I rejected the alpha for being a bully

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Abigail busayo


When Rachel found out that she is mated to her old enemy, she was asked to forgive him for the benefit of the old pack. She needs to think if the whole pack is worthy of her forgiveness to her mate. "I think I can give you a chance". I said quietly, and he sighed in relief, he took my hands off his face and kissed my palm before placing it on his chest. " Are you sure?". He asked hopefully.

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Chapter 1


I walked out of the store, minding my own business, when a firm, broad shoulder brushed through me and pushed me hard enough that I fell down.


The contents of my bag were scattered all over the floor, and I threw my long black hair sideways so I could see who the culprit was, and I furrowed my brow in anger. I narrow my hazel eyes at the familiar sheet-eating grin and can't stop the growl of hatred that rumbles through me.



"Wow, dear you should watch where you're going."



Fucking Gabriel


The alpha son has always been an angel since we started high school. Now, a year after graduation, he still finds every chance he can to torment me. It used to be throwing my homework into the pool, "accidentally" shoving my books out of my hands, or pushing me into lockers. I don't know how many bruises I came home with after he "ran into me" with his shoulder.


On top of all that, there were the unusual names he'd call me. ugly,bitch,slut,whore. Dear was pretty tame compared to the rest of them,but he only used it because he knew I hated it. It wouldn't have been so bad if he treated everyone like shit,but he and his merry group of men who followed him around like disciples only tortured a selected few of us. Those of us who are more focused on the strength of our mind than our body


Sure, I could fight. Both my parents are warriors. They made sure I could hold up on my own, but I never made a show like other teenagers'. Showing off around the training ground like a peacock was never appealing to me, so I was labeled different and punished accordingly.


Now, looking up at my tormentor and the three other wolves following him around like dogs on leashes, I'm reminded of just how much I hate these guys.


"Fuck off, Gabriel,"  I sneer through clenched teeth as I collect my stuff from the floor and stand to my full height, which is still considerably shorter than him. He chuckled and looked around at his buddies.


"Excuse me, dear? I don't think I heard you  correctly. He says it with a hint of amusement in his voice. I square my shoulders and make eye contact with him. I refused to lower my gaze in a way to show my disrespect for him.


"I told you to fuck off". I responded to him sharply. I see his eyes darkening in anger as he takes a few steps closer to me.


"You will like that, won't you"? If I let you sleep with me, What a slut". He says his friends Burst out in laughter. I could feel my face go red, but I didn't bring down my stare.


"I wouldn't touch you with a ten-foot pole. Even if it has a condom on it, I feel bad for your mate. She is sure to be  disappointed. I spit at him, and he growls before his expression turns into amusement.


"No ,Dear. My mate will love me.  I bet she will throw herself at me. I will have her marked and mated within an hour of meeting her." He says it with full confidence and pride. I can't help but roll my eyes at him.


"I hope she rejects you. I don't know her, but I can tell the poor deserve a better mate. I said this while holding his gaze.


He is so pissed at the moment that he could destroy anything close to him. His usual dark emerald green darkens to the shade of his wolf as he growls slowly with every breath he takes.


"Submit. Like the pathetic bitch you are. He growls,his voice lower as it mixes with that of his wolf. I stood my ground, praying that my body wouldn't betray me. I knew he could hear my pounding heart, but I refused to show my fear.


Let it go, Gabriel." one of his jerk friends says.


Yes, she is not worth it, one of his friends added.


Gabriel shakes his head and comes out of his half-shift position. His body stopped radiating anger, and his eyes were clear again.



Perfect little Rachel. Always think you are better than everyone else. One of these days, someone is going to knock you off for real. Gabriel said mockingly. I just rolled my eyes again, knowing nothing makes an alpha angry more than being disrespected.


Funny, Gabriel I could say the same for you." I mutter before turning on my heels to leave.


Sure, I walked in the wrong direction, but I wasn't going to turn back and let him know that. Instead, I walked into a small book store, and thankfully, my friend Helen was working there.


That looks like an intense fight between you and the alpha. She says," Helen has always been observant, but a small bookstore with a large window facing the main street of the pack didn't hurt.


I'm so tired of him, Helen. I can wait until my eighteenth birthday. Once I find out that my mate isn't in this pack, I am leaving and never coming back here. I can't watch it burn down with that bully in charge." I rant angrily as I help my friend with her work.


"Slow down there, tiger." You are putting the tags on the wrong books. And you can't just leave the pack; you need the alpha's permission".


"You think he won't,'' I asked seriously, and Helen sighs.


"You know he has been eyeing you to take over the pack intelligence department.

You are wicked smart and can sense patterns so easily that they are creepy. You did great at planning attacks, helping with defense, warrior training, and patrol schedules. Wolves like you don't come along often. I don't think he just let you go. "

She says bluntly and sighs.


Fuck me for being so smart.



"Yeah, well, maybe he would feel differently after he hears what I feel about his son. I shrug, and Helen gasps.


You wouldn't, she challenges, but all I gave her was a smirk.