Luna Rising, Book one of the Black Alder Series

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Cortney T


What's worse! Being an abused slave to a pack who once treated you with respect, or having your mate reject you in the absolute worse way no one could have ever imagined. Elena Davis is a unshifted wolf, but that's never bothered her. Despised by her mother, loved by her father, ignored by her brother, she goes through life happy and hopeful. However that all changes when rogues suddenly attack her family’s house. Her pack assumes she has shifted and killed her father, and it all goes downhill. She spends years after dealing with a***e with the hope that one day she will meet her mate and he will take her away from all the pain Roland Black , Alpha of the Black Alder pack and Alpha King of all territories . He follows no one’s rules but his own. He has already had a mate, whose life ended tragically, and he isn't looking for another one but that all changes when his vision of the beautiful girl with silver hair and jewel blue eyes brings him to the Lunar Eclipse Festival, only for him to meet his moon blessed second chance mate close to death. Can he save her? Destiny has been written in the stars for these two long ago and older enemies are coming out to play. Follow Book 1 of the Black Alder series as you journey through heartbreak, self-realization, and betrayal , with an ending that will definitely leave you hooked for more

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The Dream

"Elena", a voice came from behind me. I'm standing in the middle of the most beautiful garden full of rose bushes and white dandies. I turned around and saw a young woman approaching me. She seems to get more beautiful with each step she takes. 

" Who are you and how do you know my name, I asked. " Mom always told me to ask these questions to strangers? 

" I am a friend child", she replies with a smile on her face. 

Her hair is the most beautiful color, silver and white blended together. She is dressed in a silver dress with beautiful curves, but what draws me in the most is her eyes. They are the bluest blue eyes I have ever seen and feel at peace. Her aura of power is pouring from her in waves and suddenly, even with me being 4 years old, I know she would never harm me. 

" Your beautiful miss" I replied with the hugest smile on my face. 

" Thank you darling", she continues, " Child, I have come to tell you something terrible is about to happen to you."

" What do you mean?" I said, getting scared. "What will happen?"

She sits on the ground and puts me in her lap. 

" Danger will come to you from all sides, my child", She says, stroking my hair. " You must be patient and have courage." You must never give up, even when it seems like all hope is lost, my child".: You will be tested, but you must have faith in yourself. Never lose it. 

She strokes my hair lightly and I get sleepier, her voice is starting to fade. I'm struggling to keep my eyes open, to remember her words. 

" What will happen, I ask?", as my eyes began to close.

"Remember my words" is all I hear before everything fades