Sex with my aunt

Hello! My name is swine and I am a typical 23year old boy with a 7 inch dick. About my aunt she has bra size of 36 C This story is about how I took advantage of my aunt on a congested car. My aunt is 31 years old. She has small boobs and medium ass but she turns me on. The reason why she turns me on is that her face literally looks like she is a randi ( prostitute ). Her face looks like she sucks dicks and it would be a pleasure to put all my cum over her. She used to bath me when I was little. I probably think she has seen my dick since childhood. Once while I was in her home, nobody was around me. I was in my aunt’s room alone and there I opened a drawer below the bed where I found all the goods. There were literally so many colourful bras and panties. Those bra and panties were not normal white or cream ones though. There were red black Netty bra and see-through bras and for the panties there were thongs and also the panties which have net cloth and is visible. Since then I was horny about her. This story will now begin.

It was November 19, 2018. Me and my relative families were returning home after travelling different temples. We were about 12 people in a 4X4 jeep. The jeep was quite congested so my aunt was sitting on my lap. She was innocent but I was a pervert. Her ass was coming up to my upper part of my thighs. Her was about to touch my dick. Thinking about that I got a huge boner. I was ready to take full advantage of her medium ass. I saw down and saw her ass pushing my duck towards my belly. I was getting so horny at the moment. Since it was the undeveloped road her ass kept positioning in different order. Her ass was many times on my dick but while my dick was semi hard so she did not feel my dick. The road was bad for a very long time. Once when I was trying to fix my hand by the armrest and car got into a bump and my hand slipped into my aunt boobs. Those boobs were soft and I could tell she was wearing a bra. I got really horny after I touched her boobs and it was at that moment my dick came behind her ass and out of the pants. The top part of my dick was visible to open. Her ass was rubbing on my dick and I literary cummed there. I had the greatest fun that day.

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