2. Let Go of My Hand!

Beverley felt like her soul was falling to the bottom of the cliff. Emma had indeed told her about this marriage beforehand. However, she thought there was still time for further discussion. It turned out that the woman had already decided on the marriage well in advance.

What should Beverley do now? Her chest became sore. How could Emma do this? Hadn’t she given even the slightest consideration to her feelings?

“Bev ....” Katy didn’t know what to say. She rubbed Beverley’s back gently, hoping to calm her down a little.

“I have to see Emma,” Beverley said suddenly. Her gaze turned icy. She grasped the invitation paper, along with a folded letter that she had yet to read. She straightened her back and tried to strengthen her resolve.

“I’ll drive you.” Katy grabbed her car keys, and the two of them walked out of the room. Katy left a few messages for the café cashier before walking away.

Katy’s café was quite a distance from Beverley’s father’s house. She had been working as a manager at the café and lived in a condominium not far from it.

The car continued to drive, showing the shadows of the buildings on the side of the road. Beverley looked out the window in a huff. There was only one more night left for her to be single. If she kept quiet, she might become a wife tomorrow.

A stranger’s wife.

Beverley rubbed her face roughly. Before she knew it, they had arrived in front of a luxurious three-story house. Her anger surged when she saw the house.

Why didn’t Emma sell the house to pay off her debts and leave some of the money to buy a more modest house?

He quickly got out of the car and sprinted to the house. His grip on the invitation became stronger. “Emma!” She rang the doorbell several times.

“Calm down a bit, Bev,” Katy said softly.

“How can I calm down? Katy, she’s treating me like shit,” Beverley retorted, her eyes already red.

Moments later, the closed door finally opened. The person who appeared there was not Emma, but a middle-aged woman wearing the uniform of a servant. “Miss?”

“Aunt Jane, where’s Emma?” asked Beverley, to the point.

“Since she left this afternoon, madam hasn’t come home at all,” replied Aunt Jane, which made Beverley groan in frustration. Where has she gone?

“Bev, maybe you could meet your dad while you wait for Emma to come home,” Katy said.

Finally, Beverley nodded slowly. They both stepped inside. The large-looking house felt very cold. There was no warmth at all as if no one was in residence.

“Aunt Jane, does Emma always leave like this?” Beverley gave the servant a serious look.

“During the day, Madame is always at home. However, at night, she will sometimes go out.”

Beverley could only sigh. After that, she went to see her father, who was lying in the bedroom. The man looked older and thinner. One side of his face was drooping.

“Dad ....”

Beverley flashed a big smile as if nothing had happened. She hugged her father, who was staring at her silently. There was a look of confusion on the old man’s face.

“You must be wondering why I’m coming home so early. I was supposed to return on Monday, but I missed you so much,” she whispered as she took James’ hand. The man wanted to speak, but his condition made it difficult.

“Dad, I’m only here for a few minutes. Katy’s outside too. Actually, I also want to meet with....” Her sentence was cut short when she heard the sound of several cars pulling up in front of the house. Had Emma finally returned?

Beverley looked out the window. It was already getting dark; it was already dusk. She got up and stepped closer to the window. Emma’s car was there, but there were other cars stopped in front of the house as well.

“Dad, I’m going to see Emma for a minute. I love you, Dad.”

She kissed James on the cheek, then walked out of the room. Beverley ran down the stairs. When she reached the bottom floor, Emma stepped inside, followed by several men dressed in black. Who were those men?

“Good! So you really are here,” Emma said as she looked at Beverley.

“What’s this?” Beverley held up the ivory-yellow invitation in her hand. “Are you out of your mind?! Since when did you plan this?!”

“Honey, I did my best to take care of our family. I’m sorry if I let you down,” Emma regretted. Of course, it was just an act. In reality, she felt absolutely no pity or compassion for Beverley.

“Stop saying that. You’re so disgusting!”

“You can call me disgusting or whatever, but it would be best if you packed up now. Mr. Oliver’s men are already here, and they probably won’t wait much longer. Right?” Emma asked the men in black. They nodded with flat faces.

Beverley finally understood. So, those men wanted to take her now. Forcibly take her to Oliver’s family home to be married off tomorrow. What the hell were they doing?

Beverley opened her mouth, but not a single sentence came out. She didn’t know what to say. Everything was too shocking and left her heart reeling.

“Emma, shouldn’t you consider this matter first?” Katy, who had been silent, finally began to speak up. She could no longer bear to see her best friend treated like that.

Emma smiled sweetly. “Hi, Katy. I’m her mom. So, I know what’s best for her,” she said casually.

“But it’s not the best! I don’t want it!” growled Beverley angrily. She immediately tore up the ivory-yellow invitation letter. “I’m not going!”

Another folded piece of paper finally fell to the floor. Emma, who saw it, immediately picked it up. She quickly opened it and read what was written there. Her expression turned brighter.

“Look, you have to read this letter, Bev.”

Beverley immediately grabbed the letter and tore it up without reading it first. She was fed up. Fed up with everything that was happening. She wanted to disappear from this place. However, she knew that was impossible.

“Fool!” Emma became furious. “Are you going to get ready now or are they going to drag you away?!”

“I’m not going with them!” screeched Beverley loudly. Her eyes turned red. Her breathing rose and fell erratically.

“Katy, let’s get out of here!” She immediately grabbed Katy’s hand and strode towards the exit. However, how could the men in black let her?

They immediately gave chase. One of them moved to grab Beverley’s hand firmly and drag her away from Katy. A few others blocked her and kept Katy away from her.

“Miss, we can get rough with you if you get tough,” said the big man who had grabbed her hand.

Beverley gritted her teeth. Her eyes immediately glared. “Let go of my hand!”

The black-clad man exchanged glances with his colleagues. They looked like they were making a deal. A moment after that, they suddenly dragged Beverley out of the house and pushed her into the car.

“Let go of me, you bastards!” Beverley tried to scream out loud. She struggled to break free. Unfortunately, her struggle was in vain. Two large men held her down. Their strength clearly surpassed hers.

Beverley’s eyes heated up. In her desperation, she could only scream and hope for someone’s help. Unfortunately, the world was too blind. No one came to her aid.

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