Instant Millionaire

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Ash Ellis


As an heir of a super rich family, I just want to be unknown, how could it be that hard?


Chapter 1: Delivering Durex to His Girlfriend

It was raining heavily at 9 p.m. At TS Convenience Store near JM University.

"Hello, TS Convenience Store."

"A box of Durex and two packets of tissue. Deliver these to Room 1302 of Sheraton Hotel by the South River. Hurry up!"

Hanging up the phone, Quincy shook his head. Young people nowadays would never get everything ready, would they?

Quincy found everything for the order in the shop. He put on a raincoat, rode an electric bike and drove towards the hotel.

When passing a flooded road, Quincy slipped. His trousers and shoes were wet and dirty. Fortunately, the delivery wasn't soaked. He didn't delay and picked up the bike and continued to driving.

In front of Room 1302, Quincy knocked on the door. The door soon opened.

"Hello, this is your ..." Quincy was dumbfounded halfway through.

The woman in front of him was none other than his girlfriend, Vicky!

Vicky Shepard was dressed in a white robe, and her long black and wet hair was trailed over her shoulders. A mixed smell of body lotion and shampoo greeted him.

"Vicky, why are you here?" Quincy looked at Vicky in disbelief. He was stupefied until now.

"How can you be the delivery boy?" Vicky was shocked and she subconsciously took a step back. Her mind instantly became messy.

"What's the matter?" A male walked over from the room. He was also wearing a robe and slippers. Quincy recognized him. He was Vincent Johnson from the Department of Economics and Management of JM University. It was said that he was quite dissolute.

"How dare you touch my woman...!" Quincy could not suppress his anger and was about to rush over and punch Vincent.

"Stop!" Vicky stood in front of Quincy. After a short panic, she calmed down. Since Quincy had discovered it, there was no need to hide it. She could just put her cards on the table!

Vicky shouted at Quincy, "Quincy, let's break up!"

"Break up?!" Quincy was shocked. His eyes widened as he looked at Vicky. "Vicky, we've been together for more than a year, now you're saying breaking up to me?"

"Yes! Breaking up!"

Vicky looked at Quincy without any guilty, "Are you surprised? When I ate out with you, we would only eat at roadside booths. The cosmetics you bought me were always the cheapest among its kind. Look at your clothes bought from roadside stands. Every time I walk with you, others are laughing at me, do you know that?"

"This is not the life I want. My background is so good, and I shouldn't be with you, a poor loser. When I was a freshman, I was too naive to be tricked by you, a bastard!"

Vicky spoke with a strong resentment!

"This is my boyfriend! From now on, I, Vicky, will have nothing to do with you anymore. Don't pester me in the future!" Vicky held Vincent's arm and said to Quincy as if she was demonstrating.

"It looks like you're Vicky's ex-boyfriend, the loser!"

Vincent looked at Quincy with a provocative smile. Quincy, who was wearing a raincoat and whose trousers and shoes were stained with mud, was a pure loser. Vincent reached out and took the plastic bag in Quincy's hand. He took out the box of Durex and waved it. With a chuckle, he said to Quincy, "You delivered Durex for your ex-girlfriend's current boyfriend. Bro, you are so magnanimous!"

"Aren't you going to fuck off?" Vicky scolded Quincy angrily.

Vincent sneered at Quincy and said, "It's good for him not to go, otherwise, he will miss a live broadcast performed by us..."

Looking at the couple in front of him, Quincy was in a terrible mood. He slowly turned around and walked out of the room step by step.

"Bro, you don't want to take the money? Hey, that's interesting. You gave me a girlfriend as well as free condoms." Vincent looked at Quincy's despondent silhouette and felt especially joyful as he closed the door of the room.

It rained even harder when Quincy came out.

Quincy took off his raincoat. The cold rain soaked his entire body, but it also refreshed his mind.

So, Vicky still felt disgusted about his poverty. He should be glad to lose such a mercenary woman. Why should he be sad?


The phone in his pocket buzzed. Quincy took it out and saw a text message. But when he saw the number, Quincy trembled and he stopped.

"The Lane family's descendant, Quincy, has passed the poverty exam. From now on, he will have the right to control the property he possesses."

Big raindrops hit the screen, and text message was gradually blurred!

Seven years had passed, and the "Poverty Examination" that the family set for him finally ended!

In the past seven years, because he was poor, Quincy had suffered countless hardships. At this time, it flashed through Quincy's mind like a movie. If it wasn't for this text message, Quincy would have almost forgotten his identity as a super-rich heir. However, it wasn't important now. Everything that belonged to him had been returned...

Early the next morning, Quincy woke up and took a taxi to Citibank in the city.

Citibank was located in the central business district of JM City, which was home to JM City's large enterprises.

Citibank was surrounded by luxury cars, and the people walking around the plaza were in clothes or temperament that could confirm their identities as wealthy people.

Quincy strode towards the entrance of the bank and pushed the door.


The door to the hall could be pushed both inside and outside. Quincy pushed recklessly and ran into a long-haired girl who walked over.

Quincy apologized to the girl, "I'm sorry, I didn't see you."

"Am I invisible? Can't you see me?" The long-haired girl covered her forehead and looked at Quincy angrily.

Over there, Lacey immediately walked over on high heels and asked the long-haired girl about her condition. The girl put down her hand and looked at Quincy discontentedly. Seeing Quincy wearing cheap clothes, she revealed a trace of suspicion.

Citibank was different from other banks. It mainly served the high-end businessmen and she came with her father. What was Quincy doing here?

Lacey smiled and asked, "Sir, may I ask why you are here?"

Based on Quincy's appearance and age, it was clear that he was not a client of Citibank.

Quincy said casually, "I'm here to withdraw some money."

"Withdraw money?" The girl cried out in surprise and quickly formed a contemptuous smile as she looked at Quincy coldly.

At least he needed a card to withdraw money, right?

It was not that easy to get a card at Citibank. He needed to deposit one million in advance before getting the qualifications to get a bank card.

Wasn't it obvious that Quincy was not able to get a card?

"Do you have a card?" Lacey said with a faint smile. She felt that Quincy definitely didn't have any experience, so he didn't know the rules of the bank, and he thought that bank cards of other banks could be used here.

"No." Quincy shook his head.

When the long-haired girl heard Quincy's answer, she couldn't help but laugh. She didn't even want to look at Quincy anymore.

"Honey, let's go." At this time, the girl's father walked over with documents in his hand.

"We are leaving, manager Lacey." the girl waved at Lacey and sized Quincy up. "Manager Lacey, this kind of person affects the image of your bank and the mood of your guests! I hope that this won't happen again in the future!"

After the girl finished speaking, she hugged her father's arm and pushed the door open.

"Mr. Blackwell, take care." Lacey followed them to the door and watched them leave in a car. She turned back to the hall with resentment and made up her mind to kick Quincy out as soon as possible!

Eh? Where was he?

The place where Quincy was standing just now was empty. Lacey was suspicious for a moment. Could it be that he was ashamed of himself so he sneaked away?

When Lacey thought of this, she felt relieved. Just as she was about to go to work, she caught a glimpse of a man.

It was him!

No wonder she didn't see him just now. He had walked to the door to the VIP room. The pillars in the hall sheltered him just now.

The VIP lounge was prepared for customers with high status and at least 30 million in savings!

Quincy didn't even have a card. Wasn't letting him in meant for being lectured by the client manager?

"Stop right there!" Lacey shouted loudly. The other customers looked at her with dissatisfaction. Lacey could only smile and apologize. At the same time, she quickly walked towards Quincy.

Quincy had opened the door to the VIP room and entered.