Lustful Fantasies

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This is a compilation of the hottest sex stories you'll ever find. Readers be warned.

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I walk in the door and find my wife waiting with the wine open on the living-room coffee table. Attired only in black lace lingerie, she’s looking sensational with that dark make-up and her full red lips. Black stilettos.

“How did you enjoy Domina?” she asks.

I resist the urge to smile. “Illuminating.”

She pours the wine and hands a glass to me. I take a seat in the comfy chair beside hers.

What I wasn’t prepared for was how much I needed Domina tonight. How my wife knew that? Sometimes she knows me better than I know myself and it’s disconcerting.

I often need to release tension and sometimes intercourse isn’t enough. It’s never sexual tension, either. It’s… not easy to explain.

“Tell me all, George.” She has that look in her eye, like we’ll fuck vigorously after I recount my evening.

“Some of it was crazy,” I chuckle.

“Did you come?”


“How?” One of her eyebrows flicks up, her index finger tracing the lip of her wineglass, over and over.


“Hold nothing back,” she encourages, licking her lips.


I start to recall my adventure…


I walked into her dungeon and there she waited.

“So, your wife sent you to me?” she asked, and I replied, “I’m not sure why.” The sight of a cage, a cross and her other items had me afraid… and unsure.

“We’ll see.”

The mask and her tight, sexy latex clothes were standard uniform. It gave me the sense that she was serious, therefore I should be, too.

“First time?” she asked.

“Yes.” I heard the tremor in my own voice and hated how I sounded.

“Hmm.” Her calmness, and way of looking at me, were aloof.

This was a service. Nothing more, I told myself.

She wasn’t invested, neither was I.

This was new. Different. My breath came out shorter and my heart pounded a little harder. The unknown, I think.

She didn’t look cruel, but she was disconcertingly cool. I knew I was being a big baby and an ignorant fool, and I think she saw this in my eyes.

Domina got right down to it, making sure I knew who was Boss. Studying me carefully as she removed my shirt, I felt like a prize. Then it was my trousers, open before I could blink.

Oh, she was Boss all right, not even asking permission before taking my cock out roughly. I was nothing but a toy and plaything to her.

Was this why my wife sent me here? To vacate and be someone’s toy for the night. To try and forget myself entirely and let go.

“Hmm,” she said, appreciating my girth. “Two things. One, you will absolutely not come until I say you can.” I nodded my head. “Two, you won’t need a safe word, just tell me to stop if you don’t like anything. However, your wife communicated beforehand what it is you do like…”

“She did?”

She nodded slowly. “There will be nothing you do not like.”

That helped me relax an awful lot and I removed my trousers, my body then entirely unclothed.

As indifferent as she tried to come across, I knew that glint in her eye. She liked what she could feel between my legs and her frozen expression threatened to crack. I couldn’t help but respond when she rubbed some of the wetness from my tip around the rest of my dick.


This was indeed serious. In no time at all, I’d ended up standing naked before a stranger.

Not only was I naked, but enjoying my nipples being stroked and pulled. The part of a man easy to forget, but which, when touched… arouses.

Time passed in a blur and I was fixed to the St Andrew’s cross, facing the wall. She told me she liked my rear and that I had a very nice body. I admit it made me feel powerful to know I could still affect a much younger woman in such a way.

She knelt down behind me and played with my balls like I was a farm animal she was testing for virility. I enjoyed it.

Then came the bum slaps. More nipple play. She had that glint, but never a smile or anything above a murmur. I had to know my place—toy—nothing more.

I was flogged until my ass was singing with tenderness. Occasionally she’d reach under again and play with my cock. Stroking mercilessly before squeezing my balls, nearly wrenching them off. I went from semi to hard to semi and almost soft again. Her touch was unpredictable and I still had a wariness regarding being here with a stranger.

When she tapped my balls from behind with a riding crop, that was also new. My nerve endings were fizzing and jolts of electricity went up and down the backs of my legs, making me want to turn around and have her finally put her mouth around my cock—though clearly, that was never going to happen! (I would’ve done anything for it in that moment.)

Then came the crop against my ass which actually was painful, in a shocking but tantalising sort of way. She knew just how to thwack the thick part of my buttocks and still get a shocked reaction.

“You’d rather have me on this cross, yes?” she taunted.

“Oh, yes.”

“My ass in the air?”

“Oh… yeah.” I trembled and shock.

“Tough luck.”

Just as I was starting to imagine Domina on her knees, sucking my cock back and taking the full length of me, I was flogged again and then I definitely was butt hurt. She’d probably guessed my mind had a tendency to wander and so she’d brought me back to the moment.

As her slave.

High on the euphoria of the endorphins released because of the pain, I barely knew what was happening as she got me facing the other way, strapped to the cross again, this time with my cock in full view of her greedy eyes.

Dazed, even the sensation of my nipples being pulled was nice but not painful like it might have been at the start. I was relaxing into the scene, letting myself be carried away—experiencing that thing where you’re sort of floating above and looking down and you’re not sure if it’s real.

When she tugged on my cock, then put pegs on my nipples and yanked gently—oh yeah, I knew for sure then it was all so real.

The teasing carried on until she knew I was being swallowed up by the euphoria. I needed to be awoken from my trancelike state. So, the pinwheel came out and the highly sensitive skin around my tip nearly screamed in rebellion. Not to mention as she used it on my balls, I couldn’t relax for a second, in fear of my life!

Dripping with precum but still not fully hard—not entirely relaxed—I was constantly on edge all the time between arousal and the unknown. Yeah, I’d done some of this before, but not… seriously. I was drugged on endorphins one minute, battling crazy notions and fear the next.

I thought nothing could make me as terrified as those tiny little pins rolling across my slit, but then she strapped a vibrating cuff around the base of my cock and reminded me, “Do not come.”

Maybe she wouldn’t do anything to me if I came, perhaps it was an idle threat, but I didn’t know that—so I did my best to follow her instruction.

Even though the squeeze around the base of my cock was immense, I was getting harder by the second and my balls were swimming with sperm desperate to escape this nervous, anxious body of mine!

I came a bit, inevitably, especially when she nearly smiled as my balls tightened and the clear fluid dripping from my tip threatened to become cloudy.

It definitely pleased her that I hadn’t fully let go because she allowed me to worship her feet and legs. Her skin was fresh and recently shaved, some floral body lotion lingering. The way she remained unreadable drove me mad. Did she think I was sexy; did she find me repulsive? Did it matter?

Yes! I wanted some reaction, so I worshipped her for as long as I was allowed, just to the knee and no further.

Then came the foot wank. I decided this was another way she might show she was pleased with me. The soft skin of her feet brought me nearer to full arousal than I had been all evening, and yet…

She kicked my cock like I was nothing more than an absurdity; she had a mild curiosity and that was it. It drove me mad wondering what she really thought, deep down. But I supposed it was her prerogative to give with one hand (or foot), then take with the other.

Getting a cock kicking was not so bad. The heavier I got, the more my cock bounced back and forth, and I saw in her eyes she enjoyed the way my weighty member responded to her touch. Like a cat toying with a mouse.

I knew it was still not time to come, however.


“You may worship my behind over these clothes.”

Excited because I must have done something right, I enjoyed a few minutes of licking and kissing her, trying to get a sense of the body beneath the latex. Jeez, the things I might have done!

“Let’s do something new,” she said, pulling me out of my meandering thoughts, yet again.

“Like what?” I said, near to trembling with the desire to have her say something nice.

“Let’s treat you to some pleasure.”

At this, my heart kicked into gear again, and I could only wonder.

She gestured to hop up on top of her dog crate and I felt mildly embarrassed about the position it put me in. This was definitely something I’d only ever done with my wife.

Domina donned a glove, and I heard the squirt of lube, a sort of unexpected thrill ricocheting down my spine. Stroking gently between my crack, I enjoyed that tender touch and when she whispered, “Relax,” I found that I immediately yielded. Here I was, more like a dog wagging its tail for treats, than the CEO I was by day. In the space of half an hour, I’d been chastened.

It was the case again that things sort of just happened, and I said to myself, “A woman has her finger in my ass.” A stranger, at that. But it was something…

I wanted it to happen. I was enjoying it. She gripped the base of my cock, which was already tight, and it felt like she was massaging my glands from within as she plunged, grabbed more lube, and then plunged again, keeping me forever on edge.

In fact, the more she touched me inside, I started to shudder. An involuntary reaction was creeping up on me… so she stopped.

The rope arrived, then. She let me know of her intent to cut off my circulation… or make it more heightened.

It was the latter.

The massage wand came out, and she held it against my cock end, driving me nuts. I’d been holding onto so much cum, for so long. Now this! I was dripping precum to the point I was like a running tap.

My cock felt swollen beyond anything I’d ever known, and she still hadn’t told me I could come!

Too full, too raw… too sensitive. I made a whelping noise that I think indicated my predicament. She wrapped her fingers so tight around the base of me, I thought only more torture lay ahead, when…

With her other hand, she began mercilessly wanking the tip of my cock.

The flood rose up slowly, thickly.

It was painful and blinding.

The muscles in my entire body spasmed out of control, and I shook, over and over, spraying everywhere. So much cum. Erupting all over. Hollowed out and completely used up.

Just this sense, she was pleased with me.

It made me feel great.

On shaky legs I climbed off that table and kissed her hand, saying thank you.