Her Volkovs (Book 2)

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Belle and Nikolai's relationship is put to a test as Artan, the Albanian Mob Boss comes into the picture. He is obsessed with her and he will cross the Russian Mafia just to have her. Artan is daring, relentless and he has the means to make things happen. After finding out about Artan, Nikolai plans to end him in his tracks. However, Belle finds out about a woman who might change the course of their relationship. Meanwhile, Belle and Alexei's relationship develops into something undeniable. He has harbored feelings for her and she has become dangerously attached to him. How long can they deny each other something they secretly want?

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Chapter 1

Belle's POV

Alexei slammed the door on his way out of the room making a loud bang. I tried to stop him but he was not having any of it. I feel like my heart is being crushed. Alexei has never been this mad to me before. I quickly ran towards Nikolai, sat on his lap and wrapped my arms around him.

"It's not what you think it is." I muttered while my face is buried on his neck in an attempt to ease him down.

"Who sent you this?!" He asked all livid while clenching his jaw.

My worst fear of Nikolai finding out about Artan is looming. I should have known that this day would come. I thought I can fix this one on my own but I am greatly mistaken.

Nikolai lets go of me and stood up next to the bed. "I fucking asked you a question! Who the fuck sent you this?!" He growled, raising the note in front of my face.

"I will not tell you his name Nikolai! You will have him killed and I don't want other people dying because of me!" I almost yell at him, tears are starting to fill my eyes.

I will never be able to forgive myself if something happens to Artan. It will completely break the little girl if the only parent she has left will be taken away from her just like that.

"Do you really think I'm not going to find out sooner or later? Why are you protecting this piece of shit? Did you fucking enjoy his fucking kiss BABY?" He growled, emphasizing the last word.

I quickly stood up from the bed and slapped Nikolai on his face as hard as I can. His expression suddenly changed. He is now looking at me intently like he can actually hurt me.

All of a sudden, Nikolai throws me to the wall and pins me with his body rather harshly. He then cupped my face and crashed his lips to mine. I can already feel his manhood bulging from his boxers.

"How many bodyguards do I have to place around you to fend off the motherfuckers trying to get in your pants?" He fanned my ears with his breath.

He then ravages my lips with torrid kisses and plants small and painful bites. I feel like my lips are going to bleed if he keeps on doing this. "Nikolai..." I said under my breath.

To my surprise, he turns me to face the wall, pulled my skirt down, took off my black lace undies and then my top. He then runs his hand on my thigh up to my butt.

"Nobody can take you away from me Belle! I am going to find that fucker and I'm gonna make sure he pays for this!"

"Nikolai, nobody is taking me away from you." I said under my breath.

"From what I have read, he clearly wants you. That fucker is obsessed with you baby."

Tingles of electric current swept their way up my body as he spoke behind my ear. He then gropes my breast with his hand. "Hmm... I like it when you're not wearing bra. No bras anymore when you're at home, understand?"

A gasp escaped my mouth when he runs his finger in between my slit while planting kisses on my neck and shoulder. I know I'm already crimson.

"This p*ssy is for Volkov, only for Volkov." He whispered while running his fingers in between my slit. At this point my mind is already in wonderland. Volkov wonderland.

He pulled my hips toward him and pointed his member in between my thighs. Nikolai inserts his hard and impressive member inside me. He grunts as he pushes deeper his c*ck through the walls of my p*ssy.

"Fuck." Said Nikolai, his voice hoarse and deep. He then trails his palm on my shoulders while squeezing me tightly. My breasts are bouncing up and down as he pounds me from the back.

I again gasped for air as his finger slips inside my organ while penetrating me from the back. He fingers my seed in a slow pace and in intervals, it left me panting for more.

"Nikolai baby. Yes baby."

The moment Nikolai heard that, he rapidly fingers my seed. My body squirmed under him. Using his other hand, he held me even tighter by my hips, the colliding of our bodies in perfect sync.

"I'm gonna come please."

I moan his name and arch my back, unable to hold my release anymore. I made my pure and unadulterated orgasm, my lips are parted as I rest my head on Nikolai's shoulder. As my body shudders in pleasure, he held me tight by placing his arm around my neck while his other hand held my waist.

My breathing slowly recovers, Nikolai removed his arm from me and held my hips tightly using both of his hands I know I'm going to bruise later.

"Aw fuck." Nikolai said on clenched jaw.

He pulled me even deeper towards him and made several hard pushes inside my slit. At the exact moment, Nikolai convulses on my back. Growling like an animal as he erupts his hot liquid inside me wet p*ssy. A beastly growl from my beast Nikolai.

He wrapped his arms around my body, almost suffocating me. Nikolai scoops me and places me to bed slowly. He then climbs on top of me and plants small kisses on my lips and cheeks, his semi hard member rubbing my slit.

I wrap my arms around his neck as we look at each other in the eyes. His dark green eyes are looking at me intently while he cups my face.

"I'm still going to find him." Said Nikolai as he plants kisses on my face.

"Nikolai please, I don't want other people beaten down or dead because of me. Please Nikolai, I can take care of this myself. Please?" I begged him.

"No." Said Nikolai completely cutting me off.

"Hmp! Fine, then I will wear bra all day and night. I'm never gonna take it off especially when you're near me." I said to him pouting my lips.

Nikolai just lets out a laugh and kisses my pouting lips. He has this wicked look on his face. "I will burn all your bras then."

I gasped in disbelief. "Oh no you will not!"

"I will, trust me."

Knowing him too well, there's no doubt in my mind that he will do exactly what he said. I then intertwined my arms in front me and I look at him sternly. Nikolai just lets out a laugh once again. "I think my brother is really upset."

Shit. Right. Alexei.

"Where do you think he is?" I try to pull myself together and adjusted my clothes in place. I then looked for my laced undies but I can't find it.

"Well let's go find out."

I put his shirt on, he scooped me from bed and wrapped his arm around my waist as I wrap my legs around him. He manhandles me like it's just nothing.

We found Alexei in the living room with Yuri, Boris and his two other men, drinking vodka. He still looks mad though.

Nikolai then places me on Alexei's lap. He instantly gazes away from me looking mad as hell. Nikolai and the other four walked out of the living room, leaving me and Alexei alone.

"Alexei....." I wrap my arms around his neck.

He did not answer me, he just drinks from his glass and pretends not to see me. I decided to take the glass from his hand and placed it on top of the table. I cupped his face to force him to meet me in the eyes. I leaned over and kissed him a couple of times on his softly bearded face and nose.

I felt relieved to see that Alexei's facade is slowly crumbling down. I know that I got him.

"Alexei I did not mean to upset you and Nikolai. I just feared that both of you would react exactly this way."

He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me to him tightly.

"Don't hide anything from us again. We cannot protect you if you are keeping secrets from us."

"I'm sorry Alexei."

"Who is he?"

"No, I know too well what you and Nikolai can do. I don't want another life to end because of me."

"You know we will find out sooner than later right?" Goodness he sounds exactly like Nikolai.

"No, I'm not telling." I shook my head.

He breathed in deep and exhales in frustration.

"Uhm this is the time where you say, it's okay princess, i know you only meant well." I made a low voice impersonating him.

I can slowly see a smirk forming on Alexei's face and so I hugged him very tight to ease him down once and for all.

"Do I really sound like that?"

"Yes. And sometimes you sound like this...meow meow meow." I made the sound of a cat.

He snickers while looking at me with a smile on his face.

"I thought Nikolai is the cat?" He asked while wrinkling his eyebrows.

"Yah, well, he's more like a tiny tiny kitten. I can easily tame him by just running my hand on his hair. Shush, don't tell Nikolai okay?" I said to him teasingly.

Gosh, I can't believe what I do to my kids at St. Mary's when they are having tantrums will work on these two. I just giggle inside.

"Don't tell me what?" Said Nikolai barging in and then sitting next to us.

"Nothing." I said quickly.

Alexei held my lips with a puzzled look on his face. "What happened to your lips?"

"Nikolai." I replied, feeling my face blush.

Alexei just shook his head. He then handed me his phone to use it as a mirror. My eyes widened when I saw my lips almost blood red. Around my lips also turned so red, I look like I ate a raw bloody meat.

"Nikolai!" What have you done?!"

The crazy man has a naughty grin plastered on his face. "That's your punishment for letting that motherfucker kiss you."

"Nikolai, I did not allow him to kiss me. He forced his way to me."

Shit. I suddenly regretted defending myself. Why didn't I just shut my mouth? I quickly changed the topic. "No kisses until my lips are healed, you hear me Nikolai?"

Nikolai was about to contest but I quickly placed my finger on top of his mouth and wiggled it.

"No Nikolai, just no."

Alexei softly chuckled while observing us. He pulled me even tighter toward him and brushes his fingers on my outer thigh.

I know the tension has already dissipated but at the back of my mind the issue about the note is still dangling between the three of us. I find this the right time to plead to the two.

"Promise me the both of you will let me handle this on my own?" I looked at them back and forth but they did not answer me.

"Nikolai, Alexei, please?"

"We don't give promises that we can't keep. We live by that one important rule." Said Nikolai all too seriously.

Oh my god. What will I do now?

Yuri walks in the living room while clearing his throat. "Boss, the Albanian." He said while handing the phone to Nikolai.

Nikolai took the phone from Yuri and stood near the windows. It looks like he's close to the person he's talking to on the phone because he smiles from time to time.

Alexei held my chin to face him. "My poor princess, look at you all bruised out." He said all too gently. "My brother was not able to contain himself, I can't blame the man."

Heat crawled up my face as Alexei touches my chin. Oh gosh, what is happening to me?

When Nikolai was able to finish talking on the phone, he went back to our side, "We are going to a private party tomorrow night. It's time that I introduce you to some of our friends baby."