We shall meet very soon


  The air is cold and chilly as I stand in front of my father while he rages at me and my two sisters. I don't know how he found out we went to the club. This was what I was trying to avoid in the first place.

     Nikolia Fedorov, my father, is as brutal as he was forty years ago when he took the mantle of power. With a baleful glare enough to get men to pee on themselves and a voice that's as sharp as a two-edged knife, my father was not one to be messed with.

"Dad but what's the big deal in us going to the club? We've always done it" Leila rolled her eyes.

He chuckles darkly. "I specifically made myself clear when I said I didn't want to see you three in the club. We aren't in Russia, this is America. This is Dante's territory and until we are done with what we came for and fly back to Moscow, I don't want my daughters crossing paths and making trouble with Dante"

A tired sigh pushes past my lips which catches my father's attention. He shoots a glare at me and I go rigid.

What did I do now?

"Alina you are the youngest. Why would you follow your sisters out!?"

I find myself lost for words and I don't know what to say to my father.

My father would always find a way to push more of the blame on me. That was how it has always been.

  He would never scold my sisters much but it was always a different case when I was involved.

"I tried telling them....." I attempt to justify myself but Vanessa's irked tone cut into my speech.

"You tried doing what Alina? Weren't you the one who was busy fighting with strangers outside?" Vanessa scowls at me.

  I shook my head vehemently and turn my attention to my father. I stretch out my hand to touch him but a slap on my face gets me stumbling back.

  I clutch on to the cheek his cold fingers hit and downcast my gaze, my tears slipping down my cheeks.

"Alina you are a fool! So you go out to fight with strangers!?" He bellows at me.

  Hearing him lash out at me creates a bitter gal in my mouth and I struggle to contain my tears.

Why is he always like this towards me? Father never treated me like I was his daughter. Only mother did and now she is late.

  I feel like a sheep in the midst of wolves. I feel so lost without her. In this house, I have no say. My older sisters get it all and I'm left wallowing at their mercy.

"Have you gone deaf!" Father rages once again.

His voice sends a cold shiver down my spine and I'm quick to look at him.

"I didn't fight with anybody" I speak up.

From the corner of my eyes, I spot Vanessa and Leila glaring at me.

"So are you saying your sisters are lying against you?" He asks with his tongue in cheek.

"They misunderstood what they saw" I replied abruptly. Anger swells within me at the mere thought of my sisters.

"Get out. You three leave my presence!" He orders.

I slowly turn to go and I once again spot my sisters glaring.

  Sniffing my nose, I ignore them and walk into my rooms.

* * * * * * *


"So you mean Nikolia actually invited you over tomorrow to his house? What does the devil want?" Luca, one of my capos inquired.

I was as shocked as I was stunned by the sudden request from Nikolia Fedorov to come and pay him a visit.

Seated in the midst of my capos, I passed them all curious glances.

Resting my hands on my thighs, I shook my head at them, "I don't know why. Probably he wants to finish what he started years back" I replied with tongue in cheek.

Nikolia Fedorov, Don of the Russian mafia was the one responsible for the demise of my parents.

He requested for a peace talk between the two mafia's as constant blood baths and gun wars were the norms with each mafia battling for superiority.

My parents agreed and they actaully went with the hope of bringing an end to the meaningless deaths but Nikolia instead open fire on them.

Both my parents were shot on arrival and a shooting spree ensued between Nikolia's men and my parent's.

My fist clenched just by the mere thought of the pain I had to endure years back following the demise of my parents and now the fucker is asking for a visit.

Out of the blue.

"Does he think you would go after what he did to your parents?" Enzo, another of my capo, rhetorically asked with a hard grin plastered on his face.

"He is clearly a fool to think I would trust him and march into his den like a prey" I replied, my fist balling so hard.

"Have you seen his three daughters Dante?" Luca asked again, a brow hiked at me.

I never knew Nikolia had daughters.

"He has daughter's?" I asked dumbfounded, veering my eyes at Luca.

"Ofcourse he has. And truthfully, they are pretty hot" Enzo chuckled, standing up from the sofa and coming towards me with an envelope.

"These are the three daughters of the enemy, Leila Federov the eldest..." he handed me a picture from inside the envelope.

I accessed the picture of the girl. She was beautiful. Her eyes were ocean blue and I found that enthralling. The prettiest girls had the darkest hearts. If she wasn't the daughter of the enemy, I would have wanted to actually have her on my bed.

"Vanessa Federov, the second daughter..." Enzo handed me another picture.

A smirk drew on my face as I accessed each picture carefully.

These girls were hot.

"And lastly, Alina Federov. The third daughter"

My eyes widened the moment my gaze landed on the third picture. She was the fucking girl from the club--the one that couldn't even apologise properly for bumping into me.

"This girl is one of Nikolia's daughter?" I inquired once more at Enzo.

He nodded. "She is. She is the last daughter. You seem stunned to see her. Do you know her?"

"We crossed paths just this evening. She bumped into me and she couldn't even offer an apology. Wow" I stared at her picture.

Truthfully she was beautiful, more beautiful than her two elder sisters. Her wavy auburn hair seemed so silky and her deep hazel eyes looked so pure and innocent. Her slim yet hour glass figure almost had me drooling.

"On a second thought..." I began after a brief interluded silence.

"I'll go see Nikolia tomorrow"

My capos were all stuperfied by my sudden change of plans.

"Hold on Dante. Are you fucking serious?" Luca almost exclaimed.

I nodded with a smug smile sitting on my lips.

"You got to be kidding me. He could kill you" Enzo warned.

"He wouldn't dare" came my savage reply.

My eyes drifted back to the picture of Alina Federov. This lady was so rude to my men back in the club.

I was itching to teach her a lesson. And now finding out that she was the daughter of Nikolia Fedorov heightened my desire to get her.

"My feisty little cat, Alina Federov, we shall meet very soon" I huskily whispered at her photo.

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