Dragon Lord Crane Smith

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Crane Smith, who has long been different than in the past, is now the super god of war. The Cryptoclidus Palace he created is a fearsome organization. He didn't expext that such a powerful man could be bothered by overextending men. When Crane Smith heard that his daughters and wife were suffering from the ravages of life, he felt a surge of anger. In order to get back a justice for loved ones, those who bullied his daughters and wife will be sent to hell by him one by one.

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Chapter 1 Lord Smith Kills Back to Stone City

"Young Lords are in distress! All return! Over, Over!"

"Young Lords are in distress! All return! Over, Over!!!!"

"Paige copied!"

In the jungles beyond the south, Paige was teasing a small power for fun when she received this military order and exploded with a monstrous killing intent, getting into her SUV and taking off.

She left dozens of bodies behind, and the leader of the small power shuddered and fell limp to the ground.

She was Paige, a female monster who had singled out hundreds of people and killed them like a game from the Cryptoclidus Palace!

No wonder these his men died at her hands!

Wait, did Paige just get a command?

And the only one who could make Paige obey orders was that War God Lord Smith!

It was said that Lord Smith rarely gave orders personally these days unless a world class disaster was about to erupt, could it be that a disaster on its way?

At the thought, the leader blacked out.

"Matthew copied!"

In the eastern waters, Matthew instantly raged, and with a mere wave of his hand, countless firepower instantly wiped out the enemy.

Immediately afterwards, Matthew turned around with a few dozen warships and flew towards the country.

"Kevin copied!"

Inside a base in the west, Kevin roared up with hundreds of fighter jets, flying towards the country as if they were lightning that cut through the sky.

"Joey copied!"

In the north, Joey, with a thousand troops, took care of tens of thousands of enemies as fast as he could and dug into the helicopter under the grateful eyes of his allies.

At this moment, all the members of the Cryptoclidus Palace from all over the world came towards T Country at top speed.

With the Cryptoclidus Palace at full power, no one dared to stand in its way.

Even the battlefield where artillery fire roared, when faced with the Cryptoclidus Palace, they had to immediately and obediently move out of the way.

"Check it out, what's going on in T Country? Why are the people of the Cryptoclidus Palace assembling so urgently?"

"Something big must have happened to the Cryptoclidus Palace, check it out now ....."

Similar orders, coincidentally, were issued from within each country, each organization.

Founded over two hundred years ago, the Cryptoclidus Palace was the most powerful special force unit in the world.

Each generation of the Cryptoclidus Palace's masters, known as Dragon Lord, were the world's top war gods.

Especially the current Dragon Lord, whose strength had surpassed all the previous Dragon Lords, making him the first in two hundred years!

The Cryptoclidus Palace was already more powerful than all the countries, and only needed to use half of its troops to trample all the powers.

But now, the Cryptoclidus Palace had sent all its troops to kill back home!

All troops!

What did this mean?

It meant that something amazing had happened at Cryptoclidus Palace! Something even bigger than the nations going to war!

Would the world landscape be shaken by this? And which unenlightened power would be finished?

All at once, all the heads of the powers were terrified!

In the sky, inside the exclusive warplane of the Cryptoclidus Palace’s master.

The Cryptoclidus Palace’s master Crane Smith's eyes were red with murderous aura, and the clothes on his body were blowing up.

He looked at the video on the mini-computer and shivered with anger.

A pair of twin girls, five years old, were kept in a dog cage, covered in bruises and dog shit, with people who occasionally talked dirty to them and swung whips at them.

There were two other Tibetan mastiffs outside the cage that kept eyeing the two children.

Someone was even pouring slop on them.

He could feel the foul smell through the screen.

"Mommy, where are you ......"

"Will you give mommy back to me? Give mommy back to me ......"

"Don't hit my sister, don't hit my sister ......"

"Daddy, Daddy, you have to come and save us ......"

The older girl, named Nadia, cried and struggled, desperately trying to hold her sister, Megan, in her arms.

Through the screen, Megan's cold and desperate eyes pierced into Crane's chest like a sharp knife.


Looking at the video of his daughters who were being abused miserably, Crane looked up to the sky and roared in anger, his forehead was bursting with veins, and tears continued to flow from his eyes, and the next moment, a mouthful of blood violently spurted out of his mouth.

"If you dare to hurt my daughter, I will exterminate his clans!"

Crane's angry roar broke through the sky.

Five years ago, Crane was not yet Dragon Lord, much less a member of the Cryptoclidus Palace.

He is the young master of the Smith family in the Magic City, a rich young man with a simple mind.

However, the sudden illness and death of his father put a complete end to his peaceful life.

His stepmother wanted to take the family fortune for herself, so she sent someone to poison Crane to death.

The person who poisoned him had been secretly saved by Crane, and in return for Crane's kindness, he took the poison himself, replacing the medicine he gave Crane with an aphrodisiac.

The extremely clever Crane, having swallowed the aphrodisiac, guessed that he was in danger and fled to the outskirts of Magic City overnight.

However, that was when the drug in him kicked in and, parched and hot, he met the woman.

The woman thought Crane was sick and tried to help him heal, but she was embraced in Crane's arms ......

His stepmother's men would come after him at any moment, and in order not to drag this innocent woman down with him, Crane had to keep running away for his life.

After a few tosses and turns and a great disaster, he received a series of strange encounters and within a few years, he actually became Dragon Lord of the Cryptoclidus Palace.

Yet since the beginning, he had never dared to forget that innocent woman.

He remembered that the woman was wearing a pure white gourd necklace, illuminated by the moonlight that night.

He ordered his 'Dark Team', which specialized in spying, to search for that woman back then, but even the well-informed Dark Team was unable to find her.

It was as if that woman had never existed.

Ten minutes ago, the Dark Team's investigation had finally made a breakthrough!

They stumbled upon the deranged video on a website in Dragon Kingdom.

A pair of five-year-old twin girls were kept in a dog cage and subjected to inhumane torture.

The twin girls, in fact, looked exactly like Dragon Lord.

In another video posted to the video account, a stunningly beautiful woman was seen crawling on her knees with a dog leash around her neck.

It could be told from the voices in the video that the woman and the two little girls were mother and daughter.

To top it all off, the woman had a white gourd pendant dangling right under her neck!

They were wife and daughter of Dragon Lord!

The angry Dark Team didn't dare to delay and immediately reported to Crane.

Crane instantly became enraged and gave the Cryptoclidus Palace military order, calling all the members of the Cryptoclidus Palace to come back to the country.

And he, himself, was returning home as fast as he could.

T Country, Q State.

Inside the office of the governor of Q State, that map of the world on the electronic screen was converging with thousands of arrows pointing straight to Q State.

The governor of Q State was at this moment on a tense face as he answered the phone, while the call was from T Country.

"Yes! I will fully cooperate with the Cryptoclidus Palace's actions!"

"Yes! I will find that mother and daughters, and if I don't, I'll kill myself!"

"Please rest assured that we will never let the Cryptoclidus Palace’s soldiers down!"

After hanging up the phone, the governor of Q State's face was purple with anger.

"Mobilize all forces and find those two kids!!!"