1. Get Out, You Good For Nothing Woman

Katherine ran speedily inside the hotel with her fist clenched. "Room 313," she mumbled to herself and sped quickly towards the room, she pushed the door open at once but she was welcomed with the thick darkness that covered the room. She felt a big palm cover her lips and she was tossed to the bed at once.

Before she could realize what was going on, a big masculine body towered over her and kissed her passionately, the taste of his lips was like that of cherry. She wanted to push the man away but the man was stronger. His seductive masculinity turned her on and left her helpless, in a jiffy, the man was groaning as he went in and out of her.

Once he was done, he disapeared from the room, leaving Katherine helpless and weak.

Ten minutes ago, she received a call from her best friend, Donna, that someone was trying to hurt her in room 313 at T Hotel. Katherine was fortunately not so far from the hotel at that moment so she left what she was doing at once and ran inside the hotel speedily to save her friend. But she ended up having a nightstand with a stranger. How shameful of her... She was a married woman!

She managed to get up from the bed, feeling guilty and shameful, she dressed up properly and quickly walked out of the dark room. She was however welcomed with flashes of cameras.

She blinked and was stunned to see her mother-in-law, Sharon taking pictures of her with her phone.

"What's going on?" She asked," why are you taking my pictures?"

"To show my son that you are just a slut. You don't deserve my son," Sharon said, looking at her disgustingly, right there, she forwarded the pictures to Richard and then walked away from her.

Katherine walked quickly after her mother-in-law, "I didn't come here on purpose, mother. Donna told me she's in danger that was why I rushed over here." However, Sharon turned deaf ears to her and soon got inside her car and drove off.

Katherine felt a sour pain in her heart. Why was her mother-in-law here? How did she know that she had come to the hotel? She picked up her phone and called Donna repeatedly but she didn't answer the call.

A couple of minutes later, she arrived at the Caldwell's villa. That was where she lives with her husband, Richard. Once she walked inside the house, she was stunned to see that her luggage had been gathered together at the living room.

Why was her luggage here? Before she could make meaning of what was going on, Sharon and Richard appeared. Richard had a very deep and sour look on his face.

Has her mother-in-law told Richard she saw her at the hotel? Was that why Richard threw her luggage here? He couldn't even wait to hear from her?


"Hold it. I have been told severally that you have been secretly sleeping with men but I didn't believe until today when I was provided with evidence," Richard said, leaving Katherine shocked to the gut. Who is the person that told her husband such lies?

"I have born with you over the years for being barren. For good six years in this marriage, you couldn't even conceive talkless of giving birth to a baby. So not only are you a useless barren chick, you are also a slut... How disgusting!" Richard said.

Richard's words were like sharp swords twisting Katherine's heart mercilessly. Her heart clenched in pain and her bones and marrows felt the excruciating pain of his words. How could the man she had loved for more than ten years say such cruel words to her? He believed what his mother said without listening to her own side of the story.

"Richard!" She wanted to speak but as she called his name, tears rushed down her cheek. Whereas Sharon had a victorious smirk on her face, she had hated Katherine for many years. She hated her purposely because she couldn't give her a grandchild. She had persuaded Richard to divorce her severally but he was obstinate and won't listen to her. But she's glad things work out according to her plan.

'Finally, this barren chick will leave my son,' Sharon thought to herself.

Katherine looked at her luggage that was on the floor and looked at Richard again with her teary face," are you really... sending me away? After six years of marriage? Just like that?" Katherine was finding this hard to believe.

Richard walked up to her and threw the divorce paper to her face, the paper fell to the floor after landing on her face. Katherine felt very ridiculed.

Richard tuck a pen in her hand and told her, "sign the divorce paper and leave, barren slut."

Katherine shut her eyes painfully and absorbed the pain her husband's words were causing her. She sunk to her knees and cried, yet Ronald and Sharon just watched her without pity. After crying for ten minutes, she looked up to Richard and Sharon to see if they will comfort her but their faces were as cold as ice. They looked determined.

At that point, the reality of the situation dawned on her. She was not needed here anymore. As heartbroken as she was, she pulled the divorce paper and scribbled her signature even as tears dropped from her eyes to the paper.

"I have frozen your bank account. I will also not give you any money nor property. By reason of my influence, I have sent a message to every company here in Western Ocean City not to employ you, in short, I have blacklisted your name. Moreso, I have released news on the internet that speaks of your adultery. This will serve as punishment to you," Richard said ruthlessly.

Hearing these words from her husband...ex-husband made her feel like her world had come to an end. He had practically destroyed her and her career. With no money, an inability to get job, a scandalous identity, she would live the rest of her life in shame and pain.

Katherine stood up and carried her luggage then began to drag it out silently like an helpless woman. Her eyes furrowed in shock when she saw suddenly sighted her best friend, Donna walk in with a baby bump, she was also dragging her luggage inside the house

"Donna!" Katherine called in surprise, "I have tried your number severally but ..."

Katherine was shocked to see her ex husband, Richard walk up to Donna, he helped her with her luggage and said to her, "welcome home, my woman!"


Katherine almost committed suicide on the spot. The pain she felt increased greatly and she wanted to tear her cloth apart and scream in pain. Her ex husband and her best friend? Huh!

"Get out, you good-for-nothing woman!" Sharon shouted at Katherine, this time, Richard had lead Donna inside his room.

Katherine suddenly laughed, it was laughter filled with so much pain "of course! Hahaha...of course I will leave." Her heart was literally tearing apart. She turned and walked out of the house.

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