Lie To Me Alpha

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"There was no need to utter the word rejection as you not loving and wanting me was enough to know I'm being rejected as your mate." Adassah Rumanoff has just turned eighteen when she finally meet him, the one the moon goddess made for her alone, but was already in love with another. As words of a song echo, "What do you get when you fall in love? You only get lies and pain and sorrow." The last book of our ‘Rejection’ series. Book 1: A Mate for the Latecomer Book 2: Rejecting Your Rejection Book 3: Lie To Me Alpha Note: All books can be read as a standalone. Hope you enjoy reading!! Love Xox Nica

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"I always love the way you lie to me Alpha"

He lied... He lied to me when I left for College and all his promises to be a better mate were nothing but lies.

There he is dancing with her on the dance floor. Happily, in love with one another while the Alphas and the audience look on cheering for the happy couple of the hour.

Their thunderous sound of claps in approval to their union echoes through the mansion and out of the hollow night. After he officially announced that she was his mate and not me.

Finally, he's going to mate the one he loves but not the one he was promised to.

His eyes landed on mine as a lone tear dropped from my eyes. His eyes widen as if he just realized his true mate was present. That I have been watching all night long.

I couldn't take the sight anymore as I smiled at him knowingly before I stood up and left the ball in agony. My wolf's guard was down. She was whimpering in pain but there was nothing I could do to help numb the pain.


I heard him calling my name along with heels click on the marble floor but I kept on going.

"Adassah" he screams but I quicken my steps even more

"Adassah" he shouted again.

Too late I felt something like a force hitting me and my body flew up in the air. Throwing me backwards then hit the cement wall with hard. My head pounded on a statue, blood dripping from my head.

I heard emergency sirens then saw people coming out of the mansion shifting into their wolves’ form. Then I saw him, calling my name while running towards me.

My vision blurred, my eyes felt heavy and all I could remember was that I'm gone forever with nothing but lies of the Alpha.

Lie To Me Alpha