I'm getting married

Chapter 2


I was still shocked by what had happened in the school's cafeteria.

In all of my years as the King of All Martyrs High, I could not remember meeting anyone speak back to me with such audacity like that girl had, in the cafeteria today.

Who the hell was she to talk back to me?

Did she not know who I was?

No, of course she did. Everyone in All Martyrs High knew who I was. I was certain that my name made them tremble.

Coupled with the fact that I am the son of an Alpha.

It was almost impossible for anyone to not know who I was, except they were living under a rock.

How dare she?

She couldn't have been more than five feet four and even though she had curves that were alluring, with large green eyes that reminded me of the grass on a sunny day and an innocent face that looked like she was not capable of speaking, the bitch had such a loud mouth on her.

"Still thinking about the girl from school?" Alex asked as we headed home and I shook my head at first, angry that she still had the ability to possess my thoughts long after our ordeal in the cafeteria.

Well, she had insulted me and stood up to me in front of the entire school. So yes! It was something to think of.

No one ever did that. Not to me at least. No one could even breathe when I didn't tell them to.

If only she knew that the craziness she had displayed, in the name of standing out, had only put her under my radar. And I could swear that I was going to make her life a living hell.

"How had I never noticed her before? Well because she was a nobody." I scoffed inwardly.

Thinking deeply, I realized that I had seen her around. She only did not get my attention because she was a pauper.

Was she a part of the Morales pack? If she was, then it would be easy to find her and deal with her, both in and out of school.

She had no idea what she had just signed up for. But she would, soon. One thing that she would learn was that I never broke my promises or threats. And I had every intention of ruining her.

"Who is she?" I asked Alex and he smiled mischievously.

"I knew you would want to know about her. Jasmine Scott. She's in our class. She is brilliant though."

I rolled my eyes at his words.

"I really don't care about thar, and I think it's none of my fucking concern, Alex." I told him simply.

I had just one concern when it came to girls at school.Whether or not they would be able to suck my cock or spread their legs wide for me to sink my dick inside them and find relief.

The girls I didn't fuck, they were probably nothing to write home about or I didn't just know they existed.

Girls like Jasmine Scott fell into the latter category.

Well, now she had decided to not only make herself known but piss me off so much. It would be so wrong if I let her go scot-free with that razor-sharp mouth of hers.

She was going to pay, and I would take pleasure in doing everything possible to make her life a living hell.

Jasmine Scott had just offered to be my plaything for the rest of the school year without knowing. I smiled at the thought.

Though I was still cringing inwardly realizing that my cock was going to get into her worthless pussy.

"It seems like it will taste good anyway," I mumbled, then smirked.

She looked like her pussy was sweet and tame. I could already think of a couple of ways to show her that she had messed with the wrong person. She would definitely not forget the name Hardin Morales when I was done.

"What I want to know is, who are her friends? Where does she live?" What are her hobbies? Is she a member of the pack? What does she hate? Any boyfriend? These are the things I'd like to know, Alex." I took my face back to him, and waited for his reply.

He furrowed his brows slightly, then replied. "I'll do the homework and get back to you, Hardin."

Nodding, Alex waved me goodbye and I turned around and headed to the training camp to see my father, Russo Morales, Alpha of the Morales pack.

The relationship between my father and me was like oil and water. It had become worse over the past year and nothing I did ever seemed to be good enough for him.

If I ran ten miles, he would ask why I did not run a hundred. If I came second in any activity, he would remind me that being an Alpha did not tolerate any sign of weakness.

I had decided to give up on trying to live up to his expectations not long after my mother passed. And our relationship had gone downhill since then.

I didn't know what to do to appease him and frankly, I didn't give a shit anymore.

I was going to do me until I was ready to be Alpha. Until then, fuck anything else.

"Ah! Hardin, you are here. Welcome. Take a seat." My father, wearing a tee and cap that made him look unrecognizable said as I walked up to where he was sitting on a bench.

Inclining my head in greeting, I adjusted my bag over my back and sat down beside him.

"How are you, son? How was school today?" He asked and I fought the urge to roll my eyes at all of the pleasantries.

The serious look on his face told me that he had something he wanted to say.

"School was fine. I'm fine, are you? Why did you ask to meet up here?" I replied, wondering what bad thing I had done this time that had gotten to his ears.

One of the serious downsides of being the son of the Alpha was the fact that everybody wanted to be in my business.

Now that I was nineteen, their monitoring seemed to have reduced but I wouldn't put it past anyone to come and inform my father about me again in a bid to curry favour from him.

I wasn't called the black wolf of the pack for nothing.

"Things have been quite hard between us since your mother passed. Don't you think so?"

My eyes widened suspiciously and my guard immediately went up because we hardly spoke about my mother since she passed away. It was a topic that neither of us ever had the courage to discuss. And I didn't think he was suddenly talking about it now for no reason.

"What is going on?"

"I have some news." He took a pause while I watched him eagerly. My breathing was so heavy that I could even hear it.

"Okay, go on..." I voiced out, without letting him complete his long pause that he gave himself.

"I called you to tell you that I have been seeing someone."

I raised my eyebrows, wondering where this was heading to. I would be stupid to expect that he would not see someone after my mum died but a part of me hated it.

It had barely been a year and he was already moving on. All of it just added to the reason why I hated him.

"You have been seeing someone and...?"

"I proposed to her, son. She accepted. I'm getting married. She has a daughter around your age and I'm sure you will both get along very well..."

The rest of his words were lost to me because even though I stared at his mouth, all I could hear were three words.

"I'm getting married.'

How could he? Mum was not even gone a year and he had not only been seeing someone else but wanted to marry them?

I would never accept this. Never!

"Hardin, say something." He said, touching my arm. It took everything in me not to scream as I moved back to show him how much I repelled him. But he still placed his hand anyway.

Pushing his hand away, I rose to my feet, my hands turning into fists as I tried to control my rage.

"Call off that wedding, Dad. Because I'll only accept a new step mother and sister when I no longer breathe."

"Hardin!" He yelled and punched the bridge of his nose to remain calm. I, on the other hand, was anything but calm, my hands shaking with unrestrained fury.

How could he betray mum like this?

"If you do not want problems, then cancel that wedding. Because I will never accept another marriage." I said to him without respecting the fact that he was an Alpha.

Before he could speak further, I fled out of the training camp and kept running towards the woods.

My mother was the glue that had held our family together. And with her gone, nothing had been the same. Nothing was ever going to be the same.

Throwing my bag under a tree along with my clothes, I shifted into my large wolf form and continued to run, as if it would change my father's mind.

What type of woman married a man who had just lost his wife. She had to be a gold digger. She and her daughter. That was the only way to explain how my father had been seduced into the idea of another marriage.

He was already thinking of replacing his wife with another woman a year after her death, when it still felt like yesterday when she died. My heart tightened as I remembered that awful night.

How could he have moved on when it still hurt to even think about her?

I would never forgive him for this. And I would never accept to have a stepmother or sister, whether or not he went ahead to get married or not.

Russo Morales could kiss goodbye to the peace I have given him, the minute he brings the replacement and her child into our home.

I was going to make life very difficult for them, and I intend to do it.

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