Chapter 2 The Fairies’ Secret

"Sir, can you really take me to my mother? I haven't seen her for three days," Hope Jefferson's eyes started to well up, tinged with a hint of redness.

An inexplicable anger surged within Chris Shelby.

What was Esther Jefferson thinking? How could she be so irresponsible as a mother?

The middle-aged woman from earlier had mentioned that Esther had been at the Fairies' Secret, catering to men's desires. Chris decided to investigate for himself.

If Esther Jefferson truly stooped to such behavior, he would take Hope Jefferson away...


The Fairies' Secret.

It stood as the most opulent and extravagant entertainment establishment on the entire East Coast.

It was a paradise, the ultimate playground for the city's wealthy elite.

"Hold on!"

A red-haired security guard, cigarette dangling from his lips and a tattoo adorning his bare shoulders, blocked Chris Shelby's path.

He gave Chris a once-over, disdain evident in his eyes as he scoffed, "Where do you think you're going, loser? This place isn't for the likes of you. Get lost!"

"Step aside!"

Chris's expression turned cold.

"You lowly peasant! How dare you speak to our captain like that!"

"Do you hear me? I told you to leave!"

"If you don't, believe me, you're asking for trouble!"

Several security guards quickly gathered around, and one of them attempted to kick Chris.

A loud thud!

The guard was sent flying, while Chris stood firm, gently holding Hope in his arms.

"Dude, you're here to cause trouble! Guys, come out!" The tattooed security guard reached for his walkie-talkie and called for backup.


Within moments, hundreds of security guards swarmed out of the club.

"How dare you cause a ruckus in our establishment? Do you want to die?" The tattooed guard exuded confidence.

Chris didn't bother wasting words. He took out his phone and dialed a number.

"Tiger, send in my Lord Death Battalion!"


As soon as Chris finished speaking, a roar erupted in the distance.

Five military trucks sped towards them, each loaded with robust soldiers.

The soldiers swiftly disembarked, aligning themselves behind Chris.


Countless black muzzles, emanating the aura of death, were aimed at the security guards.


Tiger shouted.




Without hesitation, the group of security guards knelt down, trembling in fear.

Among them, the tattooed guard appeared the most terrified, a small stream running down his leg.

What kind of important figure had they offended?

"Master, my apologies for being late!"

Tiger approached Chris, his voice full of respect.

Chris nodded and commanded, "Stand guard here and don't let anyone in!"

"Yes, master!"

With a single roar from Tiger, thousands of soldiers immediately took control of the Fairies' Secret.

"Sir, what are they doing? Are they filming a movie?" Hope curiously asked, observing the fully armed soldiers.

Chris affectionately bowed his head and replied with a doting smile, "Yes, Hope, I will take you inside to find your mother."

With those words, he walked inside with her.

Tiger stood in the background, shocked.

This little girl was actually the master's daughter!

From today onward, she would be one of the most esteemed women in the entire country!

And just moments ago, his master, who rarely smiled, actually smiled...

Meanwhile, in a private room at the Fairies' Secret.

The slender and beautiful Esther Jefferson was dining with a middle-aged man sporting a protruding belly.

The man did not bother hiding his tiger tattoo, a clear indicator of his underworld gangster status.

This middle-aged man was Leon Winston, a notorious gang leader on the East Coast.

Esther looked at Leon, desperation in her eyes, as she pleaded, "Mr. Winston, please lend me a hundred thousand dollars. My daughter is sick and needs surgery."

Hope was born with a congenital heart condition and required surgery before the age of six, or her life would be in jeopardy.

Currently, Hope was five years old, leaving no room for further delay.

For three days, Esther had sought help from anyone who might lend a hand, but no one was willing.

Left with no choice, Esther had turned to Leon.

Leon was a well-known loan shark and gangster on the East Coast.

Leon sneered, "If I lend you a hundred thousand dollars, how will you repay me?"

Esther hurriedly responded, "Mr. Winston, don't worry. Once my daughter has her surgery, I will work hard to earn the money and pay you back."

"Ha ha ha!"

Leon laughed, studying Esther intently before chuckling playfully, "I will lend you the money, and you won't have to repay me... on one condition: become my woman."

Esther's face turned frosty upon hearing Leon's proposition. "Mr. Winston, I am already married!"

Leon smiled and remarked, "Who doesn't know your husband is a loser! If you become my woman, I will ensure you live a comfortable life. What do you say?"

As he spoke, Leon's hand reached out, aiming for Esther's snow-white thigh.

Esther's expression changed, and she hastily stood up.

"Mr. Winston, please show some respect!"

Leon's rejection triggered a coldness in his eyes.

He sneered, "Esther Jefferson, don't be foolish! Do you still think you're the noble daughter of the Jefferson family? You're nothing but a wreck! A forsaken woman no one wants!"

"You should feel honored that I am willing to take you in. Yet, you dare to refuse me. Believe me, tonight you won't be leaving this private suite easily."

Esther's face paled at Leon's words.

She felt utterly desperate.

Five years ago, she had been the noble lady of the Jefferson family, the most beautiful woman on the East Coast.

However, she was forced to marry a vagrant just to bring some luck to her grandfather.

But the very next day after their wedding, the vagrant disappeared, leaving Esther pregnant and alone.

For five years, Esther Jefferson had endured enough scorn and ridicule.

And now, she faced the humiliation of Leon Winston.

Esther was on the verge of breaking down.

Tears streamed down her cheeks.

Taking a deep breath, she said, "I'm sorry. I won't ask you for the money. I'm leaving!"

With those words, Esther turned to depart.

"You think you can leave without my permission?"

Leon stood up, grabbing Esther Jefferson's hand, sneering, "You're not leaving tonight!"

Panicked, Esther exclaimed, "Let go of me! What do you want?"

"Funny!" Leon spoke with a playful smile. "What do I want? I want you! Today, I will make you mine..."

Before he could finish, the door to the private suite swung open.


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