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Sage had a one-night stand with a total stranger and as a result of that night she had her adorable baby boys Liam and Logan. As a cleaner her job doesn't pay much but it pays the bills and she's happy regardless of her job descriptions. The company she is working for relocated to Miami and that's when Sage crossed path with her mystery man...the man she slept with...the father of her babies and also the owner and CEO of the company...

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Sage put the last of their stuff in the car and faced her adoptive brother. "I'm gonna miss you sis." He said giving her a hug. Sean is three years older than her. Kristin and her husband Ben Palmer had adopted Sage and Sean. Sage had been five years old and Sean eight, first Sean then her. She and Sean are pretty close and since both their parents had passed, the two of them have become even closer they might not share the same blood but their relationship is strong.

"Mom and dad asked me to take care of you and here you are leaving me." Sage's heart sank,their parents have left them their three bedroom home and she and Sean have been staying in it. Sage is twenty-two years old since the birth of her adorable baby boys six months ago she had to drop out of college to find a job and look after them.In that time she has been living with Sean and he's been a great help."I'm only moving down to Miami Sean.It's a four hour drive you can come and visit anytime."

"I don't understand why you have to move."He said.

The cleaning company she's been working for has relocated to Miami because they got a huge contract with a Spanish firm Romero Corporations and due to that Sage has to move too,it's not like she can quit her job she needs it especially to take care of Liam and Logan and herself and her job as a cleaner pays her enough she knows it's not the best of jobs but work is work and right now she cannot be picky without a college degree it's hard to find something proper.After all she's only been working there three months she can't just go and say she cannot move.Work is work and she needed this job,she can't depend on Sean even he was struggling to make ends meet the job he has pays him next to nothing she was also helping him to pay the mortgage every month they cannot afford to lose the only house they grew up in and called home they owe it to Kristin and Ben who took care of them like they were their own kids."The company relocated Sean and I've only been working there for three months.You know I need this job.I have the boys to think about."

He sighed."I know.Those cheeky rascals of yours they always give me a hard time.I'm gonna miss them the most but at least now I'll have my sleep back."

"I'm sorry.I know you didn't sign up for having two babies..."

"Don't apologise."He cut over her."You're my sister and I'll do anything for you.I was with you throughout your whole pregnancy and I was there when the twins were born and if I have to do it all over again I would.I'm their uncle and father so don't feel bad about anything.This is our home Sage and you'll always be welcome here no matter what happens."

"Thanks Sean,I'm gonna miss you too."She gave him another hug.

"Any luck in finding their father?"She shook her head,how will she find a man who's name she doesn't know,a man she had a one night stand with the next morning when she had woke up he'd been gone.How can she tell Sean she has no idea who their father was because she doesn't know his name or anything about him all she does remember is his handsome face,a face she'll never forget because he had given her a night to remember and each time she looks at her boys she gets a glimpse of her mystery man.That's what she calls him. Her mystery man."I never did ask questions Sage but if I ask would you tell me the truth."

"I would.You're my brother Sean."He nodded.

"You better get going. It's a long drive.Call me once you get there."

"I will.Tell Gina to call me."Gina is Sean's girlfriend the one who had gotten Sage this job as a cleaner the two of them have been friends for four years Gina is a personal assistant and Sean wants to ask her to marry him,Sage hopes he does it soon because they make a great duo.

"She'll be mad you left without saying goodbye."

"I know but I have to leave now if I want to settle in and put the boys to bed. You know how restless Liam gets."She got into her car,an old Volkswagen her father had left them but Sean had said she can take the car because he won't need it,he had also surprised Sage with two second hand car seats for the twins he truly is an amazing brother and she has no idea what she would've done without his help during this past couple of months.She waved goodbye.

The drive was long indeed Sage thought later that night when she prepared Liam and Logan's bedtime bottles,she had to stop at least three times to feed them on their way over to West lake Village and Liam had refused to stay in his car seat all he wanted was to be held,the second she did that then he was calm then Logan would began to fuss.She's surprised they even made it,she's so exhausted and drained out but cannot sleep yet she still has to off load the rest of their stuff now that the boys are asleep.The one bedroom apartment was small but for her and the boys it's enough and the only thing she can afford with her salary at the moment,she had a small kitchen that overlooked the living room,a bathroom and the room she shares with the twins,all in all there wasn't much room but she can't complain it's not like she has a fancy job that pays the big bucks,taking a deep breath she went to sit down and rest for a minute.

When they had been told they moving Sage had made a plan to come down here without the boys to check the place out and see what accommodations she can find,when she'd come across West-lake Village immediately she had felt at ease here the place was safe and quiet most amenities is just around here,she and the boys can walk to the mall to do shopping and other stuff,restaurants and bars can be found at every corner the place itself was affordable that's why she hadn't hesitated to put down a deposit on this apartment it had been the only one cheap enough that she could afford,there was parking too which was a bonus she can choose if she wanted to take the car to work or public transport she'll have to figure out which will be cheaper and cost less a month.Her manager Kim had given her a week to settle in because she knows Sage has two boys,it would give her time to find a baby sitter for the boys when she goes to work at night,at first Sage had work during the day when the company had been in Tampa Florida but when they got transferred here she had learned she's one of the twenty girls that would be doing night shifts,she wonders how that will work out.Her days she'll be spending with the boys then come night she'll have to go to work.

She only hopes her body will be ready for all the new changes that was coming,but Liam and Logan will get to see and spend time with her all morning and afternoon,she absently touched the silver necklace around her neck.This is a reminder of her night with her sexy mystery man she'd found the necklace the following morning when she'd gone to take a shower,she'd seen him wearing it when they'd made love that whole night it probably came off when he had been busy taking a shower,she had thought he would come back to fetch it once he realises it was gone but he hadn't so she had taken it as a souvenir of their special night together.A night she would forever treasure because never before has she experienced such passionate lovemaking than with him,his gorgeous face sometimes haunts her dreams and sleep.Who he was she doesn't know.Where he could be she has no idea.All she does know is he had given her two precious gifts and that's her boys Liam and Logan and although they will never know their father she'll always be here for them and give them a life her biological mother couldn't no matter what happens she won't turn out and be like her real mother.Sage mother had been an escort,that had been her job she would please and pleasure different men every night,Sage doesn't know her biological father because her mother didn't know who it was she'd slept with countless of men without using protection until she had fallen pregnant with Sage.

When she had been born her mother had continued with her lifestyle as Sage got older she'd seen the different men coming and going at the time she'd been too young to understand but now she does.Eventually someone had called social services and Sage had been taken away and put in an orphanage until she'd been adopted by Kristin and Ben,they had loved and treated her as their own daughter the pair never could have children that's why they'd adopted instead.Sage was happy that they were her parents and she misses them dearly they passed away two years ago in a car accident since then it's been only her and Sean.Apart from her cute boys he's the only family she has left,she was about to head out to her car when her cell rang it was Gina.

"I'm angry at you."She said,when Sage answered.

"I miss you too Gina."

"Why didn't you wait,I wanted to say goodbye to my dark haired little boys."

Sage smile the boys have jet black hair just like their father,her hair is auburn that's why Gina calls them dark haired boys."I'm sorry but it was getting late and we had to leave you know how fussy Liam is if he isn't put to bed on time."

"Yeah.I know how cheeky he is.Have you settled in?"

"Almost.I was about to fetch the last three boxes before you called hopefully I'll get most of the stuff organised before tomorrow morning."

"You'll be fine. Don't exert yourself Sage,take rest when Liam and Logan are asleep. Your body needs it."

"I will,once they wake up I'll be on my toes again I hope I'll manage because I don't have you or Sean to help.I'm alone."