Kidnapped By The Mafia Alpha

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Mia never thought that while looking for money to pay off the debt her father owes one man she will end up seducing the most ruthless mafia in Los Angeles and stealing two million dollars from him and he in turn will end up kidnapping her. Here she was, in his lair, in his house, his office and most definitely in his bed. She has to pay back what she owes but what about the first man her father owes that she needed to pay off? Then she found out that he was a werewolf and the Alpha of his pack while she is his fated mate and Luna.

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" kill them all"

As soon as those words left his mouth the sound as gun after gun was fired rent the air, clean small and tiny holes were created in foreheads from bullet wounds and bodies dropped to the ground with life drained out of them.

Alpha Adrian Osiander walked out of the room with his Beta and second in command, everyone in the hall paused from what they were doing and bowed low when he got close to them ,no one could even open their mouth to greet from fear of making any noise that will draw his attention to them neither do they dare to breath loudly.

The atmosphere was cold and suffocating that most of them felt like disappearing as he came close to them, some even felt faint.

Adrian's eyes were cold and lifeless, devoid of any human emotion as he walked out of the underworld mansion and entered into the car whose door was held open by one of his bodyguards.

Nicole his Beta hurriedly entered into the front passenger seat why the remaining bodyguard rushed into the remaining cars for fear of delaying him for even one second and facing his wrath.

The cars sped away from the underworld parking lot into the highway and after driving for close to two hours the cars came to a stop in front of a tall skyscraper which held the Osiander Corp in it.

Nicole quickly got down and held the door open for Adrian who stepped down and buttoned up his suit before walking into the building.

The peaceful atmosphere dropped as his presence was noticed and everywhere became cold, all his employees left what they were doing and formed a long line and bowed to him as he walked past them without answering their greetings into his private elevator with his second in command.

Adrian Osiander was nicknamed the ruthless mafia king in the underworld and was known as the ruthless businessman in the business world. The whole country was scared of him as he was a man that if offended could make you disappear without a trace from the surface of the earth with just a flick of his finger even the government was cautious of him.

" What's on my schedule ?" Adrian asked Nicole as he threw his suit jacket on a couch in his office and sat on the swivel chair down behind his desk

Nicole quickly brought out his tablet and scrolled through it

" you have a meeting with Sterling Corp in an hour and then you have......"

" Cancel everything" Before Nicole could complete his sentence Nicole interrupted him

What!! Nicole nearly screamed but he wisely closed his mouth before the words could come out.

It wasn't news to him that the Alpha was not in a good mood nor was he ever in a good mood but today's own was worse. Since his boss woke up this morning and found out that the girl he spent the night with was gone, he had nearly gone crazy, so he ordered everyone to look for the girl.

He nearly killed the bodyguards standing at the door when she left and they were currently being punished and he was sure they would be begging for death now just thinking about what they will be going through now made him shudder in horror .

He quietly slipped out of the door when Adrian paid him no further attention again but was lost in his own thoughts.

Adrian was beyond angry, he didn't know what he was going to do when he next saw that woman. He woke up to an empty bed this morning and found the woman and the two million dollars he kept in his hotel room drawer gone.


Yes she is his mate. A tiny little woman, he did not pick up her scent when he first got to the club because of the smell of cigarettes and many other things but when she approached him first?

He was first shocked into silence when the wolf began to scream 'mate' He has already given up on ever seeing his mate because all wolves get to meet their mate at least within two years of their transformation into their wolf which is between eighteen to twenty years but he is already thirty.

His wolf went crazy and he immediately abandoned his business to be with his mate much to everyone's shock and spent the night with her making love and he nearly marked her when he lost control but who would have thought that she only wanted money from him.

He has tried so much to bring down his anger and rage but couldn't when he woke up this morning and found the spot beside him empty, the indentation on the bed was the only sign that someone had laid there. The woman disappeared with his two million dollars.

He have tried to use the only means he always use to quench his anger which is by visiting the torture room in the underworld but have ended up loosing his patience and asking his boys to kill the people he captured that were sent by some one who wanted him dead without even prying out the necessary information he needed from them.

His wolf was beyond furious. No one had ever disrespected him before, no one. Not even powerful men, all of them have faced the consequences and no one has ever been able to rile him up until her.

He knew that if he got his hand on that woman he would strangle her damnit she is the first person who has made him so mad that he lost control over himself and he always has control over everything and this is one of the reasons he is very angry.

What baffled him is how she managed to sneak from under his nose without him knowing!! And she even walked past his guards at the door. Yeah they were asleep but at the same time they were werewolves who could wake up at the slightest bit of noise and could smell fear even in their sleep.

One thing he came to realize is that she was not scared of him because if that was the case she would not have approached him, no woman have ever done that and the only women he has ever been with were werewolves. She is the first human he has ever been with.

What he watched in the CCTV was still fresh in his head, the way she walked out confidently like she knew that none of them would wake up. How did she even do that? How did she walk out without making any noise? She did not even sneak out and that was what made him angry.

What is he going to do after finding her?

Many things kept popping up in his mind but he still could not settle on one.

Adrian leaned back on his chair and pinched between his eyebrows, he was mad as hell but he still could not make up his mind on what to do after his men found that woman but he knew that it wouldn't be good.

He is going to break her.

Maybe the only thing that will quench his anger is finding that tiny woman and cutting her little by little into tiny pieces only then would he be satisfied!!!

" You can't do anything to mate unless she is going to hate us" his wolf warned even if his wolf was furious he still loves his mate and has a soft spot for her but him? Ha he does not know if he does.

Even after two weeks nothing about her has been found, his team was not able to bring up anything valuable it anything that could be used to trace her whereabouts

He has not received any calls from the club about her showing up there again after that night, it was like she has disappeared into thin air

"Sir you have a meeting in twenty minutes at the underground club" Nicole came into his office to remind him

"Has everything been prepared?"

"Yes sir"

Ten minutes later they were on their way to the underground club which was located in the district. When they got to the parking lot Adrian came down and button up his suit jacket

"You are going to give me my money and you will give it to me now before I kill you" The angry voice of a woman rang out in the silence of the parking lot causing Adrian to freeze in his steps

That voice sounded familiar, so familiar it sounded that the voice of that woman he was looking for only that the voice would have been more familiar if she was moaning not shouting angrily

Instead of walking inside the club he changed direction and headed for where the voice was coming from. He hoped that it was really that woman's