Getting My Ex-wife Back

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She had indulged in her love for him as she hoped to marry into a wealthy family, but her heart had gone up in smoke and she fled to America. When they met again three years later, he made a humiliating request, which she endured for the sake of her mother's surgery! When they meet again, she turns out to be a top car designer, which shocks him.

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Chapter 1 Goodbye, My Ex-husband

"Tell me, what do you want from me? In the luxurious presidential suite of the five-star hotel, Hansen Richards's bushy eyebrows were slightly twisted. He sat lazily and casually on the leather sofa and crossed his perfect long legs. As if he was as noble as a king, he asked coldly without any expression on his handsome face."

"Jenna Murphy was so heartbroken. She had long gotten used to his indifference and alienation, but her heart still felt painful as if it had been cut by a knife!"

"The corners of her mouth twitched and her eyes darkened. She smiled faintly and said straightforwardly, ""I agree to divorce."""

"Hansen was stunned and was very surprised by her answer. His cold and dark eyes narrowed slightly, and he looked up at her."

"Jenna stood in front of him in a deep V-style white chiffon skirt with a bare shoulder. The skirt fit her beautifully. Her long hair fell in flowing ringlets over her shoulders, which made her look casual but elegant, and there was a quiet smile on her face."

How could a woman who was talking about divorce be so calm and smile so brightly? It was just what she wanted!

Anger flickered in Hansen's eyes. He wore a cold smile on his face!

"However, I have a condition. Jenna licked her red lips, as if she had made up her mind, ""I want 50 million compensation."""

"Sure enough, she was well prepared and ambitious!"

"Hansen gave a cold smile, and his handsome face was full of contempt and disgust. Wasn't she just for the sake of money? It had been expected!"

"He slowly lit a cigar and took a deep breath. Surrounded by smoke, Jenna couldn't see his expression clearly!"

"Since when did he start smoking? Jenna was secretly shocked. He never smoked before, and there was a light and fragrant scent of mint on him that charmed her!"

"The pain in her heart gradually spread out, as if a needle was stuck in her heart and the pain densely surrounded her!"

"In order to have the courage to say this, she had been constantly persuading herself since she came out of the hospital."

"Three years ago, Hansen proposed a divorce, but she didn't agree!"

"When she was still very young, Jenna had been in love with this indifferent and handsome man. For many years, loving him seemed to have become a part of her life. Even if he was as cold as frost and hated her, she had never thought about getting a divorce. Instead, she went to America alone to avoid the divorce."

"But a few days ago, she received a phone call from the hospital. Her father died in a car accident and her mother was still lying in the hospital."

"The disdain in Hansen's eyes made her heart hurt. But at the thought of the huge amount of medical expense, she really had no choice!"

An uneasy and impetuous atmosphere enveloped them.

"Hansen silently put out the cigarette butt, and his keen eyes rested on her bare cleavage ."

Jenna left him for three years. How many men had she been with in the past three years? How horny was she? How could she dress up like this to seduce him today? Was she really shameless to this extent for money?

"The anger in his heart was like boiling lava. His eyes were cold, but his sexual desire was aroused, which made him feel hot."

"It seemed that since Hansen saw Jenna, his desire had begun to surge!"

"As long as you sleep with me for one night, I will agree. He put his long arm on the back of the sofa, tilted his head slightly, and gave her a cold gaze, with a scornful smile on his perfect lips. Hansen had an innate domineering temperament."

What did he take her for? Jenna gasped and shivered!

"It had been three years, and he hated her even more!"

"Jenna felt a coldness rose from her heart. All expectations had vanished from her mind. Her beautiful face turned pale, and she felt all her efforts were all in vain."

"Yes, he would never fall in love with her. It was just her wishful thinking and she was asking for humiliation!"

"After three years of hard work in the United States, she had learned the character of being able to take temporary set backs!"

"Deal! Jenna raised her head slightly, took out the signed divorce agreement from the delicate purse and handed it to Hansen, ""Mr. Richards, no pay no goods. After tonight, we will have no relationship."""

Very good! The veins on Hansen's forehead twitched. He smiled coldly and crooked his finger at her.

"Jenna endured the humiliation and took a small step forward, with a smile on her face as always, charming and lovely!"

"Hansen stared at her straightly. At that moment, he seemed to see her sadness and helpless. He didn't know why there was a strange pain in his heart."

"It must be an illusion. Because within a second, Jenna's face was full of charming smiles, which made him extremely disgusted!"

How could he care about such a woman?

Jenna saw her fear in his dark and cold eyes!

"Her heart was beating fast. At this moment, she really wanted to turn around and run away, but this idea was denied by herself!"

"Please me. Hansen's voice was cold and overbearing. He leaned against the sofa, slightly raised his head and loosened his collar. He was so indifferent that no one wanted to get close to him."

Please him? Jenna was at a loss.

"After being married for so many years, he was always moody and cold to her. The marriage between them had already existed in name only! If it weren't for the fact that he was drunk that night after they got married..."

"What? You don't want to do this? If you don't like it, please go out of here. I don't have much time. Seeing Jenna standing still, Hansen said coldly."

Fine! Jenna gritted her teeth and her face turned red. She suddenly bent over and picked up his face to bite his lips.

Her red lips pressed against his cold lips with a faint fragrance. Hansen was absent-minded for a moment.

"This was the first time she had taken the initiative to kiss him since they got married. But this was not a kiss. It was as if she was gnawing at a bone. When he thought that she was pretending to be innocent, he felt an unknown anger. He suddenly turned his head, and Jenna's kiss hadn't fall on his lips. She slipped and fell into his arms."

"You can't wait to throw yourself at me? Hansen's voice was cold. He was full of hormones and his hot breath sprayed on Jenna's face. Before she could get away, he lifted her up with his arm and threw her on the soft bed."

Hansen's hands quickly tore off her dress.

Her fair and smooth skin and perfect figure showed up in front of him with a fatal temptation!

"This is what you are willing to do. Hansen gave a sneer, and he suddenly bent his head and kissed her!"

"He had experienced how good it felt as early as that night. However, the more beautiful a woman was, the more she was good at disguise. He hated her very much!"

But this time it was almost impossible for her to get his tender treatment.

"Jenna felt a great deal of physical pain during the intercourse, and she felt heartburn. She used to be infatuated with him, but he only treated her coldly and rudely."

This night was just a deal! Jenna knew it very well!

"Since there were some things that must be paid, then she should be happy, so she was painful and joyful! What's more, she had always loved the man in front of her!"

"When Jenna gradually regained consciousness, it was already early in the morning, and Jenna felt a tearing pain all over her body!"

"She trembled and got up to put on her clothes neatly. She frowned in pain, but she disguised with a fake smile."

"Jenna had a bright eyes that narrowed when she smiled, which made everyone like her."

"Just like now, although her family was broken up, even she and Hansen, who she had loved before, was no more than flirting, she still smiled calmly."

"Hansen was standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, with the faint yellow light shining on him. His tall and straight back looked a little lonely, and his eyes were deep and indifferent!"

"Was it finally over? Jenna felt relaxed, but her heart was so heavy that she could not breathe! The future would be very difficult, and all this was just the beginning. There were still many things she had to do..."

Can I leave now? Jenna said to Hansen word by word with a cold look on her face.

"After a few steps, she turned her head again. She raised the check in her hand and smiled at Hansen Richards, who was staring at her with no expression on his face, ""Goodbye, my ex-husband!"""

Jenna waved at him gracefully and left lightly.

"Hansen's body was a little stiff, and his eyes were very gloomy!"