I Have a Tycoon Granpa

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After being bullied by his classmates for three years, Frank received a call from his missing father, saying his father was the son of the richest man in Dubai.


Chapter 1 My Grandpa is a Trillionaire

This story began in a boys’ dormitory in DH First School.

“Fraser Lee, come and empty my foot basin.”

Fraser reacted immediately upon hearing the shout and took away Patrick’s foot basin.

“Wait. The socks stick to death, take and wash them as well.” Patrick, a fatty boy, gave another command as Fraser just picked up the foot basin.

Fraser picked up Patrick’s socks with two fingers and headed towards the washroom in the dormitory.

Not only did he have to wash Patrick’s socks, he also had to wash school uniforms, shoes, and even underwear for other roommates.

“Patrick Scott, you’ve gone too far recently! How could you treat Fraser like this? He’s your roommate, not your servant!” Tyler Chou stood out as he could not bear them bullying Fraser any longer.

“Tyler, I am helping him!” Patrick smiled and added nonchalantly, “Isn’t he short of money? I’ll pay him.”

“Isn’t that right, Fraser?” Patrick shouted at Fraser in the bathroom.

“Yeah, Patrick, thank you for your support.” Fraser popped his head out and expressed his gratitude with a smile.

Tyler sighed helplessly.

Since his parents disappeared, Fraser could only make a living and earn his tuition fee by helping others do laundry, homework, running errands and buying things.

After a while, Tyler walked into the bathroom, “Fraser, if you need money, I can lend you some.”

“No, thanks.” Fraser didn’t intend to live on charity. Moreover, he had to pay back the money he borrowed sooner or later.

Tyler seemed to see through Fraser as he continued, “It’s okay. There is no rush. You can pay it back after graduation.”

Fraser smiled bitterly, “Tyler, it’s far from graduation.”

Tyler shook his head again and came back to his bed.

“Hey Tyler, don’t worry about it. Don’t you know about Fraser’s condition? How can you afford to help him?” said Stefan Chang, the eldest person in the dormitory.

“Correct. If it weren’t for our help, he wouldn’t even be able to survive.” Patrick said proudly.

When Fraser climbed onto his bed after finishing the laundry, Stefan suddenly said, “Fraser, I want to smoke right now. Buy me a pack of cigarettes, same as before.”

Fraser refuted as he was in a pickle, “It is eleven pm, and the school gate must have been closed.”

“Don’t talk nonsense. I’ll give you ten dollars more. Come on, hurry up!” Stefan threw the banknotes onto the ground angrily.

“I’ll sneak out by getting over the wall.”

Fraser picked up the banknotes and then headed out.

"I think Fraser is willing to east shit as long as he is well-paid." As soon as Fraser walked out of the dorm, Patrick’s taunt rumbled from behind.

"Yes. If I were him, I would rather commit suicide. How could one live in this world in disgrace?" Stefan chimed in.

Fraser clenched his fist in shame and indignation when hearing the taunts and ridicules.

But Fraser soon dismissed the bad mood out of his mind. They were right. He was a poor man without dignity after all.

Fraser sneaked out by climbing through the wall and went to a 24-hour convenience store. Just as Fraser had paid the bill for the cigarettes, a man and a woman walked into the store.

When the woman saw Fraser, her expression became complicated. She moved her lips yet didn’t utter a syllable in the end. She turned her head aside, acting as if she hadn’t seen Fraser.

The woman’s name was Luna Cooper. She was Fraser’s neighbor and was one of the most beautiful girls in the campus.

In the past, when Fraser was a Grade-A student from a rich family, Luna used to following him no matter where he went. The two families were in good relationship back then, so their parents arranged their betrothal when they were young.

As for the man beside Luna…, he was Filip Gallagher, Fraser’s classmate. He was from a rich family, and the BMW car parked in front of the store was his.

“Boss, a pack of Durex, please” Filip shouted at the top of his voice.

Luna blushed. She was a little embarrassed on Fraser’s presence, “Filip, I don’t feel well today. What about some other day?”

“No way! Is it because of this brat?” Filip turned around and pointed at Fraser.

“Don’t try to fool me. I know about your affairs, but remember, the past is the past!” Filip’s face darkened. He questioned Luna in a solemn voice, “What is it? Are you still into him?”

“I’m really uncomfortable.”

“Isn’t it weird? I was fine just now. Probably seeing someone made my stomach sick." Luna said mercilessly in order to please Filip.

"Haha, I feel sick to see him too."

Filip laughed and slapped on Fraser, “Get the hell out of here. You’re disgusting my girlfriend!"

Fraser bit his teeth and stared at Filip coldly.

Filip looked stunned for a moment and then kicked Fraser in the stomach, “How dare you stare at me? Are you fucking dissatisfied?"

"Filip, stop!" Luna tried to stop him.

"Why? Is your heart broken?"

"Of course not. I just don't think we need to argue with such a poor guy." Luna shook her head.

Filip snorted, took a pack of Durex from the boss, and said to Luna “Tonight, I don't care whether you are in period or stomach pain. You turned me on, how dare you run away?"

"Fraser, remember, stay away from Luna from now on. Otherwise I will beat you once I see you again." Before leaving, Filip said to Fraser with malicious tone.

After wiping the footprints on his clothes, Fraser climbed over the wall and returned to the dorm.

Fraser came back late and was scolded by Stefan.

Lying on the bed, Fraser could not hold his tears and cry all light long.

When Fraser woke up the next morning, his pillow was thoroughly wet. He found more than 30 missed calls on his phone.

"Why are they all foreign calls?"

Fraser looked through it and suspected it was a swindler calling.

There are also short messages. “The amount entered into your account with the last number 911 is 1000000.00 dollar and the balance is 1000325.00 dollar." Fraser read and was sure it was from a swindler.

At this point, Fraser withdrew the money he earned from WeChat.

The mobile phone buzzed and Fraser was stunned.

"Agricultural Bank of China, November 12, X, 07:14, the amount entered into your account with the last number 911 is 300.00 dollar, and the balance is 1000625.00 dollar."

The number for the one million dollar was even the same as that of three hundred.

If it were from a swindler, he would not know the balance of Fraser's bank account.

In other words, the one million dollars was true!

Thinking of this, Fraser got up like crazy and ran out of the school.

At the door of an ATM, Fraser inserted his card and entered the password with trembling fingers.

"I must have been dreaming." Seeing the balance of more than one million dollar, Fraser shook his head. He could not believe what he saw.

That strange number called again. Fraser did not hesitate and immediately pressed the answer key.

"Fraser..." A familiar voice came from the other end of the line.

"Dad? Is... is that you?" Fraser's hands trembled even more.

"Yes, it's me. How have you been these years since your mother and I were gone? You must have suffered a lot. I just transferred you a million dollars. If it is not enough, I will transfer more. You must have been missed us a lot in these years!" Fraser's father asked in succession.

After confirming the man was his father, Fraser immediately burst into tears and leaned against the ATM, holding his mobile phone in one hand and wiping his tears with the other.


"Well, well, boy, it's been hard on you these years, but don't hate me. Blame your grandpa. It was his idea..."

Fraser interrupted his father and said, "Wait a minute, isn't my grandfather already dead?"

"No. I wish he died earlier! I only lied to you for three years, but he cheated me for more than ten years.... Three years ago, the old man took me home and told me he was the richest man in Dubai, UAE. He was so wicked that he faked his own death."

"The richest man in Dubai?"

"What are you talking about? I will kill you." There was fighting and screaming on the other end of the line.

But vaguely, Fraser heard his father shouting: “John Lee, if you hit me again, I will disown our relationship with you.

John Lee? Wasn't he the richest man in Asia? How did he become Dubai's richest man?

Wait a minute! My grandfather is the richest man??