Pound My Cu*n*t

"Shh," I cooed, attempting to calm her down. "I'm not going to hurt you Tolu, and thank you, but I don't want your money, I just want to please you.....and myself, of course," I stated calmly.

"If you just cooperate and don't try to alarm anyone, I'll be done in an hour or two, and you could even enjoy it."

"So you just want to treat me like a common wh*re," she snarled. "Now, Tolu, I realize it appears that I'm humiliating you, but that's not my objective.

You are not a wh*re; you are the most beautiful lady in the world, and I want to make you feel like it." I took my blindfold from my bag and began to wrap it over her face as I commanded.

"Don't be terrified, but I can't let you see my face for obvious reasons." She was still trembling with anxiety, but she cooperated.

I brought her to her bed and, surprise, she didn't fight me. I gently pushed her down onto the bed, causing her to lie on her stomach. I began to gently kiss her neck while stroking her shoulders.

I then began to plant light kisses down her back, and to my surprise, I felt her relax, and she even let out a little moan. When I came to her butt, I started kissing, sucking, and licking her ebony fat cheeks.

She had an incredible body, and I was overjoyed to gratify her. I continued to clean her delicious butt cheeks with my tongue before moving down and kissing between her thighs.

I then buried my face in her already wet orifice, softly spreading her cheeks. Within a minute, her juices were flowing freely as I continued to suck on the fat c*nt lips.

She groaned loudly as I sucked on her small button that sprang out. "Oh, yeah," she purred, reaching back to pull my head in even farther.

I was surprised she was having so much fun, but I was delighted I was turning her on. As I dipped my tongue in and out of her, she exploded and her juices ran like a river in and on my mouth.

"Oh, yeah," she exclaimed as her orgasm subsided. When Miss Tolu pulled her head up, I jumped out of bed and proceeded to UnCloth myself.

"Is that all?" "Are you done with me?" I was happy to hear a hint of disappointment in her voice. "No, far from it, I'm just getting started," I responded, noticing her smile and lowering her head.

I took off my jeans and shirt. I returned to the bed and straddled her thighs. My c*ck was already solid and rock hard.

I started rubbing and slapping it on her buttocks, letting her feel the size and hardness. The silky flesh of her buttocks felt so lovely on my c*ck's head. I inserted my c*ck into the crevice of her big ass right at the entrance. "And don't worry about an STD; I can promise you that I'm clean." I said as I gently pushed on her pu*s's*y lips.

Her lips extended around my c*ck head, and she moaned as she felt me enter her. She was extremely tight for a woman her age. "Oh my, that's so huge!" she exclaimed, moaning loudly.

I could feel her kegel muscles stretching and drawing more of my c*ck into her as I moved deeper into her. I slid it all the way in and shoved my pelvis into her buttocks. "Ooooh, so deep," she exclaimed as I knelt down and started kissing and sucking on her neck.

I drew all the way out and rammed into her again, trying not to climax. "Ah sh*t, yes!" she cried as I pounded into her c*nt once again.

Then I sped up and proceeded to screw her. She got even more into it when she started thrusting her ass on my c*ck. This became too much for her after about twenty minutes, and I felt her walls clamp down on my c*ck as she burst.

I was almost there, so I slowed down and began to drill her deep, like if to make love to her. "Oh yes," she said softly to herself as I began to bite on her ear gently.

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