Chapter 1

Belle's POV

Finally, New York!

This moment is written down on my bucket list. Go to 'merica, live in an apartment exactly like in the movies. Concrete staircase and iron handrails painted in black and a beautiful hardwood door frame with intricate carvings. Normally with two to three stories and the attic being the most romantic place overlooking the city. Outside are huge trees lining perfectly giving the streets a golden surreal look come autumn.

However, some family beat me to the main apartment so I settled in the basement apartment. I am kind of disappointed but I'm not complaining. The basement is close to perfection. It also has these concrete stairs going down and just a few steps to the left is a tiny porch where a wooden round table and two comfortable wooden chairs are situated. Surrounding the front porch are beautiful violets. And to top it all up, colorful lights the size of chestnuts hang around the tiny porch. It's surreal and romantic.

While taking a stroll around the block, a flower shop instantly caught my attention. Some orchids hang in front of the shop and batches of pink, red, yellow and white roses, tulips, carnations, baby's breath, and lilies are displayed outside.

And then there it is my personal favorite, the long-stemmed red daisies. Ugh! They are adorable! I hurriedly walked towards the direction of the daisies when all of a sudden, BAM!

"Oww! Ouch!"

Dammit! My face hit the glass window!

The daisies are in fact displayed inside the shop and not in the aisle outside along with the other flowers. Whoever cleaned that glass window to perfection should be given a raise. He did a good job in making it seamless!

Oh god. I then realized my current situation. I can feel my blood rushing up my face.

I quickly gathered my wits and decided to play it cool. I glanced from side to side just to make sure that no one saw what just happened.

To my utter horror, I heard a soft chuckle from the back. My heart instantly skipped a beat. Shit.

My panic button ticked off like never before. I think it's time to disappear from the face of the earth.

I dare not turn around. I gathered all the strength I have left and flee like I stole something. And then, the wind blew-- hard. The next thing I know, my dignity as a woman was shattered into tiny pieces. I wished at this point that the ground will just swallow me alive.

My flowy skirt blew all the way up and revealed my panties to the world! A total Marilyn Monroe moment that I swear to the gods, I did not ask for. Gah!

As I struggle to hold my skirt down, I remember that I wore the pink undies my best friend gave me with the words EXTRA on the front side and VIRGIN on the backside.

Urgh! I'm so gonna strangle her for this! I know I should not have worn it in the first place, but that was the first thing I was able to grab from my luggage since I still wasn't able to unpack.

Oh God! Strike that lightning of yours and just hit me as strongly as you can and allow me to die at this very moment!


Nikolai's POV

"Do I sound like a give a fuck?! I want the delivery tonight! And don't you fucking call me again until that piece of shit holds his end of the deal." I ended the call fisting my hand tight in frustration.

"Tell Alexei we might be needing our men later."

Yuri nods and dials his phone.

It's almost 10 am, a Saturday and it's Yelena's birthday. It has been three years since that awful incident. I can still see her face every time I close my eyes. I can still smell the blood that was rushing down her face. She won't wake up no matter what I did. She was gone.

I wasn't there for her that day. I wasn't able to protect her. I should have fucking died instead!

I squeezed my eyes as I try to erase her bloody and lifeless image out of my mind.

As I walk across the street to get Yelena flowers in the small flower shop where she would always hang around, my world took a sudden halt.

This could not be happening. This could not be real. If this is a dream, I would rather not wake up.


I got my answer almost instantly when the image turned slightly toward my direction. A strike of disappointment hit me like a fucking bullet through the heart.

This woman looks almost exactly like Yelena. Every perfect angelic feature, every twist and wave of her hair, every single flutter of her eyes.

I was snapped back to reality when she suddenly gasped as if she found God or something. She got too excited and walked rather fast towards the glass window which eventually hit her face causing a strong bang.

My men and I just stood there in awe.

"Oww!" She muttered, obviously hurt.

I took a step forward to ask her if she's okay but I stopped when she looked sheepishly from side to side.

Well shit. First, she looks exactly like Yelena and now she acts as clumsy as her. Is this for fucking real?

I slid my hands inside my pockets and waited for things to unfold right in front of me.

She then shoots her fist in the air thinking that no one saw what just happened. And that was the last straw. I spit out a chuckle in both disbelief and amusement.

It's as if what just happened is not enough. I was clearly up for the best morning I have ever had for a long time.

As the beautiful angel was running for her life to get away, her skirt flew up exposing her full legs and her bountiful ass. Clearly, I am going out of my mind since everything around turned slow motion. Her long wavy hair danced with the blowing wind as she struggles to hold her skirt down. I'm sure the fucker Alexei will enjoy the sight of her.


Fuck me.

Yuri cleared his throat, snapping me out of my thoughts. I straightened my tie and try to collect my focus back. What the fucking hell?

Yuri already paid for the bouquet of red daisies--Yelena's favorite flower-- while I'm still half-dazed out, dumb stricken.

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