Devouring Love's Peril

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She finally escaped away from him. The man pulled a long face and gave an order, “Put her on the wanted list.”“What crime has Miss James committed?”“She’s a thief.”“Did she take anything valuable from you?” Alas, it is necessary to put her on the wanted list?“She’s stolen my heart.”

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Chapter 1 Send Her to the Prison

"It's not me. You believe me!" Grace James stared at the people in the car stubbornly. The heavy rain was pouring. The windows were wet by rain, but it could vaguely see the stern face in the car. Grace stood outside the car tremblingly. Through the window, she shouted loudly, "Caden Shaw! You at least listen to my explanation!"

The car door suddenly opened. Before Grace could be happy, a strong force pulled her over. She slammed into the car and bumped into him. His dry white shirt instantly got wet.

"Caden, those gangsters who hurt Wallis Venus were not arranged by me..." Grace said. A slender and powerful finger pinched her chin without mercy. A unique magnetic voice came from above her head, "Do you like me so much?"

The cold voice was with a slight smell of tobacco, which belonged his smell.

"What?" Grace was a little confused. The whole world knew that she liked him. Why would he suddenly ask this now?

The man pinched Grace’s chin. He used his slender hand to stretch towards her face. His fingers gently touched her cheeks that had been wetted by the rain. Grace was almost immersed in his gentle eyes. She seemed to have heard the next sentence that the man would ask her if she was cold.

But the man suddenly exuded angry breath. He said coldly, "Grace, do you like me so much? You like me so much that you don't hesitate to kill Wallis?"

A chill came from the bottom of Grace’s heart and spread all over her body. Grace instantly became sober and couldn't help but smiling bitterly... When did this man show his tenderness to her? It turned out that it was not tenderness at all. It was just a smile from Satan.

"I didn't intend to kill Wallis..." She wanted to explain for herself.

"Yes, you didn't intend to kill Wallis. You just bribed a few gangsters and let them rape Wallis." The man's expression gradually became irritable. He didn’t give Grace chance to explain. The clothes on Grace were torn apart.


Along with screaming, Grace was pushed out of the car mercilessly. She fell into the rain in embarrassment. The cold voice of the man sounded particularly pronounced in the sound of rain.

"Grace James, Miss Grace, what you did to Wallis, then I do the same to you. How’s the feeling of being naked?"


Grace suddenly raised her head and looked into the car door incredulously. The man sat in the car, looking at her condescendingly. He took out the handkerchief to wipe his fingers slowly, "Miss Grace, I am very tired now. Please go back."

"Caden! Listen to me! I really..."

"It's not impossible for me to listen to Miss Grace." The man raised his eyelids indifferently, and glanced at Grace, "If Miss Grace is willing to kneel in front of the Shaw Manor for one night, maybe I am in a good mood, then I can give Miss Grace ten minutes."

The door of the car suddenly closed. The handkerchief was thrown out of the car. Falling in front of Grace, it was wetted by rain.

Grace lowered her head, picked up the handkerchief in the rain, and pinched it firmly in her palm.

The car drove into the Shaw Manor. The iron gate of the Shaw Manor closed mercilessly in front of her.

In the rain, Grace's face was pale. She stood for a while, then suddenly raised her head and walked to the gate of the Shaw Manor. She pressed her lips tightly and knelt down to the ground.

She knelt down!

Not because of atonement!

Just because Wallis was her friend! She should mourn when her friend died. Not because everyone thought she killed Wallis!

She knelt down!

She begged this man to give her ten minutes to listen to her explanation!

The clothes on her body were torn and in tatters. It was barely able to cover important parts. She covered her body with her hands, but her waist was straight. She was proud. She was proud and unyielding even when she was kneeling down! Her self-esteem! Her dignity! She was Grace in Shanghai!

She knelt down stubbornly, just for a chance to explain clearly. She hadn't done it. She didn't admit the things what she hadn't done!

But, would there really be this opportunity?

Would she explain it clearly?

Would anyone really believe her?

The rain was getting heavier and heavier. It never stopped from beginning to end.


One night passed.

In the downpour, Grace still knelt down outside the Shaw manor.

The rain drenched her dress. She had been kneeling in the rain all night.

The morning finally came. The manor that had been silent for a night finally had some movements. The silver-haired old butler walked over from the manor yard holding an old-fashioned black umbrella.

The iron gate that had been closed for the whole night "creaked" and opened a gap from two sides. Grace finally got a movement, raised her drooping head, and gave a pale smile to the old butler who was standing in the middle of the iron gate.

"Miss Grace, Mr. Caden wants you to leave here." The old butler’s hair was neat. Even if it rained, he had no messy hair. He was as rigorous as the trees and plants of the Shaw Manor, all trimmed by someone. The old butler threw a piece of clothing towards Grace.

Grace stretched out her hand that had been soaked in the rain all night to pick it up, then she put the clothes on tremblingly. She moved her pale and bloodless lips. Her voice was hoarse and firm, "I want to see him."

The old butler did not show any emotions. He conveyed the words of the manor owner word by word, "Mr. Caden said that Miss Grace's existence has polluted the environment of the manor. He didn’t want to see Miss Grace anymore"

From the time of the accident to the present, Grace did not show a trace of weakness. At this moment, no matter how hard she maintained her calmness, her shoulders trembled, revealing her injured heart.

Grace closed her eyes. The rain dropped on her face. Others didn’t know whether it was rain or tear on her face. The old butler looked at her expressionlessly. Grace opened her eyes again, raised her head and said to the old butler, "Mr. Sam, no matter what you think, I haven't bribed these gangsters to ruin Wallis' virginity. In any case, I cannot accept your hatred without complaint."

Although Grace was exhausted, she said clearly... This was a woman who was willing to bow her head temporarily, but was full of pride.

The old butler finally had a reaction other than "indifferent". He frowned. His eyes were full of disgust when he looked at Grace, "Wallis is my daughter. She has been very well-behaved and sensible since childhood. She had never been to a chaotic and dirty place like a bar or nightclub, but she was insulted to death by a group of gangsters in such a place where the gangsters were infested.

Miss Grace, we checked her newsletter. Before the incident, she called you and sent you a short message. The content of the short message was, ‘I have reached the YES Club. Grace, where are you?’ "

The old butler stared at Grace and hated her, "Miss Grace, because of you, my daughter was dead. She was dead, but you are still quibbling! Everyone knows that Miss Grace is pestering Mr. Caden, but Mr. Caden only likes my daughter. He feels disgusting about your pestering extremely. You are obviously jealous of Wallis, and you can't get Mr. Caden’s love, so that you want to ruin Wallis' virginity. Miss Grace, how vicious you are!"

Grace was speechless. Wallis was the daughter of Sam Venus. She was the love of Caden. But she, Grace, was a tiny role who just loved Caden. Now, Wallis was dead. She was not only a tiny role, but also a vicious tiny role.

"Miss Grace, please leave." The old butler said, "By the way, Mr. Caden asked me to convey some words to Miss Grace."

Grace suddenly looked at the old butler.

"Mr. Caden said, why is the person who died not you?"

Grace who knelt on the ground shook trembly. A sharp pain came from her heart.

The old butler turned around. The corners of his wrinkled mouth coldly smirked, which made the rigid face look cold and cruel.

Wallis was killed by Grace. He was unhappy. He hated Grace' viciousness.

Grace supported her cold body. She stood up tremblingly. As soon as she stood up, she felt her legs numb. She fell down on the cold asphalt, laughing at herself... ‘Why is the person who died not you?’

That man would say such cold words. Grace gave a smile that was even more ugly than crying, "Wallis, Wallis, you have died. But I have been blamed by everyone."

On the second floor of the Shaw Manor, there was a man who was slender, with wide shoulders and narrow hips. He casually covered his body in a black nightgown with bare feet. His sexy tall body stood quietly in front of the French windows, looking at the figure in the rain which was outside of the manor indifferently.

"Mr. Caden, I have been conveyed your words to Miss Grace." The old butler had drove Grace away. Now, he quietly stood at the door of the master bedroom.

Caden shook the red wine glass in his hand. Hearing the words of the old butler, he indifferently retracted his sight falling on Grace. With thin lips moving a little, he indifferently gave a series of orders, "Notify the James family, if they want Grace, there will be no the James family in the future. If they want the James family, from now on, there will be no Grace’s name in the James family."


"Secondly, inform S University. There are no Grace's files in S University. Inform No.1 Middle School that Grace was expelled for promiscuity and fighting during school. Her highest education is junior high school."


"Last point," Caden said coldly, "Send her to the prison."

After hearing this, the old butler suddenly raised his head and was stunned, "Mr. Caden?"

"She has to pay for life. She bribed others, and deliberately murdered. Let her go to jail for three years. Mr. Sam thinks I did not do it right?" The three-year limit was set by Caden for Grace. Although the evidence was not enough, Caden angrily made the decision.

"No, Mr. Caden.... Thank you, Mr. Caden." The old butler burst into tears, and said, "If it weren't for Mr. Caden, Grace would have no punishment. Grace is as a family member of the James family. I can’t do anything to Grace. Thank you, Mr. Caden. Thank you. "

Caden turned around and stood in front of the French windows. He watched the figure on the asphalt road disappear at the corner downstairs. His eyes were haze. His slender finger pinched the wine glass. He raised his head to drink up the scarlet wine.

"Mr. Sam, I punished Grace, not because Wallis is your daughter, but Wallis is the woman I like." Caden said slowly.


Grace returned to the house of the James family exhaustedly.

But she couldn’t step into the house of the James family. The old butler who had served the James family all his life brought Caden's words. Grace was driven out of the James family. So, she didn't even see her parents.

Were they so afraid of Caden? Grace twitched the corners of her mouth... She retracted her sight. The wrought iron gate clearly drew a line between her and the James family, and distinguished everything that belonged to her in the past.

Grace couldn't tell how the feeling was at the moment. As soon as she turned around, two men in police uniforms stopped her, "Miss Grace, since you bribe others to instigate them to destroy Miss Wallis' virginity. It caused Miss Wallis' death. Please come with us now."

Before being sent to prison, Grace saw Caden who was standing by the window in a stalwart figure.

Grace shook her head and said firmly, "I have never harmed Wallis."

Caden walked up to Grace unhurriedly. Grace told herself not to be afraid. She was innocent and she did not commit a crime.

The delicate little face raised up fearlessly, insisting on maintaining her composure, but her trembling shoulders still showed her tension... All this was caught by a pair of sharp eyes.