Her Volkovs (Book 3)

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Belle's relationship with Nikolai and Alexei is slowly falling apart as Artan's role in her life deepens. The Volkov brothers are still on the hunt for the man who killed their fathers all the while resisting the urge to kill Artan--the Albanian Mob Boss, for pursuing Belle. Belle and Alexei go through a rough patch as she starts to doubt his true feelings for her. Does he love her for who she is or who she reminds him of? Will they overcome the foes in their relationship when their greatest enemy is their own demons? Meanwhile, the Volkov Crime family got the surprise of their lives that affects the Mafia's future. This is Book 3 of Her Volkov Series. This is not a stand-alone book. You have to read the first and second books to understand the 3rd installment.

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Chapter 1

Belle's POV


Nikolai, can you and Alexei come home? We need to talk.

I hit send and waited for Nikolai's response. I'm sitting on the cold floor several feet from the glass wall overlooking the New York skyline. I'm curling my knees towards my chest while swinging back and forth and staring blankly at the beautiful lights enveloping the great city.

The warmth I am feeling inside is indescribable. Nikolai and I are going to have a baby. I have a tiny little Volkov beating inside me. A gift from the heavens Nikolai and I have been waiting for.

My phone made a beeping sound as I receive a reply from my future husband.

I'm sending Boris over. He will give you what you need.

I'm holding back the urge to hurl my phone against the wall. He's still mad at me and I cant blame him for being so. I hate myself for putting the three of us in this position. If only I could turn back the time and went clean about what Artan did to me in the privy, this wouldn't have happened.

I need to talk to you right now. Come for me please Nikolai.

Seconds later he replied,

We're in a meeting. What do you want Belle?

I blinked a couple of times to stop my tears from forming in my eyes. I need you Nikolai. Our baby needs you. You are going to be a father. Please come for us.

Nothing. Never mind sending Boris over. Come home after your meeting. I will wait for you and Alexei for dinner.

I waited for his reply but I was left disappointed. I brushed my abdomen with my palm slowly. Hold on tight my little one. Your Pa just needs to know that you are finally here. Did you know that he's been waiting for you? He's a bit mad at Ma right now, but he wont be anymore if he finds out about you.

I wiped the tear that is slowly falling down my left cheek. The feeling of uncertainty is overwhelming my entire body. What will happen if Nikolai, Alexei and I will not be able to fix this mess this time around? What will happen to me and to this little angel?

I went outside to get some water. Alexei's bodyguards are sitting in the bar chairs in the kitchen drinking something. I did not even notice them coming in at the penthouse. They glanced at my direction and nodded at me as I walk towards their direction.

I put water in my glass and pressed the ice dispenser of the fridge. I turned around and faced the two.

"Can you get the Chef from Dile? Tell him to prepare Nikolai and Alexei's favorite food and some pasta for dinner."

The one wearing a white shirt, brown jacket and jeans nodded and dialed his phone. "Thank you." I said.

I gave them a faint smile and went back to the room with my iced water. I placed it on the small table next to the bed. I dialed my phone and decided to text the two.

I love you both.

I feel like my eyes are being pinched by tiny needles as I hit send. I waited for their reply but they did not even bother texting me back. Whenever I need them, Nikolai and Alexei come for me no matter what meeting they are in. They always put me first before anything or anyone else.

After five hours.......




It's past midnight. The food the chef prepared for dinner are already cold. I'm in the dining area, staring blankly in front of me. Nikolai and Alexei 's plates are untouched. They did not come for dinner.

"Madamme." Said the Chef as he tries to get my attention. "Do you want me to heat the food?"

"Uh no. You and the boys should eat."

"How about you Madamme?"

"I'm not hungry. Ill be in my room."

The Chef and Alexei's men looked down as I spoke.

"But Madamme, you haven't eaten since this afternoon. You have to eat even just a little."

I'm not in the mood to eat but then I remember the tiny living thing growing inside me, reminding me that I am in fact not alone anymore. I know that I have to put this tiny piece of Nikolai beating inside me first before my own self.

"Fine." I said in defeat.

The chef immediately heated the pasta sauce and served it to me. I asked them to eat with me but no matter what I do, they always say that they are not allowed to do so. I let it go and ate my dinner in the middle of the night in peace.

While I'm already in my third fork full of spaghetti, Nikolai and Alexei finally came home. I quickly stood from my chair and approached the door. Alexei is already being clutched by Nikolai in his side because the man is obviously flat out drunk.

"What happened?" I said while I paced towards the two.

When Alexei heard my voice he gazed at my direction and looked at me intently. "You. You happened to us Belle!" He said while holding a combination of a smug and a smirk.

Nikolai continued dragging Alexei towards the sofa and pushed him down to sit. I quickly hopped to Alexei's side and palmed his cheeks to face me. I planted a kiss on his lips which instantly placed a drunk smile on Alexei's face.

"See. Just a fucking kiss and I'm a goner! Goner! I am fucking gone!" Said Alexei while pulling me to his lap. I glanced at Nikolai and he is sitting right across us, looking all serious. It's obvious that he also had a few drinks himself.

Alexei runs his hand on my face while pushing some strands to the side with his fingers. "Why did you have to do this to us my princess?"

I swallowed the lump in my throat and waited for a few more seconds to reply so I can collect my thoughts. "I did not intend to hurt the both of you. I did not tell because I wanted to protect us."

Nikolai snorted while looking like he has heard the most ridiculous statement ever. "Well look at where it brought us Belle."

I was about to answer him but his phone buzzed. He stood up from the chair and went next to the glass wall facing his back on us, while placing his other hand inside his pocket as he talks. Perhaps its about business again.

"I thought you two had a meeting?" I asked Alexei. He is already resting his head on my shoulder. I pecked his cheek a couple of times but he is already starting to snooze.

"Alexei, let's go to bed." I helped him stand and wrapped my arm around his back. He wrapped his arm around my neck and placed almost all his weight on me. Yuri who appeared from nowhere helped me bring Alexei in the room. Nikolai on the other hand is still talking on the phone.

We placed Alexei in bed and made him lie on his back. Yuri excused himself and went out of the room. I slowly took off Alexei's shoes and clothes one by one, leaving only his boxers on. I took a shirt from the closet and made him wear it. From the corner of my eyes, I can see Nikolai came in the room and slowly took his clothes off. I spread my legs on top of Alexei and planted a kiss on his lips. "I'm sorry, Alexei. I love you." I said while I run my fingers through his hair slowly and landed another kiss on his lips. I then scooted to his side and covered him with a blanket.

I sat beside Alexei and rested my back on the headboard of the bed while looking at Nikolai. He is now sitting on the edge of the bed while his back is on me.

"Nikolai, I need to tell you something."

"What did you have to go to the Albanian for?" Nikolai said coldly.

So he knows that I went to Artan after our argument. I wasn't able to respond to him because I honestly don't know what to say.

"Did you really think that I will leave you alone without your bodyguards in that place? Huh Belle?"

"Nikolai, I...." I knelt and wrapped my arms around his neck from the back.

My heart jumped from my chest when he removed himself from me and stood up to face me.

"When push came to shove, you came running straight to that Bastard!!!!!! You fucking know he's the reason why this is all happening to us! And you're still trying to convince me that you are not fucking him, huh!?"

"Nikolai, I came to see him to..."

He held my arms tightly and pressed my body against his, effectively forcing me to squat on the bed. His eyes are looking at me intently while he spoke. I can already smell the mix of liquor and cigar on his breath as he confronts me face to face.

"To fucking what Belle? Did you miss his kiss? Did you miss his hands all over your body that you ran to him the moment you got the chance?"

This is the typical jealous Nikolai. He says what he thinks, even if his words cut like a knife. I know that the pictures that Artan sent to him made everything worse. If only I could turn back the time and undo what happened.

"What do you want me to do Nikolai?"

"I want you to stop lying to me! Stop shitting on my head!" He scowled.

"I'm not shitting on your head and I am not lying to you Nikolai! I regret not telling you about what happened, can we please look past this, please I beg you!" I stepped down from the bed and hugged him tightly while resting my head on his chest.

I then removed my head from his chest and looked him in his eyes. "Nikolai, please...."

The love of my life did not say a single word and continued to look away. I pulled him close to me and to the bed. I slowly made him lie on his back, climbed on top of him and run my hand on his chest while planting kisses on his neck and lips. Nikolai did not respond to my kisses and touch. Instead, he just looks at me blankly.

I removed my shirt, unhooked my bra and dropped my body on his chest while planting torrid kisses on his lips.

"Nikolai baby, make love to me."

I pulled his hand and made him palm my breast. I felt like my heart was cut into pieces as he slowly removed his hand from me, conveying a clear message that he is not having any of it, or any of me.

I swallowed my pride and continued to seduce Nikolai by unhooking his belt and reaching for his cock from his boxers. I gave up when I realized that my future husband is not even turned on.

This is the first time that Nikolai has turned me down. The Nikolai that I know gets a hard on even to my slightest touch. Now that he is clearly disappointed and upset with me, I could not even get a single reaction from him.

Humiliation is now slowly sinking in. I have been denied by the love of my life and the father of my unborn child. I slowly reached for my shirt and put it back on. I removed myself from Nikolai, turned my back on him and buried my face on Alexei's neck. Another tear fell down my cheek. I immediately wipe it off and did not say a single word again.

Nikolai on the other hand stood up from the bed. The last image I saw was his shadow on the wall, then he's gone.