The loud voice wakes me up from my deep slumber by the stream on the soft bed of grass. This was my private place off-limits to any wolf except Elriam, my Beta. It was a special place, my personal escape, my therapy from the nightmares that plague my mind during dark nights.

"Speak Elriam as to why this disturbance," I commanded lifting my forearm from my eyes glancing at her.

"Forgive me Alpha, but Alpha Lan has arrived." She bows. "I didn't want to disturb you Alpha, but it is sort of an emergency and you are needed. The meeting cannot..."

"Start until I am present. I know Elriam you have told me so a thousand times." I cut her off making her bow deeper. Slowly getting up wiping my dirt-stained hands on my pants, stretching my bones I look at her. "Let's go, wouldn't want to give a bad impression to the Alpha who has come." My wolf seeps to the front wanting to go for a run, pushing her back knowing now is not the time, showing a flash of teeth and a snarl she retreats.

We run back to the pack, gliding through trees, feeling the air brushing through my hair making me feel content. My form of happiness. But is this my happiness? My only form of happiness? Shouldn't there be something more? These thoughts go back and forth in my mind as we reach the pack.

"Alpha welcome, we had quite the wait." Alpha Lan says but I can see right through him to the mockery his voice beholds.

"Hope you enjoyed it, Alpha Lan." I will never apologize, it is not within me to do so. My Beta brushes against me standing strong watching him. I look towards some of his pack members huddled behind him not making a sound. I can smell their fear. Their fear of me. I smile a wicked smile licking my teeth, loving the smell. "Bring the carts." My voice booms in its autorotative tone as my members obey immediately propelling several carts filled with a variety of fruits towards his pack.

Members from both the packs lift their nose into the air inhaling the scents hoping that they would be lucky to perhaps find their gift from the moon. Something I don't understand, the idea of mates something I never cared to even think about. The power of being an Alpha is all that I need and ever will or so I thought.

My pack is known for producing the freshest of fruits that Alpha Lan's pack enjoys for his pack reigns from the desert lands where fruits are a luxury. The climate makes it difficult for their plants to bear them.

Alpha Lan walks up to me feeling content for the successful transfer. "Where is your Luna, Alpha Lan?" I question him knowing very well she is probably chained for disobedience back in his pack. Luna May's continuous defiance with this male surprises me. His eyes harden often sweeping over his pack members who are now transferring the fruits held in carton boxes onto the back of their trucks.

"She was not feeling well and is resting back at home." He lies.

"Please send my regards," I say holding a soft heart for her. My heart softens for all females.

"Of course." He leaves with a bow.

Dusk gives birth to night and our meeting has ended well, I do acquire favour in return for the fruits. However, I can ask whenever I please whatever it may be. A scream pierces the air my questioning eyes wander, looking for the source. A female slowly crawls away from her male, tears falling on her red cheeks. I move quickly holding the male by his collar and scream "What did you do?" My tone is furious.

"Nothing Alpha! She does not want me to touch her." I look towards the female.

"Are you alright? You must be from Alpha Lan's pack. I apologize, I was unaware one of my wolves found his mate." I say. With tear-filled eyes, she gazes up at me her head slightly tilting in a bow.

"Keep him away from me," she screams.

"I am your mate goddamit!" He replies rushing towards her. I stop him and call out to my Beta maintaining eye contact with him to prove my point.

"Elriam take this male back to the packhouse and do all the preparations." She bows and leaves with a quick reply of "Yes Alpha".

I look towards the female on the ground with soft eyes, "Why do you not want your male to touch you?" I question her.

"I fear him, I fear all males they have done nothing good but hurt me." She weeps. My heart clenches for this female.

"He will be different this I promise, he will protect you and keep you warm during cold nights for you are his blessing from the moon," I answer softly. "Go back to the packhouse and talk to him, tell him of your fears make him understand." She slowly gets up wipes her tears.

"Yes Alpha," she says and runs to the packhouse.

"Hypocrite," I whisper to myself, my wolf growling her displeasure of saying that about us. But it is true how can I advise that female of her mate when I don't myself believe in mates. I look up at the sky admiring the full moon asking her "What is happiness?" The question lingering in my mind. I feel Elriam coming close to me.

"Alpha are you feeling okay?" Her tone soft concern coating it. The only female I trust, the only female who is truly concerned about me.

"Yes Elriam, thank you for your concern." I slowly turn around to look at her.

"Alpha, forgive me I forgot to mention. The meeting of Alphas is tomorrow since you have recently become Alpha you have to go to this meeting. It's where all the Alphas from around the world meet to form alliances or ask protection from other packs." She elaborates.

"And why must I go to this meeting?" I ask her.

"It is beneficial for our pack Alpha, you need this. The pack needs this."

"Then so be it. Elriam prepare for our journey tomorrow make sure everything is planned well, I don't want any mishaps on the way." I command her. She smiles and bows replying "Yes Alpha." I walk back to my own house, I do no life in the room for the Alpha in the packhouse. I tend to not get along with other wolves though I really want to, it is hard if you had a childhood like mine you would want to disappear into thin air.

As I enter my house a feeling of calmness soothes me, my own haven. Going out into the balcony I look out to the pack, lights going off everyone surrounded by warmth. "Except me." The thought comes to mind. Gazing at the sky my thoughts take me to tomorrow's meeting. A sense of excitement fills me but I just don't know why nervousness floods me, my wolf is agitated as well wondering what exactly daylight may bring about.

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