Chapter 1

I wake up to my alarm clock going off. Not ready for this day at all. The only good part is seeing my best friend Tonya. I hear my mom yelling, “Sabrina” up the stairs to make sure I'm awake. Yes Mom I'm up. I can tell that she is excited for me its a big day my first day as a senior and the day I can find my mate it is after all my birthday. I'm turning 18, and that is the age that I finally get to meet my wolf part of me. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention we are werewolves? We don't often shift, but when we do my wolf is beautiful. She is light gray with white paws.

My family isn't like the traditional werewolves families. We live in the human world. Were Never into all the traditional things that come with a pack. My best friend Tonya and her family are werewolves also, she's really the only other of our kind that I know of. There have been stories of all kinds, but none I really pay attention to.

My mom yells up the stairs, “You have five minutes lets go!”

I yell back, “I'm coming!”

I finish up my makeup and run down the stairs. There are chocolate chip pancakes, my favorite. I eat my pancakes as my mom rambles on about how excited she is for my party tonight. I finish up my pancakes, and we head out to the car to leave to head to school.

My mom drops me off at school; I hate the first day of school. I first look for Tonya. She is running late like always, so I head to class. I hear a lot of talk about how there was an attack last night; a robbery. I'm ease dropping listening as they say about how the parents were killed, and they can't find the girl. I turn back and ask what are they talking about, and my greatest fear, was it Tonya?

Mr. Jones walks into the classroom and says silence, he knows what all the talk is about, and not to worry that law enforcement is dealing with it. I raise my hand in confusion. He calls on me. I ask, “What is going on?” Everyone looks at me like I have two heads. Mr Jones says nothing. I yell out, “Someone please tell me what the hell happened!” Mr. Jones tells me to watch my tone I respond, “Please tell me what happened. Please.” Everyone looks at me in silence Mr. Jones pulls me to the side and tells me there was a robbery last night, people were killed, and someone was taken. I asked, “Who was it?”

“The Bakers I'm sorry Sabrina it was Tonya.” My greatest fear was answered.

My vision goes blurry and I can't breathe. I fall to my knees in despair.

When I come to Mr. Jones lips are moving, but I can't put together the words. I ran out of school to go home.

I get up to my house when I see my mom and dad's car is in the driveway. This is odd since they should be at work, but they must have heard what happened to the Bakers. As I get closer to my house I see the front door is wide open. I get this terrifying feeling coming over me. As I walk in the door I see my dad on the ground. I scream out for him; no response. I run up to him and he is dead. I cry out for my mother and there's no response. The smell of blood is overwhelming. I look down the hall and see a puddle of blood. As I get closer I realize the blood is coming from my mother. She is also dead. Tears start flowing down my cheeks. I feel pain rushing through my whole body and realize I was hit over the head. Then everything goes black.

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