Claimed By The Ruthless Alpha

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Alpha Aiden had been wanting a mate for a long time but when he found her, she wasn't who he expected. She was far below his status for him to be with her and that fueled his anger and hatred. Camille, a descendant of warriors but now a slave wanted nothing more than to be free but there was only one obstacle: her destined mate.

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Chapter 1

You could hear the sounds of grunts, screams, tearing of flesh apart, roaring as the Two Moons Pack fought against their enemy. They have been at war for some time now but today was the day that it all comes to an end.


"Noooooooo" he ran to save his wife as he fought against the wolves in his front but he already felt her go and he howled, a howl of pain at the lost of his dear mate. Before he could process what was happening, he was pushed aside by a big wolf. He started fighting with so much anger and strength but he was weak from the loss of his mate, two more wolves joined in, he had a torn arm form one of them but with every pain he felt he fought back until he felt something go through his chest.

"Gasps" He fell down to his knees, pair of claws dug into his throat and ripped it out.

A great one has fallen, the warriors of the Two Moons Pack noticed that their Head Warrior had fallen.

"The Ryders are down but this war is not over, we fight till our last breath!" Another Warrior said in their Link.

The warriors roared in agreement as they fought for whom they loss and fought for their pack.

It was a tough war and soon it was over.

The Two Moons Pack won though they lost a large amount of warriors and the enemies flee seeing as they weren't doing any good in their fight.

They were supposed to kill all and no one should come back for revenge later but they can't. There was no Head warrior to call the shots or make rules for pursuit, the Head warrior and his Second in Command had died at war. So instead of following them back to make sure no one survived , they howled in excitement of the war they had won and in pain of the ones they had lost.

Victory was theirs, but would it last?

They all returned back to the pack and straight to the Alpha's house to give them news on how the war was, as they stepped in some other warriors roared in victory at seeing their warriors came back.

"Alpha, Luna." the warriors bowed as their leader came fort.

"You have done great my warriors, give me the good news." the Alpha said as he had a proud smile on his face.

"We won the war Alpha but we lost the Ryders in the middle of the war, but we fought non-stop. Though we won but some escaped." A warrior said.

The Alpha and Luna wasn't pleased to hear this, they were supposed to kill every last one of them and now they hear this.

"Why didn't you go after them?" The Luna asked.

"Luna we didn't have anyone to give the go ahead and we were all weak, most of us injured and we had lost a lot already." Another Warrior replied.

"If only the Ryders had completed their Aim before they died, this wouldn't happen and we wouldn't have to worry about them regrouping and coming back. You have done well though, please go back and see your family, get some rest." The Alpha said as he dismissed them, but as they were leaving he called a warrior back.

"They have a daughter right? The Ryders , Bring her to my home. Her parents are gone now." the warrior nodded and bowed as he left to do what he was told.

There was a knock on the door and a little girl running to see if her parents were the one. Her aunt laughed as she called out to her to be careful.

"Camille, not so fast," she said as she opened the door but was met with a warrior instead of her brother and his wife.

"Where are they?" She asked felt a burning pain in her chest ignoring the fact that what she was about to hear was a bad news.

"We lost them at war, I'm sorry for the loss. They were great warriors." the warrior bowed as he offered his condolences.

She turned and saw Camille with tears on her face. The little girl had just heard something that would crumble her.

"Mum , Dad..."

"I'm here to take Camille under the Alpha's Order, she is to live with them in their home as she had lost her parents." the warrior announced.

"But I'm her aunt and I'm perfectly capable of taking care of her. Please thank the Alpha on my behalf but she will be staying with me." she was about to shut the door when the warrior stopped it.

"It's an order ma'am, she has to come with me." he pushed her aside softly and grabbed Camille but Camille wailed and cried as she didn't want to leave her aunt but there was nothing to do.

"I'll come for you my sweetheart, just go. You will be taken care of." she gave Camille a peck on the head as tears dropped from her eyes.

Camille nodded and asked to hug her aunt before she left with the warrior.

This was the last day she thought would come.


"You will be staying in my home but as a maid , you will help in the cleaning and everything a maid is supposed to do. I don't care if you're small or still a child whatsoever. That is your duty and destiny now. Have I made myself clear?"

"Yes A-alpha" I stuttered as I was told what I was here for.

This is not what I expected when the warrior brought me here. I am just fifteen and now a maid.

"And one more thing, no more training for you so focus on your duty and no mistakes and not a word to anyone that would implicate you .Take her to the maids quarter." Alpha ordered one of the guards.

I couldn't do anything but follow his orders, who was I to go against the will of my Alpha, I feared for how my life will be.

I had a necklace, given to me by my parents and touched it, at least I had something that keeps me close to them around my neck. A small drop of tears dropped from my eyes as I would never be able to see them again.

"Here, this is where you will be staying, some clothes and things will be brought here for you." the guard told me and left.

I entered the room, it was a small room with a small bed, it had a little toilet though. My room at my house was definitely better than whatever cage this is. Though it was clean and neat, I went to the bed and finally let go. I cried till I was so weak and heard a knock on the door.

Quickly, I wiped my tears and opened it.

"Take this, you will need them, clothes, soaps, brushes and everything and I'll give you a tour around the castle so drop the stuffs and let's go. You can come back and arrange everything later."

she smiled, feeling excited and I smiled back, she was sweet.

"Oh okay, let's go then." I smiled back as we left my room together. We started talking and laughing as she showed me places and told me things about the house or castle because it was hugeeeeee. Definitely a castle, no doubt.

"Oh right your name sorry?" She asked me as she giggled, we got carried away talking and the rest that we didn't even exchange names.

"Camille and yours?"

"Ivy and you have a beautiful name Camille." I smiled widely.

"So do you."

We talked more about ourselves, things we like doing and etc. I found out she was two years older than me and we were both cool and happy being friends. At least I have someone here with me.

Then we saw a young guy coming towards our direction.

Ivy bowed and greeted him "Good day Alpha". I got confused because I thought I had already spoken to the Alpha but I guess this was his son and I bowed my head softly and greeted too. He gave a nod and passed, there was something about him I couldn't quite get a hold on. I shivered a bit at the thought.

"Who is that?" I asked Ivy, getting curious at the young guy who just passed us.

"That's the Alpha son, Alpha Aiden Marshall. He just turned 18 and will become our Alpha soon enough. Do well to not disrespect him."

Hmm I see. Soon our tour was over and we were heading back to my room.

"My room is just the next one after yours,so feel free to come by anytime. My mum is also the cook here. You will meet her definitely." Ivy said as she came in with me. She was still telling me some rules, just to keep me out of making any mistakes.

Once she asked me about my parents and how I just became a maid with no guidance , I told her my parents had just died and the Alpha and Luna were kind enough to take me in. I didn't want to tell her anything that could maybe hurt her later and I'm glad she didn't push any further, just gave me a hug and assured me that everything will be alright