From Divorce to Dominance

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Amy Watts


She married him for three years, however, the man sent her a divorce agreement at the end of the three years and fell in love with his first love. She was disheartened and resolutely divorced, and became the daughter of the rich family......

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Chapter 1 Can you not get a divorce?

Kate Hill looked at the divorce agreement on the table, with her husband's signature already affixed. She then gazed out the window, her eyes moist with tears. Craig Harvey stood tall and proud in the afternoon sunlight, his cold and aloof demeanor exuding strength and dominance. Even his back seemed to convey such indifference.

"I've signed it already. You should do so as well," Kate said softly, "Before Penny comes back, I want us to complete all legal procedures."

Craig turned around with his hands behind his back and replied coolly, "Since we had a prenuptial agreement regarding our assets, there won't be any property division issues involved in this divorce. However, as compensation for your being left empty-handed after this marriage ends, I will give you twenty million dollars plus a villa in West Craysand. After all, I don't want to disappoint my grandfather."

Kate felt like she had been struck by lightning; her heart sank heavily within her chest. "Does your grandfather know that you're divorcing me?" she asked tearfully.

"What if he doesn't? Will it affect my decision?" Craig retorted without looking at her.

She could barely stand up straight; gripping onto the edge of the table tightly while asking him softly through tears: "Craig... Can we not get divorced?"

Finally turning around to face her again with an odd look in his eyes,Craig's thin lips were set firmly together while he surveyed Kate from head-to-toe.His sharp eyebrows furrowed deeply,and yet even now,his chiseled features still made Kate's heart skip a beat.

"Why?" he asked bluntly.

"Because...I love you," Kate replied tearfully as redness filled up around her eyes."I love you,Craig.I still want to be your wife...even if you don't have feelings for me..."

"I've had enough,Kate Hill," Craig interrupted her, his patience for listening to her running out. "A marriage without love is torture for me."

He waved his hand dismissively and continued, "You made a mistake marrying me back then. You knew I was at odds with my grandfather and that I had someone else in my heart. We couldn't be together because of certain circumstances. Now that it's already been three years, Penny is back from Baldives. I'm going to marry her, so you're no longer Mrs. Harvey.

Kate lowered her head, tears streaming down her face and falling onto the table. She quickly wiped them away, but Craig had already noticed. His eyes softened as he gazed at her.

Just then, his phone rang and he hurriedly answered upon seeing the name on the screen.

"Penny, have you boarded your flight yet?" His voice was so gentle - was this really the same cold man she knew?

"Craig, I've already arrived at Craysand Airport," Penelope Parker's cheerful voice came through on the other end.

"What? But wasn't it supposed to be tonight..."

"I wanted to surprise you, Craig."

"Wait for me, Penny. I'll come pick you up right now!"

With that, Craig rushed past Kate like a gust of wind and closed the door behind him. The room was filled with a sense of sadness.

Ten years of unrequited love and three years of marriage - Kate had given so much to this family and loved him deeply. But in the end, all she received from him was heartache as he callously left her to marry his childhood sweetheart.

It hurt so much - she had poured out all her passion for him but couldn't even warm his stone-cold heart.

At night, Craig picked up Penelope and brought her back to Wavecliff Manor.

The delicate and fragile woman was carried in Master Craig's arms as they walked into the villa, drawing the attention of onlookers.

"Craig, you haven't divorced your wife yet. Maybe we shouldn't be too close. She might blame me," Penelope murmured softly while caressing his chest.

"She won't," Craig replied coldly without hesitation. "Besides, I don't love her. We only have a contractual relationship, and she needs to know her place."

The Harveys surrounded Penelope like stars surrounding the moon while Kate was alone in the dining room preparing food.

Craig caught a glimpse of his wife's lonely figure amidst all the commotion and sneered inwardly.

Even at this point, she still tries to please the Harveys? Does she think that will give her a chance for reconciliation?

How ridiculous.

"Master Craig! Master Craig!" The butler rushed over in a panic. "Mrs. Kate has left!"

"What do you mean? When?" Craig asked urgently.

"Just now! Mrs. Kate didn't take anything with her and left through the back door! She was picked up by a black car!" The butler explained frantically.

The man furrowed his brow and walked to the window, gazing outside.

A Rolls-Royce sped out of Wavecliff Manor at an incredible speed, disappearing quickly into the distance.

She didn't want to leave earlier in the afternoon, but now she's running away faster than a rabbit!

Craig felt like he had been fooled and angrily pulled out his phone to call his secretary.

"Get me the license plate number for Craysand RICH. Find out who owns that car!" he demanded.

"Yes, Mr. Harvey," replied his secretary.

Five minutes later...

"Mr. Harvey, I found out that it belongs to the CEO of Grandworld Group!" said his secretary.

Grandworld Group... Master Ross from Byrne family?!

Kate was just a girl from a small village with no money or background. How did she manage to seduce the young master of Byrn family?

Seamless transition? Perfect!

"But Mr. Harvey... did you really tell your wife about getting a divorce today?" asked his secretary tentatively.

"What? Can't do it today? Should we wait until after New Year's?" Craig's chest burned with anger.

"No... it's just that today is your wife's birthday," explained his secretary.

In the backseat of the black Rolls-Royce, Ross Byrne gently took her hand and held it tenderly.

"Kaleb heard that you were back and has prepared fireworks for you tonight to cheer you up."

"I really don't have any mood to watch fireworks."

As she transformed back into the princess of Byrne family, Flora Byrne leaned on her brother's shoulder, her nose sour and eyes swollen as she sighed deeply with tears in her eyes.

She glanced at Kate's phone and saw that the last message was not from her ex-husband but from Penelope.

"What did I say? You stole my place. Sooner or later, I'll make you give it back. Craig is mine. Don't be delusional!"

She curled up a bitter smile as the last tear made her realize something important.

"How come? At this point, are you still unwilling to give up?" Ross hugged his sister tightly with sympathy.

"Ross, today is my birthday."

"I know Craig chose today. He's a damn bastard!"

"So I don't have anything left to lose. Kate has already been killed by Craig himself."

When Flora opened her eyes again, there was no longer any trace of attachment towards that man in them.

'After all those sufferings, if I turn back, I'll be damned.'