Damian's obsession

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"Haven't I warned you not to test me princess?" He asked angrily as he brought his face closer to mine. "You can't tell me what I can and can't do. I'm not your property!!" I screamed angrily at his face as I tried to release his hold on my wrist. He gripped me harder and pushed me towards his chest as he held my waist with his free hand. I sighed in ecstasy as I caught a whiff of his manly cologne. "Really??" His husky voice brought be out of my dreamland. "Let's see then!" He muttered before forcefully pressing his warm lips on mine. ************** Selina Cortez is a twenty-four year old and poor orphan who had big hopes and dreams of being a very successful fashion designer. She was nice to people who show her kindness but wouldn't let anyone harrass or bully her. She looked innocent but has the heart of a warrior. Her dreams were cut short when she crossed path with Damian Black, a very powerful mafia lord who was known for his cold and brutal nature. Not knowing who he is, she was disgusted at his behaviour but on the other hand, she amused him. After their first meeting, he couldn't get his mind off her. He wanted her all to himself even though it meant taking her against her will. What happens when a Mafia lord falls in love with an ordinary girl? A war is bound to break out because the cold mafia finally has a weakness. Join me in this amazing ride filled with love, lust, revenge and betrayal. Note: This novel contains many R rated scenes like violence and smut. If you don't like this type of stories, don't bother starting it.

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Selina groaned in as sleep as her alarm wouldn't stop ringing.

When she couldn't take the noise anymore, she stood up from her bed and was about to switch it off but something made her stop desd on her tracks.

Her sleepy eyes widened when the saw the time on her wall clock.

"Shit... shit... I'm late!!" She cussed onswardly as she scampered out of the room towards the bathroom.

She stripped off her night dress and stood under the running shower. She took her bath swiftly and ran out towards her wardrobe.

She took out an office outfit and put it on. After that, to put on a pair of comfortable heels.

She sat in front of her medium sized mirror and decided to apply light make up on her face because of the dark circles under her eyes.

She wasn't able to sleep the last night because she was very anxious.

She had finally been able to get invited for an interview in a designing company after trying for so many years.

She had sent them one of her designs for about two months. When she was finally giving up hope, they sent her an email three days ago saying they would like to invite her for an interview.

She has been preparing herself for the D day ever since.

She couldn't miss her chance to show the world her capabilities. Besides, her rent is already becoming due and there are other things she needed money to pay for. She desperately needed a job right now.

"Perfect." She muttered in satisfaction when she was done touching up her flawless face with make up.

She stood up and stared at herself at the mirror in admiration. She was very beautiful and even she couldn't deny it.

She brought out her hand bag and picked up her phone.

"Jesus... I'm late.." She muttered as she stared at her phone screen. She scampered out of her apartment and was lucky enough to biard a taxi immediately.

"Where to miss??" The taxi driver asked her.

"Black and co designers." She muttered hurriedly.

"Okay." The taxi driver answered and zoomed off immediately.

He got there in no time and she paid him before getting out of the taxi.

"Thank you sir." She said respectfully.

The taxi driver nodded his head before zooming off.

She stood in front of the huge skyscraper. She still couldn't believe that she could step her feet in here.

She took in a shaky breath vefore walking into the building. Her eyes wandered around the hall in admiration.

She couldn't believe her eyes.

"So this is what the interior looks like??" She asked herself.

She had only seen the front of the building whenever she passed by it but never the inside.

She smiled happily. She hoped she would be accepted.

"Hello!!" Her daydream was cut off by a male voice.

"Are you here for the interview?" The man dressed in a suit asked her.

"Yes." She answered.

"Your name?" He asked again.

"Selina Cortez."

"Selina Cortez..." He muttered as he glanced through a file ge was holding.

"Okay.. Here's your number." He handed her a piece of paper.

"Go and sit at the lobby and wait for your number to be called. Good luck." He said before leaving.

"Thank you." Selina muttered as she glanced at the paper. She was number fifty two.

She saw many people sitting at the lobby so she walked towards them.

"Excuse me.." She called one of the lady sitting there.

The lady lifted up her head to see who was calling her.

"Yes??" She asked calmly.

"I wanted to know where the interview is taking place?" Selina asked.

"Just wait here till your number is mentioned." The lady answered curtly.

"Thanks." Selina sighed before taking her seat.

"Number thirty nine, you're up next." The man tgat gave Selina her number called.

A lady claded in skimpy dress stood up and walked stylishly towards an office at tge end of the lobby.

Shock was too little to explain what Selina was feeling.

"How can she dress like that to apply for a job??" Selina asked lowly but it was enough for the lady beside her to hear.

"Why wouldn't they when the CEO is very hansome and rich.." The lady said.

"But still, it isn't appropriate." Selina said.

"No one here cares about that. You see, most of these applicants aren't here because they actually want a job." The lady muttered.

That was when Selina noticed that most of them that applied where ladies and they were all dressed like hookers. Well, except the one that was that just talked to her.

Selina prayed inwardly that the CEO shouldn't be a man that is controlled by his manhood.

Her prayers were answered because it wasn't up to two minutes the skimpy dressed lady entered the office when she barged out with tear filled eyes.

"She must have been rejected." Selina thought happily.

Applicants kept trooping inside the office happily and returning immediately with pain and shame in her eyes.

Selina didn't notice when it got to her turn.

"Number fifty two." The man called.

Selina stood up nervously as she walked towards the office. She shut the door behind her before walking in.

She stared in surprise as she saw the interviewer's face. He looked so handsome.

"Is he the CEO??" She asked herself.

"Nah.. if he is, he wouldn't waste his time in checking applicants for a job interview. He has more important things to do." She replied her question.

The interviewer assessed her first before nodding. He was satisfied with her outfit.

"Have your seat." The interviewer said. Selina took a seat opposite him.

"Good morning sir." She greeted.

"Hmm..." He grunted.

"Selina right?" He asked.

"Yes sir." She answered living the way her voice rolled out of his mouth.

"Okay. Why do you think we should hire you??" He asked again, this time in a more serious manner.

"I believe I should be hired because of my capabilities. Clearly, my work is one of a kind. If you hire me, I'll make sure you all wouldn't regret...." She paused when she saw him smiling at her in amusement.

"What's wrong?" She asked.

"It's just that your speech really amused me." He answered with a wide smile.

"Is he taking my desperation as a joke?" She thought angrily but knew better not to say it out.

She just let out a small smile.

The interviewer chuckled when he saw the anger in her eyes.

"I loved your work and speech. But I can't make a decision right now. I'll send you an email when I've discussed with the others." He said, his eyes assessing her reaction.

Her heart sank when she heard his words.

"That means I've been rejected also." She thought.

"Okay." She muttered before standing up feeling downcast.

"Thank you for your time." He said.

She nodded her head sadly before leaving the office.

The interviewer watched her every move intensely as she left.

He looked down and glanced at her application letter.

"Selina Cortez. How interesting.." He muttered with a smirk.