Luna whispers

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Lilian Onyinyechi


Freya, a young human girl gets turned into a werewolf by Kye, the next Alpha of the moon pack, who was exiled for disobeying pack rules and replaced by his younger brother Ace. After that she has her memory wiped out entirely causing her to forget her past as a human. She navigates life as a reborn and shiftless werewolf. As time goes on she finds out the truth about where she actually comes from. She eventually falls in love with kye's younger brother Ace. Freya goes to a path to get revenge for her family and also fights side by side with her Alpha and husband Ace to stop Kye from destroying their pack and to end his tyranny once and for all.

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In Keru, there was a boundary between the human and the werewolf territory. No werewolf was allowed to cross the boundary in order not to risk their identity, even the Alpha.

This rule was established to maintain order. Anyone who decided to disobey them was to be either exciled and become a rogue or killed depending on the gravity of the crime commited outside the boundary in the human territory.

Several wolf packs were established in the werewolf territory but the most powerful was the moon pack, Alpha Orion ruled the pack, he had two sons.

The eldest being Kye and the youngest Ace. Kye was to take over from his father as the Alpha at the age of 18.

He was powerful, some even say more powerful than his own father. But he let it get to his head. On his 18th birthday Kye and his friends decided to play a little game.

Michael a Beta of the moon pack, Kye's most trusted and his bestfriend decided to dare him.

"Cross the boundaries to the human territory, I dare you" Micheal said.

Kye being a man with so much pride in him could not let himself look weak and so he agreed. Only there was one problem.

Unknown to Kye it was going to be the full moon that night and he was still yet to master control of himself and his shifting.

Mind already made up he went into the human territory but only crossed the forest. As soon as he crossed the boundary it was already night time and as he looked up. Realization dawned upon him, at a distance he heard the laugh of people but it was too late he had already started shifting.

Bone cracking, sweat running down his torso, fangs coming out and eyes glowing blue he transformed. Losing control of his mind he attacked the family.

Killed both mother and father but only managed to bite the little girl who fell into a ditch, tears falling down her eyes and mouth wide open and letting out a heart-wrenching scream.

He ended up falling in the ditch with the girl but he broke his leg and was unable to move. After the full moon settled. Kye came back to his senses. He looked around him spotting the little girl sweating and trembling.

Before he could move, shadows loomed over him. Pack warriors from the moon pack surrounded him. Kye knew he was in a mighty trouble.

The pack warriors cleared the scene before any human could stumble upon it and they also took the girl with them. Upon reaching the moon pack, he was taken to the council.

Alpha Orion did not kill his son but only exciled him. Beta Michael on the other hand was killed. Kye was furious because he was not given a chance to defend himself.

"You should count yourself lucky that it wasn't death. The council was quite eager to kill you. You let your pride and strength get the better of you Kye. I never want to see you within the pack ever again” .

Kye was sent out of the pack with a venomous and angry heart, never to be heard from again and his brother Ace replacing him as next in line.

The human girl was taken to the pack house, her rebirth taking place slowly. Her eyes slowly opened to reveal a warm shade of yellow.

"Omega" one of the Pack warriors tasked to look after her whispered.

He informed the Luna of the pack Isis, of the new development.

"Even as a werewolf, the little human still chose the lowest werewolf rank. Always proves how weak and pathetic they will always be." one of the warriors whispered.

"Watch your tongue." Isis said turning to them. The warriors bent their heads, cowering in fear at their Lunas voice.

"The moon goddess chooses who becomes what. It will do you good not to question her. Take the girl to the servant chambers and tell the sage to go down there as well.

As soon as she wakes up her memories have to be erased. Gertrude will look after her from now on" she said.


"She's so little, Look at her mama" Micha whispered.

"Micha, down." Getrude said, glaring at the boy.

Suddenly, a tiny scared voice whispered.

"Mummy, daddy" she said sweat dripping down her face and body rising up from the bed in fright. Gertrude immediately sat next to her.

"Hush, little one. You're all better now." She said lovingly.

"Who are you? Are you the one who killed my parents are you that beastly thing" she said screaming and moving away from poor Gertrude, crying profusely.

Gertrude looked with pity. But knowing what she had to do she spoke up.

"Micha, call the sage. Right now!" She said

"Yes mama". Micha whispered.

"What is that? What do you want to do to me? The girl said about to run when suddenly her legs stopped moving. The sage came in, hands halting the little girl. He bent down to look at her, staring directly into her eyes.

"Listen to me, you do not remember anything. You are the only daughter of Gertrude, born an Omega just like her. Your name is Freya and your days are filled with helping your mother around the pack household and playing around the fields." He said backing away slowly.

"What is your name, little one" he said.

"Freya" she repeated.

Gertrude was left to care for her.

One Afternoon, Freya played around the field waiting for her mother to call her in for dinner. She noticed a boy sitting on the floor, looking quite sad. She sat next to him and touched his shoulder, the boy looked up at her.

Silver and Green eyes starring and gazing at each other. Freya offered him a flower and he smiled.

"Don't be sad again, what is your name?" The little girl asked.

"Ace" he responded.