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Sabrina had to do a life changing decision and that's choose between letting the father of the baby know or marry a man to save her family's reputation...she chose the latter and married Craig, not knowing the decision she took will not only ruin her life but that of everyone involved... When she and Alessandro meet again months later there is no denying the desire that still burns between them but can Sabrina give in to temptation and succumb to the feelings she has for the father of her baby or will her obsessive husband be the end of her?

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"Dad please I can't marry Craig."I don't even have a liking towards him Sabrina thought as she looked at her father with pleading eyes.When her dad had brought the idea to her attention of her marrying Craig Sabrina had thought her father was only joking but now two weeks later,her father is insisting she marry a man she doesn't like,a man who has nothing but bad intentions always on his mind and she never did like how he would stare at her with lustful eyes it creeped her out and now she was being pushed to marry him she can't and there were other reasons for her objecting to this marriage if her father can find out Sabrina know he would he devastated. "Why doesn't Taylor marry him we all know she would jump at the opportunity."Taylor is her sister and though they are related their relationship wasn't of the best her sister is three years older than her and Sabrina knows that Craig and Taylor are sleeping together that's why she can't understand why she has to marry that man.

"He likes you."John Smith said."And I think you would make a great couple he also asked me for your hand in marriage and I agreed."

"Without talking to me first and asking me what I want.I don't love him.I refuse to marry him."Sabrina said getting up and moving over to the window.

"Sabrina you have to.You must."

"I don't have to do anything father this isn't the dark ages where we have to get married against our will.I have a right to say no."

"You twenty four years old.Why are you so against getting married."

"Taylor is twenty seven but she's still single and partying and having fun why can't I too."

"Your sister is uncontrollable she disobeys my every word ever since your mother's sickness five years ago Taylor acted out,all the partying sleeping with different men,the scandals she's done nothing but drag our family name through the mud.She's destroyed my reputation and this family.

Five years ago when their mother had been diagnose with Alzheimer Taylor had gone off the rails,Sabrina knew that Taylor hadn't been coping since their mother's diagnoses so instead of talking to someone she had began hanging around with the wrong crowds,Taylor drinks a lot but parties even harder she's living her life as if there's no tomorrow a few months ago Sabrina had found a cocaine packet in her drawer although they might not have the best relationship Taylor was still her sister and Sabrina wants what's best for her.

Her father is a successful business man the family had money but Taylor's behaviour over the last couple of years has affected her father's business a lot the company was losing millions every month all the bad press was only escalating and speeding up the process of her father filing for bankruptcy,if Taylor is doing this on purpose than she's doing a damn good job of destroying their father and the business.And if that happens Sabrina wonders what will happen to her mother that's being taken care of at a private facility how will the bills get paid and what will happen to their mother if she can get released Mary Smith is no longer aware of what's happening around her she doesn't even remember her own daughters anymore or her husband,and Sabrina can see that her mother's disease has taken a toll on their father it was killing John to see his wife in the condition that she is now compared to when she'd been young vibrant and full of life.

"Craig has offered to buy the company."Her dad went on."He's willing to save the business and whatever little reputation we have left."

"If I marry him."Sabrina finished.

"Please Sabrina,your mother's medical bills are piling up if we don't pay soon they'll send her home and you know we cannot afford to keep her here and take care of her,how will we when we'll be out on the streets with nothing. Craig is a nice man he'll take good care of you."She doesn't want anyone to take of her she can take care of herself."We'll be able to keep the house and everything we have."

"I don't care about the money dad and what he can buy me,I don't want to marry him and I don't understand why father took his help we all know what

kind of man he is and how he does business,he manipulates,blackmail and threaten people to get ahead and not to mention he plays dirty.Does father

really want me to marry such a man,a man that has no morals or empathy towards anyone but himself."

"People are jealous of him and his success Sabrina you shouldn't listen to what you being told or read in the gossip columns.Give him a chance or is there perhaps some other reason why you don't want to marry him."

Yes there was she's pregnant Sabrina thought,two months ago she'd had a brief affair with notorious playboy and bachelor Alessandro Serrano and although she knew his reputation with women she had still slept with him regardless and who wouldn't the man is a walking god,a man amongst men. Never had she thought a man like him would look in her direction Taylor's the more beautiful one between them that's why she'd been surprised he had given her a moments thought,men like him bed women as gorgeous as her sister but he had looked at her and when he did Sabrina had been spellbound by his good looking features,sexy body and deep strong voice.

First night in his bed and arms had been absolute heavenly after that night they'd had a two month long affair which of course they'd hidden from any prying eyes,he is the first man she had been sexually drawn to,the first man who'd ignited certain hidden parts and places she never knew existed the first man's touch she had loved and enjoyed the only man her body still yearns for.Those two months hadn't been enough Sabrina had wanted more but he had made it clear from the beginning he only wanted a good time,at the time Sabrina had agreed thinking there would be no harm in having a short sexual relationship, when the day had arrived for them to go their separate ways she couldn't let go.

One night the condom they had used had accidentally broke and they both had realise after making love of course Alessandro hadn't been too happy but he'd told her he would take responsibility if she was pregnant when she had seen her period a few days later a tiny part of her had been disappointed as soon as she informed Alessandro he had been happy two weeks later they'd called it quits and she had left.A week ago when she hadn't gotten her period she had done a pregnancy test it had came back positive when Sabrina had gone to the doctor they had told her she was five weeks pregnant,at the time when she'd gotten her period it hadn't been her period it was implantation bleeding where the fertilise egg attaches itself to the lining of the uterus Sabrina had been shocked,surprised and dumbfound at the news.

When she had called Alessandro he hadn't answered her phone calls and eventually when he had a woman had answered the phone,Sabrina had dropped the call and decided she'll raise her baby.Alone.He has already replaced her a man like him wouldn't want to be tied down to an unwanted, unplanned baby so she has chosen to be a single parent.She can't tell her father the truth he has nothing good to say about Alessandro because of his reputation with women.She'd told Craig about her pregnancy in hopes it would turn him off but it hadn't instead he had told her he would marry her regardless with her being pregnant or not.

"I'll take you any way I can get you Sabrina."He'd told her."I want you because you don't want me and have you I will."She was beginning to despise the man he was exploiting her father's weakness for his own gain all because he wants to sleep with her,but she won't ever allow him to lay a finger on her,his touch alone makes her cringe and the fact that he's sleeping with her sister disgusts Sabrina even more by some miracle if she marries him they'll never be husband and wife in every sense of the word.If she doesn't than her father will lose everything and she knows it will destroy him,having to deal with her mother's illness was already too much for her dad if he loses the one business he worked so hard for over the years to make a success...Sabrina knows the consequences would be devastating.Can she do this to her father?Her mother?

"No dad there isn't."She softly said.

"So does that mean you'll consider the marriage."

She nodded."I'll marry him.I'm only doing this for you to make you happy."

"Thank you Sabrina I know I can always depend on you unlike your sister you never disrespect or go against me."Her father came over to give her a hug. Taylor probably won't be happy about this Sabrina thought as she returned her father's hug,Craig's her lover and Sabrina knows her sister is in love with a man who was only using her for his own pleasure and gain,she can only pray that she was doing the right thing for herself and this new life that's growing inside of her.She'll try her best to give her baby a good life,Craig won't ever be a father unto her child that's the least she can do for Alessandro and their baby if he learns the truth one day Sabrina hopes he will forgive her.