In the hospital

As soon as she stepped into the sitting room, she was greeted with a ferocious stare. The glare coming from Lu Jingli was capable of making someone mis steps.

  "Whore, you still have no shame left in you and you took those miserable feet of yours into this house" Lu Cherry cursed.

  "You are married and still thinking about sleeping with someone else? Are you so cheap and casual that you don't know your status and where to turn to when you need someone to meet your needs?"Lu Jingli thundered.

  Hypocrites, Theresa Mo thought. He pretends to be upset and yet knows about all that happened. He was the one who brought her the drink that sent her hypoxia.

  "This marriage is over. I can't pretend to know what you've done nor turn my eyes away. You are a loose woman and a slut"Lu Jingli eyed her irritatingly.

  "What right do you have to say horrible words at me when you were the one who drugged me? What kind of a man drugs his wife so as to trap her.

  Do you think I do not know of your escapades with My sister? You wanted a divorce right? You should have said it rather than trying to create a reason for it" Theresa Mo snapped at him.

  Lu Jingli was temporarily rendered speechless. How did she know about him and Tiana Mo? Had they left a clue behind?

  "How dare you accuse my son with no  evidence. A bitch like you should hide her face or better still drive herself into committing suicide. 

  But here you are rattling pretentiously after spending a night with your lover" Lu Cherry accused her.

   "If you know what is good for you, sign the divorce papers and leave, otherwise, I will make your life miserable and a living hell"Lu Jingli threatened.

  Before he finished his statement, Theresa Mo had walked past him and was going upstairs but Lu Cherry hurried her steps after her and pulled her by her hair.

  Theresa Mo's scalp was hurt as her mother inlaw dragged her around the room. She threatened and said her son can't wait on someone else's left over.

  Theresa's body already felt hurt and turned. Now dragging her like this she went out of strength. She didn't know how long it took, but she knew her eyes became dizzy and then blackout.


  Theresa Mo opened her eyes three days later. She found herself on an infusion. She felt weak. She remembered the last thing that happened before she passed out but didn't know how she ended up in the hospital.

  No one was with her in the hospital. She thought how cruel life is and her eyes welled up. She was forced into this union despite knowing they both have no chemistry between them.

   Her stepmother insisted she would be married to the Lu family. Lu Jingli is the second master of the Lu family. 

   They are one of the four richest families in Country Z. Since Lu Jingli wasn't the heir to the Lu enterprise,her step mother made it mandatory that she should marry Lu Jingli.

  Her daughter Tiana Mo should be the only girl in the Mo family so that the young master of Yu's family will choose her as his heir.

  But Li Yu returned from America with a woman he got married to. His parents got infuriated and stripped all titles from him. He remained a member of the Yu family but cannot be the heir.

   She didn't know how and when her husband and Tiana Mo got entangled with each other. She was there lost in her thoughts when a man walked in.

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