Her Volkovs (Book 4)

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Belle is introduced deeper into the world of the Russian Mafia and the underground criminal world. She takes on a very challenging role in the family's business when Nikolai and Alexei got in trouble. But a target has been put on her head by the people who want to destroy the Volkov family. Meanwhile, the Volkov babies are coming! The future of the Russian Mafia is bright. Nikolai and Alexei could not be more ecstatic. While the family is celebrating, their demons are quickly catching up on them. Secrets will be revealed and their lives as they know them will change.

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Chapter 1

Belle's POV

"Twin Volkovs. Twin fucking Volkovs, brother! I'm going to be a father of two Volkovs!" Nikolai exclaimed while grabbing Alexei's head with both of his hands tightly.

"We will have two tiny fuckers coming very soon. Congratulations brother." Alexei replied while holding Nikolai's arms tightly. Smiles plastered on their faces.

"Thanks, brother. Wow. I'm going to be a father of two!"

"Haha, you're so fucking screwed."

"Haha! I may be but shit let's cross the bridge when we get there."

I haven't seen these two as excited and as overjoyed as this before. The warmth in my heart right now is undeniable. I am a happy and content woman. I have Nikolai and Alexei, the two most important men in my life, and another two more coming less than nine months from now.

It seems like the two have forgotten that I'm also in the room with them and that I am the person carrying these tiny fuckers-- so to speak, in my womb.

I cleared my throat to get the attention of the two. As much as I enjoy watching their bromance, my pregnant self wants to pee and I am not about to do so in this clinic. I'm just not comfortable here.

"Nikolai, Alexei, I want to go home."

The two softly chuckle when they realized that they are already ignoring me, "I'm sorry baby," Nikolai cups my face and kisses me on my lips. "I'm just ecstatic, is all. Let's go?" He then attempted to carry me gently in his arms but I wasn't going to let him. I'm pregnant but I can perfectly walk. My legs are not hurting right now so there's no need for him to carry me.

"Nikolai, I'm fine."

"Woman! Do as I say."

"Or what?" I retorted.

"Or...." He slid his hand under my skirt and tried to touch my femme but I swatted it immediately. "I will eat your pussy right here, right now and I will make sure that you are going to beg for me to do it again and again and again. You choose."

Shit. That's actually kinda hot. Hehe.

"And we will be your Doctors while we examine every inch of that glorious pussy and ass. Look around princess, we have all we need for the role play." Said Alexei, and he looks like he's not even kidding.

Geez Belle, look at that. You have two crazy-ass horny men as your lovers. Congratulations.

"Nikolai please? I'm serious."

He lets out this dark and lascivious smirk, "And you think I'm kidding? Babe, I thought you know me better. I take my wife's pussy very seriously."

I just rolled my eyes at him. Arrogance level ten thousand, Nikolai Vyacheslav Volkov.

I let out a sigh of frustration. There's no point in arguing with him. "Fine, but I want Alexei to carry me, not you."

"Fine by me." Nikolai answered victoriously.


Nikolai, Alexei, Matushka Irene, and the rest of the boys are in one of the living rooms in the mansion celebrating the news about the twins. Matushka Irene could not be happier. She insisted that celebrations are in order, hence the unlimited drinking happening right now.

I, on the other hand, just got out of the shower, brushing my hair in front of the mirror.

The news about the twins has not completely sunk in yet. I am as surprised as Nikolai and Alexei. Being pregnant with the child of Nikolai Vyacheslav Volkov is already a challenge, more so now that it has been confirmed that we are going to have twins. Babies from the very flesh and blood of Volkov himself. The Russian Mafia Boss, the short-tempered Billionaire bad boy who runs a criminal organization and who has a reputation that precedes him.

My thoughts were interrupted when my husband suddenly appeared from the back and wrapped his arms around me, just below my breasts. He inhales deep behind my left ear.

"Penny for your thoughts?" His voice is low and gentle.

Truth be told, I am terrified. I don't know if I can handle being a mother to these twins. What exactly do I know about raising babies especially in a situation like this anyway? We are not a normal family. What if my kids will get confused because they have two Pa's? And what if they learn about the family's business?

I turn around and buried my face on Nikolai's chest. "I'm scared Nikolai. I don't know if I'm going to be a good mother."

He pulled my chin up gently and kisses me on my lips."Shh...There's nothing to be scared about. I'm here, my brother is here, we are going to take care of you and our babies."

"It's going to be very different when these two come out. And it's going to be very soon Nikolai! Babies! These are tiny little you!"

"I know, aren't you excited?"

Nikolai looks so proud I don't want to burst his bubble. That's exactly what I'm afraid of, the babies growing up exactly like their father. Oh god, help me.

"Uhuh." Are the only syllables that rolled out of my mouth.

He planted a long deep kiss on my lips and when he disconnected, I inhaled the scent of liquor and cigar from his sexy breath.

"What else is bothering you? Tell me, I will fix it."

This has been bothering me way back and since he's asking for me to share the thing that bothers me, here goes nothing.

"Uhmm, when they grow up, how would I explain to them that you, me, and Alexei are together? How do I tell them that they have two Pa's? And the Mafia?"

"We will tell them the truth when the right time comes. We will tell them that Papá Nikolai and Papá Alexei are in love with Mamá Belle. That we are total fucking wrecks without you. They will understand, I promise." He answered without any hint of doubt in his voice.

Nikolai's words somehow eased down my debilitating anxiety. I mean, he always does. This is one of the many qualities of Nikolai and Alexei that made me fall in love with them more. It's the security. It's the fact that they actually do what they say. It's their protectiveness towards me or overprotectiveness for that matter. When they say that they love me, they don't just only say it, but they do it, with full CAPS and exclamation points on. They do it their way. The intense, earthshaking, everything be damned kind of way. The Volkov way.

I reached for his lips as my response. "I love you Nikolai."

"Ya tebya lyublyu Mamá." He whispers so very gently, even the coldest of hearts will warm up and melt.

"Where's your brother?"

"Here." Alexei inserted out of nowhere. So he's here all along?

"Alexei, come here." I reached out my other arm so I can embrace them both at the same time. "How long have you been here, lurking?" I asked while brushing his hairline with my fingers.

"Long enough." He smiled and then kisses me on my neck then my lips. "Princess, when you give birth, I can stay in our old house or the penthouse until we figure things out. You don't have to worry about a single thing."

My heart instantly sunk. He must have heard us talk about my concern on how to deal with talking to our children someday that their mother is being shared by their Pa's.

"Why would you even think of living separate from us?"I scolded him.

"What the fuck brother?" Nikolai said while wrapping his arm around Alexei's neck as if choking him.

"I just don't want the princess to worry about these kinds of things while she's pregnant. Amy told me that you should not be stressed out, or get worried or depressed because it will affect you and the babies."

"And you think that staying away from me is going to do that? I would be heartbroken Alexei!" Oh god. Just the thought of him away from me is already torture. I just can't be without these two especially now that I'm pregnant. I just can't.


"No! Nobody's leaving! You've done this to me before and if you do it again, I swear Alexei, I'm going to be out of your life for good! Then you can live at the old house or even at that filthy place called Zora for all I care! You can fuck that Ratiana bitch all you want! You can...uwmrmmurmm armwmum." Alexei pulled my head towards him for a deep and sensual kiss when I'm already fuming in anger. When he pulled away, I was running out of breath.

"Ratiana? I'm pretty sure we did not hire any rodents to work at Zora, or did we brother?"

Nikolai chuckled, "I'm gonna have to ask Dmitri just to double-check."

Grr! I hit them both on their chests but they just smile like nothing.

"I hate you both."

"We love you too baby." Nikolai replied while pulling back my hair gently.

"The three of us, forever and ever remember?" Nikolai said.

"The three of us, forever and ever." Alexei added.

"Nikolai, Alexei, and Belle, forever and ever." I replied.


The celebration continued with Dimitri telling funny and drunk stories I'm not even sure are true. From among the boys, Dimitri is the youngest, perhaps 23 or 25. He often gets away with being naughty and mischievous only because the Volkov brothers let him. He's the most vocal of them all but he also possesses that certain kind of oomph just like all the men in the Russian Mafia.

Nikolai is to my right, being extra touchy and clingy while Alexei is resting his head on my lap, holding my other hand tightly. The two have already been drinking perhaps more than they should but since we are in the mansion and we are celebrating, I just let them be.

Nikolai's other men are taking charge of the security of the mansion, looking all serious and deadly as usual.

While listening to Dimitri I received a message from our group chat.

Volkov Chat Group

I_will_eat_your_pussy is online.

Thoushallbespanked is now online.

Mrs_Volkov is now online.

I_will_eat_your_pussy: Me + You + the fucker on your lap + ???? = ????

When he noticed that I was already able to read his kind of NSFW yet very cute message, he grinned and looked at me with those ridiculously sexy dark green eyes to see my reaction.

Gah! He looks even hotter whilst under the influence of liquor. I didn't know that it's even possible. Drunk men are often gross but these Russian men, especially their Bosses? Na-ah. Still hot. Very hot!

Mrs_Volkov: ?? Cute. But please change your username Nikolai.

I_will_eat_your_pussy: Your pussy is my favorite flavor. ??

Thoushallbespanked: Hell yeah! Haha.

I sigh in defeat.

Mrs_Volkov: I did not ask you about your favorite flavor Nikolai, I asked you to change your username. And you Alexei, please do not encourage your brother. P.S Since when did you learn how to use emojis?

I_will_eat_your_pussy: Dear wife, let's fuck outside. I want to tear you down like a fucking wolf under the moonlight.

Thoushallbespanked: Now that's my kind of Romance.

Oh gosh. That sounds exciting. Ahhh! Tiny electric current are trickling up my spine just by the thought of it. Making love outdoor to Nikolai and Alexei would be very naughty and unbelievably hot! I can already feel my face flush.

Mrs_Volkov: Hmmm... Only if you catch me. *Give me a minute headstart, please? Pregnant remember?*

Thoushallbespanked: 30 seconds.

I_will_eat_your_pussy: He has spoken. You better up your hide game baby, because we are cumming.

Thoushallbespanked: Haha. And don't hide behind the bushes.

Shit. The adrenaline is starting to pump in my system. Alexei removed himself from me as I slowly excuse myself from the group. When I was able to reach the foyer, I ran as fast as I can outside and scanned if I can hide behind the topiaries or any other structure in the victorian style garden. Two of Nikolai's men saw me head towards the lawn so I tried to play it cool first, as if I'm just walking for some fresh air and when they were able to walk away, I sprinted my way to a much darker location.


Nikolai and Alexei are casually walking away from the group as they head outside the Volkov Mansion. They stood at the top of the grand concrete staircase overlooking the very long driveway and the garden.

The two stood in all their godly glory as Alexei dials his phone. "Control, find your Madame, give us her exact location and send me a picture of her."

Control Room (Somewhere in the Mansion) - "Right away Boss."

Nikolai and Alexei looked at each other while smirks are plastered on their faces.

Alexei: "This is fucking amazing. Haven't felt this rush for quite a while."

Nikolai: "Drop it a notch brother. Let's try not to make the mother of our children bleed after this."

Alexei: "Yup."

Nikolai: (Looks at Alexei unconvinced by his brother's one-word response and gazes away while shaking his head.)

Control Room (Somewhere in the Mansion) - "Madame is at the east side of the garden, she's hiding behind the blue princess holly bush."

Alexei: Blue princess fucking what? How the fuck do you think--

Nikolai: (Interrupts Alexei who was about to lose his mind) Just send us the goddam screenshots of your Madame. Turn off all camera feeds on the east side and all adjacent cameras. Tell the roaming guards to skip the east wing until further notice. Do it now.

Control Room (Somewhere in the Mansion) - "Copy Boss. Camera feeds going offline now."

Alexei: "I told her not to hide behind the bushes but she did it anyway. Fucking hot rebel."

Nikolai: "That's our girl."


Belle's POV

"Where would my princess be hiding brother? I never thought she's this good in the game of hide and seek and fuck." That's Alexei and he's just a few feet away from me to my left. I can only see his black shoes and pants.

"That stubborn woman is such a pain in the ass. I can't wait to fuck her senseless." Said Nikolai whose semi pointy and shiny black shoes is a few feet away to my right.

I'm trying very hard not to blurt out a giggle. Gosh. Are these two blind or what? All they have to do is look down and move some twigs.

My feet and legs have already grown tired from squatting, can't they just find me already?!

I decided to shake the bush to get the attention of the two but to no avail. Argh! I'm here! Yuho!

Alexei soft chuckled. I was so glad because I thought they found me already until he spoke again. "This Ratiana, I mean Tatiana is calling. Should I answer her just to get some nut out? I mean, the princess is still out of reach. A pussy is a pussy you know?"

This is when the pounding of my heart started to raise. I am now fuming in anger! Zero to a hundred real friggin quick. Whether these two are just teasing me or they are being serious, doesn't matter. They both know that this kind of talk is my breaking point.

To my surprise, Nikolai answered Alexei's question, "Yah, why not. I'm next when you're done with her. Let's just put her in one of the rooms. How about the..."

And in this part, ladies and gentlemen is where Mary Arabella Galves Volkov rises and murders her lovers with a pair of snapped twigs of a bush. I bet these tiny leaves are good for the skin. Let us see.

"Aaaahh!" I smack the two on their faces with the bushes I magnificently chose as my murder weapon.

The two were taken by surprise because of the plant that landed on their handsome and cheating faces.

I then stomped my way back to the mansion but was instantly halted when Alexei grabbed me by the waist and carried me while I try so hard to get away.

"My princess so angry and so hot. Come on, let's fuck."

"No! You and your brother go fuck Ratiana!" I darted a glare at Nikolai but I almost lost my composure when I saw him trying to spit out a few leaves from his mouth. He also has tiny leaves all over his hair and shoulders. Omg, I got him good.

Alexei is laughing like a maniac, grunting while carrying me with one hand and swatting a bug and some leaves from his face and hair with his other hand.

I covered my mouth to suppress a giggle but failed miserably.

"Hey bro, she thinks slapping us with a plant is funny." Alexei said without a hint of humor in his voice.

"I have never been shamed in my life as I have just now." Nikolai retorted sounding very serious as well.

This upgraded my giggles to a full-blown laugh, I can barely breathe.

"Huh. I think I know how to shut her sexy lips up." Said Nikolai as he pulls my skirt up and pulls down my panties. He then knelt in one knee in front of me, lifted my right leg, and placed it on his shoulder giving him the perfect angle to my vagina.

Alexei then removes my crop top making my breasts hang freely in the air. I do not wear a bra anymore while I'm home as per Nikolai's strict directive plus I'm more comfortable without it so I unhesitantly obliged.

My strength slowly drained and my body completely gave up struggling when Nikolai started lapping in between my slit.

I suddenly gasped for air when Alexei wrapped his hand around my neck, choking me. This is when Nikolai licked and sucked on my pearl at the same time. The sensation I'm feeling became unbearable.

"So beautiful, my princess. You are beautiful." Alexei whispers in my ear.

Nikolai licked his way up my abdomen, stomach then my breasts, and then kissed my lips passionately, making me taste my own wetness.

"My sweet baby's pussy is wet. I think she's ready brother." Nikolai said with a low and hoarse voice.

Alexei then ran his palm from my neck to my mouth tightly, "Shhh...Do not say a fucking word. Understood? No word, not a single syllable must come from this mouth. Do as I say or else your punishment will be painful and swift."

I nod in submission as chills run down my spine to Alexei's threat. I know him and the tone in his voice is not sweet and definitely not a joke. The atmosphere suddenly became lustfully dark.

"Bend over, spread your legs slightly and suck the Boss' c*ck."

Oh my gosh. I did what I was told and started sucking and blowing Nikolai's impressive member while Alexei is grinding his manhood on my ass and fingering my femme at the same time.

Nikolai collected my hair and held it tightly as my head bobs up and down, his c*ck hitting my throat. At this point, Nikolai hasn't spoken a single word. It is Alexei who is in control of the situation.

I moaned involuntarily when I felt Alexei lick and run his tongue on my femme and my ass from the back. Oh goodness. This is amazing.

And then, throbbing pain followed when Alexei hits my bum, it made one loud slapping sound. He choked me once again and pulled me up so that my back is leaning against his chest. "I said shut the fuck up." He inhaled deeply, smelling my hair. "You like it rough don't you? Huh? You dirty slut."

I can't believe I will get so much satisfaction from being called a slut by Alexei. What in the world is wrong with me?

Nikolai held my jaw and squeezed it tightly, making my lips protrude. He then kissed me roughly, making tiny painful bites in between. He is not saying a single word but his actions spoke louder. He relishes this moment. He is aroused. He is stimulated that his wife is being fucked-- hard by his brother, in front of him.

I have known of this fact and I accept and love him just the same. I am a willing participant. Hell, I am more than willing because of Alexei. The other love of my life is in his sexual element right now.

Alexei made me spread my legs to wrap around Nikolai's waist. He then slowly inserted his c*ck in my ass while Nikolai positions himself more comfortably and then slowly inserted his member in my p*ssy.

I arched my back as I savor each and every second that I am being penetrated from both sides. Their c*cks hitting the walls of my femme and my ass so perfectly.

This is pleasure and torture at the same time. I want to scream because of the wonderful feeling of being shared by the two most important men in my life, but I can't quantify and express this feeling in words because I want to be a good slut for Alexei.

I bit my lower lip when the two are now pounding me hard in intervals. When Nikolai pushes his c*ck in my p*ssy, Alexei pulls out from the back. It's already driving me insane.

When Nikolai pushes, Alexei pulls. This went on and on until one of them said, 'fuck' while the grip on my waist became too tight I know I will bruise.

And then, both of them removed themselves from me. "Down on your knees." Commands Alexei.

I did what I was told and knelt in front of them. They are now jacking off while looking down at me. When they were able to reach their climax they spit all their cum all over my breasts.

Like any other woman who will be put in my current situation, I wasn't able to resist the urge to hold both their hard and erect members. I finished them off with my tongue and some minor sucking. One c*ck at a time, I licked and sucked them in intervals.

"That was great baby." Says Nikolai while wiping their white goo from my breasts with his hanky and then kissed me on my lips and my forehead.

Alexei on the other hand was the one who gathered my clothes and panties from the grass. He then picked me up from the ground and carried me in his arms. We sat on the bench just a few meters away while I'm on Alexei's lap. He then made me wear my top back and kissed me on my lips. "My princess."

"Uhmm, can I speak now?" I said all innocently just to tease him.

They both chuckled in unison. "Yes of course my sweet and sexy slut." Alexei replied. I just smack him on his chest.

"So shall we?" Said Nikolai.

"Shall we what?" I asked, eyebrows furrowed.

"We shall make our queen cum." Alexei answered.

"Oh." Is all I was able to mutter. My face instantly flushed.

"So, who's tongue you want first?" Nikolai asked while pulling his collar and acting all arrogant.

"Uhm, well."

"Well?" Alexei asked eagerly.

"Well, I want both at the same time." I answered with blushing cheeks.


Belle was already asleep when the three went back to the mansion. Nikolai was carrying her in his arms while Alexei was holding Belle's shoes. Yuri and the other men were waiting for them to come back.

"Boss, the Conglomerate called. The grand conglomerate meeting will be held tomorrow. The Escobars are the host. Location will be confirmed tomorrow as per tradition."

"Alert the men. Prepare the private jet and have the maids pack our bags and their Madame's things. Dmitri will take charge while we're away."

"Aww Boss, but I don't want to skip the most awesome part of being a gangster. The sun, the cars, the pissing contest of every fucking Mafia family on the face of the earth, and them titties and pussies." Dmitri replied all tipsy.

Matushka buts in "Nikolai, I will take charge. Just take this poor hungry boy with you. I will take care of everything."

"Matushka, Madame needs you there. You know how the women of the conglomerate could be. They will eat her alive. I changed my mind. I'll stay." Dmitri retorts back.

"Boys, Belle's charm alone will be her best weapon. You don't have to worry about her, worry about the women who will try to mess with her. She will demolish those old plastic bitches without our girl breaking a sweat." Matushka said with all certainty.