Chapter : 01

One life, one story. Every day comes with its own sorrow. There are days when we feel very good, just as if we have won a large sum of money or something will happen to us. But other days show us how often life is filled with fools and especially irresponsible men in the home.

Have you ever met an unfaithful man? A man who takes advantage of his wife's absence to cheat on her? Not with the neighbor but with his wife's own sister. I will say his sister-in-law.

I am living proof, the only mistake I made in my life was what? Going to live with my sister, yes it was one of the worst mistakes of my life. You won't believe me but my sister's husband and his friend were eating my pussy like crazy, at the beginning it was my sister's husband alone who was eating my pussy but as time went by, his best friend joined in. Both of them used to heat my pussy a lot. His friend often ate my pussy at his place or sometimes he did it when he came to miss my sister's husband. We used to do impossible positions, I can't believe it was me, I destroyed my sister's marriage because of this little phenomenon, I was happy because the two men used to put me in a bad mood, my sister never had time, she was busy with her job and I was busy with her husband quietly without making too much noise. Why did I go to her house? You will find out. And I'm also going to tell you about all the positions we took, you won't believe it, but I don't advise you this horrible life I led in this house until I destroyed a family. I will tell you everything. In the meantime, I'd like to tell you a little about me, my sister and the two who ate my pussy.

Lydia is my name, I don't know why they gave me that name but that's not the point. I'm a very, very talented girl when it comes to seduction, seducing men was one of my specialties, I never knew that one day I would end up doing it to my older sister's husband. I'm not fat no, in fact in the family, there is not one who is fat we are all skinny. I have a round shape, all I had to do was put on a little dress and I would have the men after me. I thank God for that shape. I always had polish on my nails and a wig on my head. I'm not a prostitute, no, in fact this business is only for people who are addicted to sex. I prefer to keep quiet, I was 24 years old when it all started, you can see for yourself that I was already mature? I'm not a kid anymore.

My older sister's name is Therese, you'd think we were twins, but that wasn't the case. She works in a hospital, which is why her absence allowed me to take good care of Patrick, Patrick is the name of her husband. A perverted and profiteering man, he took advantage. The day he took advantage of me for the first time, he couldn't do without it anymore because eating my pussy was really good for him, he told me one day.

His friend is called John, the best friend of my uncle, the one with whom I will share or will make a very good moment of legs in the air, it was really great even if today I regret, I still felt something. Here I stop for the presentation, read me and you will understand why it is really important to take care of your home and especially of your husband whatever your availability is.

Now I'll start with the things done, I'll explain everything to you. Oh my sister's husband and his friend are eating my pussy.

To be continued

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