Her Dark Lycan

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"Fuck you, fuck this, I'm rejecting you," she hissed through clenched teeth.Her hands clenching to fists by her side, her chocolate brown eyes flashing with anger.His eyes darkened upon her outburst, the ocean blue of his left eye turning black, while simultaneously the green of his right eye that had gold specks surrounding the pupil started to dim, the darkness taking over, both orbs turning black.His lycan was trying to push through, her announcement of rejecting him didn't sit well with his lycan, who was trying to take control and mark her, to make her his. Forever."I Venus Harrison, reject you Dante En-" her statement got cut off by a pair of warm and firm lips over hers.Sparks flew upon their touch, as he moved his lips against hers, growling when she wouldn't open her mouth for him, he squeezed her derrière in his rough hands and forcefully pushed his tongue into her mouth for it to clash with hers.--------------------------------------------------------------Venus Harrison was on the run, trying to find a pack to settle into after her old pack Blood Moon was destroyed by Dark Crescent pack. She only wanted to live as a normal werewolf, and escape her abusive past.Dante Enzo Salvatore, the only lycan left and the Alpha of the biggest and fiercest pack ever known. Cold and ruthless, Dante had no intentions of ever finding his mate, he didn't want one.But the plans of both change when Venus stumbles into Dantes pack, only to find they both were mates.Despite the shadows lurking in the corners, will they learn to accept and love each other?Or will they go up in flames?

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authors note

hello darlings, I’m new on this app and I was given the golden opportunity to put up my work here, I hope you all love the story and give it your love and support,

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