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Piper had to let go of Sergio in order to protect him from a man who not only threatened his life but that of their unborn baby she kept her pregnancy from him and moved away...years later Piper is in need of Sergio's help when their son falls ill and has cancer...his only chance of survival is a bone marrow transplant and unlucky for Piper Sergio is the only match... but the second Sergio sees her he wants nothing to do with her and chases her away...can Piper convinced him of the truth or will his hatred and anger for Piper make them lose their son.....

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"Will you marry me Blondie..?"Piper looked at the only man she'll ever love, tears gathered in her blue eyes and streamed down her face.She would've loved to be his wife more than anything in this world especially knowing what she does now.She had woken up early this morning to take a pregnancy test and it had come back positive.She's pregnant.With Sergio's baby they've been dating for seven months and it has been the best seven months of her entire life, she'd give anything to build a life with him.Have a family.A home.Where they'll raise their baby and live happily ever after.The fairy tale kind of life.She felt him behind her after she had moved over to the window,gently he turned her to face him."What's wrong?I'm sorry for making you cry."He wiped her tears it broke her heart even further.

"It''s not you."She managed to say past her aching throat,more tears came.

"Then what is it?"He softly asked."Talk to me Blondie."He said after a while when she didn't say anything.

How could she.When what she's about to tell him will crush them both..or should she say the three of them,their baby will never have a chance to know his father and it broke Piper that she has to do this,that she has to let him go after the amazing beautiful weeks that they've spend together.He would make a great father and an even better husband,why can't she have a chance to be happy.Why has faith brought her this kind,loving man only to break them apart again.Why!She asked herself and turned away from him once more."I can't marry you Sergio."She whispered,having to say those words broke her it literally made her heart ache,she didn't bother to wipe the tears,she's in pain and nothing will ease or heal her.The whole room was filled with silence,he didn't speak and she was too afraid to turn and face him.

"Why?"He asked,there's no mistaking the hurt in his voice.She kept her back to him because if she can face him she might fall weak and tell him she was being blackmailed and threatened to marry a man she hates.A man who'll send her father to jail if she doesn't do his bidding.A man who's obsessed with her and hates the fact that Sergio has her love and body.Lucas threatened her with her unborn baby too.If she rejects him,then he'll make sure she loses her baby and Sergio too.

He said he wouldn't hesitate to kill Sergio if she denies him and Piper believed him,she believed every word he said because cold blooded animals like him don't have a heart that's why they'll never understand what it means to love someone with your whole heart and soul. She had agreed to marry him,only to keep Sergio and their baby out of danger and her father too.Lucas has money,alot of it he makes and destroys people, those who deny him and go up against him always loses.She isn't prepared to risk the lives of the people she loves the most that's why she has to do this.For everyone's sake including their unborn baby.Sergio has no power neither the money to go up against a man like Lucas.Wiping her tears she faced him.He looked disappointed,the pain evident in his dark eyes.Piper almost burst into tears again but she has to do this."I don't understand."He said confused."I thought we had a good thing going.You love me.Don't you."

She choked back the tears at hearing his words."I thought I did Sergio."She forcefully choked out."I met someone else."

"When?Where?We were always together.How?"He dragged a hand through his hair."Blondie if this is another one of your jokes it isn't funny."

Blondie.She loves it when he calls her that.The first time they'd met and he had played with her golden locks he had called her Blondie since then it has never changed."I wish it was Sergio but I'm serious.His name is Lucas Wright."

"That jerk!"He said angrily."I never did like the way how he would stare at you.Do you have any idea how dangerous that man is Piper.What are you thinking wanting to marry him.Is it the money?He can give you a lavish life style and I can't."

"Sergio please try-.."

"I get it.It's all about the money.I thought material possessions means nothing to you."It doesn't she shouted inside her head."All this time you fooled me, made me believe we share the same feelings."He continued."I know I have nothing to offer you but I can make you happy Piper.I would've worked hard to make sure you deserve the life of a queen but if you love this man and his money." He bit out."Then I won't stop you."Cold,hard eyes stared at her.

"I'm sorry Sergio."She sobbed.

"I'm the one who's sorry for ever thinking you loved me and to think I love you too."Piper sucked in a harsh breath,she had longed to hear him say those sweet words over the months,and hearing them now when they are parting ways is like poison to her soul.How will she move on knowing she pushed away the one man who loved her."You don't deserve my love."He told her coldly.She collapsed onto the couch."I'll never forget this day Piper.

You've shown me that no woman is worth loving or trusting because all you care about is how much money a man has and what he can do for you."He ripped of the silver locket he had bought for her that's around her neck."Your future husband can afford something more expensive.I'm sorry for not meeting up to your standards.I wish you the best.Goodbye Piper."She didn't see the empty look in his eyes nor did she register when he left.His departure leaving a big hole in her heart and life.

He's gone.Forever.She's lost him.For good.He loves her and she drove him away.Out of her life.She'll never forgive herself.Having to live her life without him will be her life long punishment,staying with a man she'll never love is her own cross to bear and the biggest punishment of them all.She can only hope that Sergio will forgive her one day.That this life growing inside her will forgive her because lord knows she won't...