chapter 2

All I felt was pain all over my body. My head was bleeding. I felt blood dripping down my forehead. My vision was blurry from blood dripping into my eyes. I am standing chained by my arms and my legs. I try to figure out my surroundings, but its pitch black. All I smell is blood, and it isn't just my own. I try to listen for anything, but hear nothing. My body is shaking in fear. Who would do this to my family? We were just an ordinary family; nothing special about us besides being werewolves. “My family,” I say in my head then remember that they're gone. My parents are dead, I am alone, my best friend Tonya is gone, and I have been taken. I start to wonder if Tonya is here too. Were we both taken by the same person? I start yelling out her name, but I hear nothing? I cry in despair knowing that my life was taken from me on no better day than my birthday

As I nod on and off trying not to black out from all the pain I hear footsteps, and all of a sudden the light turns on. I can't see very well since the light is so bright it hurts my eyes. All I can see is that it's a very tall man. He is walking up to me. My body starts shaking in fear from what is going to happen to me now.

He asks me my name. I give him a fake name and tell him my name is Ashley. I feel a sharp pain across my face, “Now I'm only going to ask you once more what is your name, and you will want to tell me the truth,” he says. Fear overcomes me, and tears start rolling down my face. I tell him my name is Sabrina Smith. “There you go now. That wasn't so hard now, was it? My name is Alex, but you can call me Alpha.”

He came over to me. He was smelling me and rubbing around my waist. I squirm wanting him to stop touching me. “Now Sabrina you are mine now, you will only do what you are asked of, and you belong to me. Do you understand me?” I'm so angry I spit at him with so much hatred? I feel pain as he slaps me across my face, grabs my throat, and says, “This is going to be so much fun Sabrina. Keep it up and I will show you how much fun it can be. I'm your Alpha and you will obey or pay the consequences. I am going to let you down here for a couple of days. Let's see if your tone changes.”

My body isn't healing due to not eating and drinking. I am getting used to the pain, and it's bothering me less and less. My body is so drained, and my legs are shaky from trying to stand so long and being chained standing up. As I come in and out of consciousness I think about my mom and my dad and how wonderful life was. My mom was so excited about my party and worked so hard on all the planning. It doesn't matter now because that life is gone forever. I am going to have to submit to him if I ever want to get out of here and even get an attempt to escape this hell.

The lights turn on, and I am automatically blinded. I hear his deep tone, “Sabrina my sweetie are you ready to come into my world?” I pretend to be asleep not wanting to answer him. He grabs me by my throat and says, “Now sweetie, don't get on my bad side. That wouldn't be the right thing to do right off the bat.” I open my eyes and look into his. They're like crystals; blue so beautiful and yet terrifying all at the same time. “That's my girl. Are you ready to do what you're told?” I don't answer back not sure what to say. 

I see his blue eyes going red and I cry out in fear, “Please just let me go!”

He laughs and says, “Sabrina you belong to me. There's no getting away from me.” As he lets go of my throat he looks at me. He licks the tears rolling down my face and says, “Mm mm you taste so good Sabrina.” Then he walks away.

I'm not sure how much more I can handle the dark and the silence seems to be making me want to die, but I know it has to be better than what Alex is going to offer me, or should I say the Alpha. I'm dreaming about food I'm so hungry I have no idea how long it's been but I'm starving. I've been feeling weaker and weaker. Maybe the alpha will just let me die down here.

The light turns on as he walks towards me and all I see is his red eyes. He grasps me by the throat, “You ready to submit?” 

I scream out, “Go to hell! Leave me to die!” He Rips the chains off of me and puts me over his shoulder as I kick and scream. It doesn't seem to matter to him his strength is too great. 

He growls, “Now Sabrina I gave you a chance to willingly submit. Now it's my turn to do things my way.”

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