fate wasn't decided by the moon goddess? Everything would be very different, one would get the chance to decide what path to take and who to love. Sadly that wasn't the case for me. My fate was already sealed the day I was born a Werewolf.

The fact that I was born an omega meant that I was below the high ups. My purpose was to serve and please them as they wanted.

I wasn't supposed to say anything back or look at them in the eye.

One of my responsibilities was to spread my legs so that the alpha could breed me as he wanted until I could produce as many pups as he wanted. I wanted freedom, but only then would I get it.

That was the fate of an Omega in our pack.

The stupid rule was created by the original Werewolf, who was the first person to speak to the moon goddess. According to legend, the asshole did that because he saw how omegas were very submissive. He noticed that Alphas became more possessive over them, he thought that an alpha with an Omega was more powerful than one without.

Every time an alpha stepped down to let his son take over the pack, the elders gave the new alpha a chance to choose one omega among all of them who could be his Luna and stand by his side. But that didn't mean it was his mate, no. Although we got to have a mate, the rule didn't apply to an alpha or omega. Because immediately an alpha decided an omega, they both were directly meant to reject their mates to fulfill the rules of the pack.

After the alpha decided an omega who pleased his heart, the beta was then given a chance to choose too, but his rule was different. A beta was allowed to either choose an omega or refuse, unlike an alpha.

After the night of the ceremonial choosing was over, the alpha then went in his Chamber's to breed the omega until she got pregnant, or he allowed her to leave his room. Then the omega lived her days serving the alpha until her purpose was done, he then granted her the required freedom after baring his pups.

The rule went on from generation to generation until an incident that happened five years ago. Our pack was ambushed by the twin alphas.

There was no pack that hadn't heard about them, Brandon and Landon.

The tormentors of territories and Slayer of all lives, as much as their names sounded so fake, they were very real.

They slaughtered our Alpha, beta, warriors, and most of our men who were above the age of twenty. Then they later demanded we kneel and pledge our loyalty to them.

We saw how they killed without remorse or hesitation and we weren't that strong to even try and fight them off. So we did what everyone in their right mind would do. We all knelt and pledged our loyalty to them, by then I was only twelve years old and my heart was filled with anger and rage towards them.

Because amongst the pack members they killed was my father who I loved so much and cherished. My mother died while giving birth to me so I was only left with him, he showed me what love was and gave me all I could ask for. To me, he was all I had and I was so happy, never in my life had I ever thought of running away or killing myself.

But the day the twins took over I attempted that more than once. I was severely punished, for a week I was locked up in a dark place with no food and water. I was chained to a silver chain that was very painful for any Werewolf.

After that near to death experience, I stopped trying to run or hurt myself.

I chose to live in the hell hall everyone in my territory called home, but I knew that deep down everyone wasn't that happy.

The twins were the most talked about alphas in all the lands, who by the age of fifteen earned their first nickname as twin Lucifer's.

The twins weren't always like that according to a few remaining pack elders that rarely talked about them due to fear.

There was an incident that happened years ago, that's what made them turn into the worst alphas in all history of Werewolves.

Despite being cold and dangerous, there were a few she-wolves that tried to seduce them, sadly they ended up dead or injured. Many began thinking they were gay and I too began to think they were right because five years had gone by and they still had no Luna, breeder, or mate. They cared less about what our pack members gossiped about, and in those five years, no one had ever seen them with a woman either in bed or their office.

The twins were the most handsome men in our pack, very quiet, hard-working, intelligent but also very ruthless, dangerous, and unapologetic.

I did my best to stay away from them and any high up, but it was getting hard because a week ago the twin alphas ordered our elders to resume with the original rules, culture, and life of our pack. That meant the choosing of an omega was going to be held sooner or later.

A lot of thoughts were going through my mind.

"Why where they now resuming our pack rules and culture after years?. Was it because they wanted to have a pup, or were they tired of the rumors going around?"

No one knew, all I knew was that my 18th birthday was in a week. If I was going to find my mate, I was going to plead with him to run away with me. Because of the mate bond we would share, I was so certain he was going to agree with my request, after all, no one wanted to hurt their mate no matter what.

I stood from my small bed and went to the window with a soft sigh.

My birthday wish was to be mated to a warrior. I didn't want it to be a Delta or Beta because I had seen the way they acted around a mate and it wasn't all roses and snow.

It was mostly thorns and broken glasses.

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