EX-husband Groveling to Me

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Sarah Duncan


Suny had been in love with Austin for seven years, and finally she became his wife, but she was laughed at and got bullied. However, she only cared about him and felt that he would love her one day, but he did not. Suny threw the divorce paper at Austin, and after the divorce, Austin found that there were many rumors that she had affair with many young handsome men.

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Chapter 1 You Family is Disgusting

“What’s wrong, are you leaving home?”

As Suny Holland had just walked down from the second floor with her suitcase, Tina Johnson's voice came right after her.

Suny didn't pay any attention to her, just glanced at her lightly and continued to walk downstairs with her suitcase.

Coincidentally, when she arrived at the ground floor, she bumped into Austin Johnson's mother Grace Smith, a wealthy woman who had always despised her, and was looking at her askance: "Where are you going with a suitcase this early in the morning?"

Having been a daughter-in-law of Grace for three years, how could Suny not know that this was a precursor to Grace's outburst?

If it was the old days, she would have been apologized and coax her, but nowadays it was different, she didn't even want Austin, and for this old lady with a terrible temper, she would be even less likely to serve her.

"Don't worry, Madame Johnson, I won't even come back to here in the future."

She changed her usual reverent gentleness, and although her words were bland, there was no usual pandering ingratiation within those eyes, and the coolness within made Suny different.

Grace was very unaccustomed to her daughter-in-law who used to bow down in front of her suddenly talking back like this, her face sank, "Suny, is this your attitude towards your elders?"

"My attitude is the same as yours."

She raised her eyebrows, her inexplicable arrogance and coldness causing Grace's anger to flare up, "Suny, do you still think of me as your mother-in-law?"

Hearing these words, Suny glanced at Grace, then hooked her lips and smiled, "Sorry, soon you won't be my mother-in-law anymore."

Just as she spoke, the sound of a car horn came from outside the villa.

Suny raised her eyebrows, "I'm leaving, Madame Johnson, all the things I left in the room are unwanted, you can do whatever you like with them later, throw them away or burn them, just don't contact me again."

She said, dragging her suitcase slowly, spitting out the words as she walked out, "Your family is disgusting."

Grace had not yet recovered from Suny's words, "Soon you won't be my mother-in-law", she was so angry that she exploded, "Are you crazy, Suny? Do you believe that I will tell Austin that you-"

"Mom, have you seen that woman Suny? It's hilarious, it's so early in the morning and she's actually dragging her suitcase, hahaha, she's not deliberately passing in front of me to try to get me to retain her, is she?"

Tina came out from inside the villa and when she saw Grace standing there motionless, she couldn't help but raise her hand and tug on her sleeve, "Mom, what's wrong with you?"

Grace had a complicated look on her face. In the past, whenever she mentioned Austin, Suny was very well behaved, but today, hell, she actually left without looking back.

Outside the door, the sports car was gone in an absolute blur, and Grace walked out of the door, seeing only the shadow of the car.

"She, she's gone?"

Tina followed her out and skimmed the corners of her mouth, "It is okay, Jennifer is back, if she doesn't go now, my brother will get rid of her sooner or later!"

Grace thought it was right, the Dawson family's youngest daughter had returned, and if Suny could take the initiative to divorce, she would be considered sensible.

Suny was sitting on top of the Porsche, flipping through the divorce papers in her hand, and after reading the terms and conditions, she signed her name to her satisfaction.

Alicia Poole, who was driving at the side, saw it and tsked, "Really so determined?"

Suny put the pen cap back on, "Sure."

Austin's first love was back, what else can she be obsessed with?

It'd been three years, not too long, not too short, Suny thought, even a cold heart can be warmed up.

But Austin did not have a heart, his heart was in his first love.

Suny felt that she was being shameless, at first she had coerced him into marrying her, occupying the title of Madame Johnson for three years in vain. Now that Jennifer Dawson had returned, she naturally had to step aside, otherwise how could she afford the three years Austin had kept away from her for Jennifer?

Yes, she had been married to Austin for three years and had never had sex once .

It was a good thing it was kept quiet, otherwise those who had been laughing at her for three years would have been ready to be even worse.

Three years, and that was enough for her seven years of uneducated crush.

She raised her hand above her eyes to shield her tears from Alicia.

She was a human being, no matter how spontaneous she was, it would be hard for anyone to end up like this after ten years of love.

The red sports car stopped and Alicia lifted the sunglasses on her face, "Here we are, Suny, just move on, I will on your back!"

Alicia finished and sent a flying kiss to Suny.

Suny looked at her and smiled, "Alright, I'm go to him now."

Throwing the divorce papers at Austin in a domineering and unpretentious manner was indeed a difficult task.

Suny took the divorce papers and pushed the door open and got out of the car, after three years of marriage, this was not the first time she came to KLOC, and of course, it was not the first time she was perfunctorily treated by the receptionist: "Miss Holland, you can't go up without an appointment, Mr. Johnson is very busy, if everyone can go up without making an appointment and telling me, then what is the purpose of me the receptionist?"

A receptionist could make things difficult for her like this, and after three years, she still didn't call her Madame Johnson, so it was absolutely because Austin did not have her in his eyes. .

Suny lowered her eyebrows and laughed lightly, "The staff training of KLOC is indeed no good, as Austin's wife, I even have to make an appointment to go up to see him, then it seems that this Madame Johnson is not much fun to be."

She said, glancing coldly at the receptionist, stepping on her heels and walking straight to the lift.

The receptionist, seeing such Suny for the first time, was momentarily subdued and reacted with a snort, but in the end, she was still afraid that something might happen and hastily called the top again to inform them.

Even before Suny arrived, Austin knew that she was looking for him.

He frowned, "I don’t want to see her."

He had a short meeting in five minutes.

The secretary left in response, and just as he came out of the office, he saw Suny walking on her high heels.

Suny wore a half-body floral A-line dress today, and she looked gentle and dignified, but for some reason, when her eyes looked over, the secretary always felt that Suny was different today.


Suny took the initiative to greet her, and without waiting for the other party to say anything, she directly raised her hand and pushed open the door of Austin's office, "Excuse me, Mr. Johnson, there is an agreement that you need to sign."

She said, meeting the cold gaze of the man at the desk and walked over, raising her hand and placing the divorce papers in her hand directly in front of him, "Sign it."