Chapter 2 Grand Comeback

Three years and two months had passed since that fateful incident. The Ingford Wedding Expo was in full swing, showcasing renowned international designers. Amidst the glitz and glamour, a woman adorned in a luxurious dress smiled radiantly, gracefully linking arms with a man by her side. He warmly inquired, "Are you ready?"

"Absolutely," she replied with a smile.

Joslan Hughes, a renowned designer, concealed her true identity from the world. She had gained fame in the wedding dress industry two years ago with her creation 'Beginning,' and later captivated global attention with 'Ending.' Yet, Joslan Hughes was a name unfamiliar to the design community. Today, she made a sudden appearance at the International Wedding Expo, exuding breathtaking beauty.

The spotlight illuminated her as her confident and elegant smile graced Ingford's main display screens. The man beside her discreetly reminded her, lowering his voice, "It's your turn to go on stage."

"Understood," she replied politely, flashing a camera-friendly greeting, and released her grip on the man's arm. With confidence, she ascended the elevated stage, marking her first public appearance in three years and unveiling her enigmatic face.

She possessed a delicate beauty, exuding an air of nobility and purity. The entire audience fell silent, their eyes fixed on her.

Among the spectators, someone recognized her and whispered, "Could that be Master Caleb's wife, the one who disappeared in a car accident three years ago?"

"She does bear a resemblance, but I'm not entirely convinced," came the cautious response.

In an instant, memories of the car accident that had blocked Hasnan Bridge for an entire month flooded the crowd's thoughts. Rumors had spread that Master Caleb's wife had perished in the car accident, though no body had ever been recovered.

"I heard it happened during the rainy season, with the river in full fury. And she was nine months pregnant. How could she have survived?" another voice chimed in.

The entrance to the show swung open, and an aristocratic man entered. Unfazed by the reactions of those around him, his gaze locked onto the stage.

He was taken aback.

Alina, on the stage, and Caleb, off the stage, locked eyes. Alina's gaze then shifted to Emma, who stood beside Caleb, firmly holding his arm.

Little did Alina know that Caleb would remain steadfastly loyal. After all these years, the woman by his side had not changed.

And he had forsaken his wife and child for Emma. Alina couldn't help but laugh at her own foolishness in the past. Then, with a disdainful snort, she glanced briefly at the man in the distance. From the start, her gaze held no trace of emotion, as if she were completely indifferent to his presence.

"Thank you for your appreciation of 'Beginning,' and rest assured, I will continue to bring you more surprises in the future," she gracefully handed the microphone back to the host, eliciting an explosion of applause from the audience.

As Alina descended from the podium, Andre Francis awaited her, extending his hand in congratulations. "Congratulations, it was a resounding success."

"I am honored to have you share this moment," she replied, exchanging a smile with Andre. They made a striking pair, a handsome man and a beautiful woman. Flashbulbs continued to flash, capturing the moment perfectly.

Caleb, observing the elegant figure from afar, stiffened. He was unable to snap out of his thoughts for a long while. 'It's her. She's alive. She's back.'

Whispers spread among the crowd. "Master Caleb's wife is alive and has become an international sensation, Miss Joslan."

"But Master Caleb got engaged to Miss Emma just a month ago. This grand exhibition today is all Emma's doing."

Nevertheless, the attention shifted to Joslan Hughes and her astounding talent and accomplishments with 'Beginning.' Speculations arose. "Has Master Caleb's wife returned for revenge?"

The atmosphere grew lively once again. Alina and Andre paid no heed to the gossip, engaging confidently and tacitly with the people around them. Alina's beauty, elegance, and above all, her self-assured smile stirred Caleb's nerves. He clenched his fists, almost instinctively moving towards her. However, Tomas Stone, his special assistant, intervened, placing a hand on his arm. "Mr. Collins."

Tomas' gentle reminder halted Caleb. "It's her, isn't it?"

"It's Lady Alina," Tomas confirmed.

Caleb cast a measured glance at Alina, who walked hand in hand with a man in the crowd, suppressing his anger. The show had come to an end.

Alina emerged from the restroom, finding the hallway quiet and empty. Not far away, Caleb leaned against the wall, exuding elegance and nobility. She calmly regarded the man before her, realizing that he had come seeking her so soon.

"Alina," his voice dripped with ice, his long-suppressed anger erupting.

Alina casually discarded the tissue in her hand into the trash, meeting Caleb's gaze as though he were a stranger.

There was no need for further words between strangers. As she walked past him, he reached out and caught her slender arm. Before she could react, he swiftly wrapped his arm around her waist and pressed her against the wall. Their eyes locked, revealing his anger. Calmly, Alina questioned, "Mr. Collins, isn't this inappropriate?"

Her tone was icy, fueling Caleb's anger even more. His fingers gripped her chin tightly as he demanded loudly, "Don't you have anything to say to me?"

"What do you want to hear?" Alina smiled softly, her demeanor only infuriating Caleb further.

"Do you know that I've been searching for you?" Caleb had been searching for Alina for three years. Despite everyone around him insisting that she was dead, her body lost at sea, he never believed it. He had gone to great lengths to find her, but she remained elusive.

Upon hearing Caleb's statement, Alina laughed, "Are you looking for me to save your Miss Bell?"

"Alina," Caleb's anger intensified. How could she be so dismissive of him?

"What reason do you have to be angry? A murderer doesn't deserve to stand before me," Alina retorted, unable to forget that Caleb had been willing to sacrifice her child to save his mistress.

Her smile widened, "I'm just surprised that the woman who was supposedly so sick that she needed my life and the life of my child seems to be living a hundred years today. How is it that she's still alive?"

Caleb couldn't bear to hear anyone speak ill of Emma. "Shut up!"

"What are you so angry about? I'm only talking about myself," Alina replied nonchalantly, shaking off his hand.

The fact that she was alive seemed to upset Caleb even more, evident by the deepening frown on his face. Caleb stared at Alina's face, never realizing she had such a rebellious spirit.

With disgust, Alina pushed him away with one hand. Standing tall and adjusting her gown, she exuded innate arrogance and nobility, a cold and reserved demeanor.

Before Caleb could say anything else, Andre, who had been by Alina's side, appeared. Seeing Alina and Caleb together, Andre grew uneasy. He hadn't expected them to meet so soon.

"Andre, it's time to go back," Andre directed his words at Alina, but his eyes were fixed on Caleb.

As they approached, the eyes of the two men locked, creating an invisible battlefield. Suddenly, Andre smiled and tenderly took Alina's hand, looking at her with affectionate eyes.

He added, "Mom has called several times and said she made your favorite dishes. Let's hurry back."

Alina nodded, purposely avoiding looking at Caleb. Speaking gently to Andre, she said, "Let's go quickly. We shouldn't keep her waiting, or I'll have to coax her again."


As they turned around, hand in hand, Andre shot Caleb a challenging gaze. His voice carried a hint of danger as he asked, "Is he your new boyfriend?"

Alina and Andre paused, exchanging a glance. Alina replied, "Mr. Collins, you're mistaken. He is my husband."

"Your husband?" Caleb's anger intensified. Alina referring to Andre as her husband made him want to harm him.

Alina laughed coldly, refusing to provide any further response. With that, she turned to leave, but Caleb grabbed her hand, as if wanting to crush her.

"Do you even know what you're saying?" he seethed.

"Are you deaf?" Alina mocked him clearly.

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