It was a bright Sunday morning with the sun already glistening inside and adding exuberance to the very elegant royal-like master bedroom.

As rays of sunlight rested on Olivia's face, she slowly opened her eyelids, revealing a pair of lovely hazel brown eyes.

She could hear the chirping of bird from a close distance and for a brief moment she wished she could just sink into the feeling of how beautiful the day felt, but she can't. Though it may be a new bright day for everyone, but for her it's just another day of the continuous torture called her marriage.

It didn't seem like a new day, just a continuation of her 3months nightmare.

She looked by the bed locker to get her phone, it was already 9am and she wondered why she had slept in.

She turned to the other side of the bed and surprisingly met with a half naked, yet breathtaking Markian still sound asleep.

He was a sight for sore eyes, as her eyes moved from his waist to his sexy abs, up to his well-built chest and broad shoulders, then to his neck and further up his handsome face that looked like an image carved from a male model magazine.

He looked very peaceful and innocent, the exact opposite of what he is when he's awake. It was difficult to take her eyes off him, and one would think that after 3months of being in the same house with this man, she must have gotten use to all his sexiness and glory, but it was the exact opposite.

Everyday seems to come with its own level of attraction and lustfulness towards him, making her question her morals and upbringing.

He was lying so close to her, she could feel his breathe on her face as it sent cool shivers down her spine. She wasn't complaining, but him lying this close to her wasn't normal, and neither was the splitting headache she was now having since she moved to get her phone.

As she tried to recall what had happened last night, the flashbacks came flooding in as she gasped in fear and surprise. She suddenly sat up from the bed and held her chest with trembling hands while staring at Markian who still laid peacefully on the bed.

What happened last night? What did she do? And what in God's name was she begging her sister's husband to do to her?

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