Chapter 1- A New Alpha

Alexander's POV

Today is the first day of the trials and I have to fight against the alphas around my country. That would be easy for me but judging by the look on their faces, the smug looks directly aimed at me, I'd say these men have no idea what I'm capable off and it will be fun to see the shocked look on their faces.

They think I'm a product of the weak alpha and the weak pack, but oh how they are wrong. My pack is about to change shape, something nobody is ready for.

The easy part is fighting but the not so easy part is how every unmated shewolf in my pack thinks I'd pick one of them as my luna.

The number of times I have to chase a shewolf out of my bed since becoming alpha, one would've lost count by now but I haven't. 12 females have made it pretty clear they want to be my chosen mates but they don't know that's not how it works where I'm from.

We don't reject our mates, we can be apart but the mate bond stays, growing stronger everytime.

Which makes it clear that there is no place in my heart for a luna and I don't see myself taking any of them or any woman for that matter to bed. I saved myself for my true mate and I will continue to do so, even though she is already mated.

I sound stupid but this is what I promised myself and I will not change myself because of how life worked out for me. This is just a challenge, testing of my patience and I know I am not much of a patient guy but for Sabrina, I'll do anything. For the love I truly want, I will wait. Patience is something I have always struggled with though, as my father's child and because of my social standing in this life, I have always had my way.

When I want something, I want it now.

"Thinking about Sabriiinnnna?" My brother jokes surprising me in my dressing room.

We were given rooms at the arena for all the alphas. A little room for every alpha's medic, beta and whoever he needs in the room to set up for whatever reason.

"Stop poking around in my head. Some thoughts are meant for me, just for me." I say before throwing a Jersey at him.

My brother, obviously catches it.

"So, I tracked you all the way here. Don't you have a pack to run? What are you doing at an arena and why do I smell a show of power going on here?" He asks.

"I'm fighting my way to be king. I have to fight alphas for that position and the strongest one, the one able to defeat all alphas wins." I say and he nods his head in understanding.

"Well that's an easy one. If they had to test on smarts, that's where you would definitely lose." My brother jokes. I growl at him and he chuckles.

I take off my shirt and dress pants, putting on black sweat pants. For fighting I like to stay shirtless and barefoot, claws out on all my limbs for effectiveness.

"What are you doing here anyway?" I ask my brother who has made himself comfortable in my room.

"Your true mate's ascension ball is coming up. Our family was invited, which took dad by surprise considering Hunter but I'm sure they are just following tradition. It looks like she has completed training and I was wondering if you'd want to make an appearance?" My brother says, wiggling his eyebrows at me.

"I'll think about it." I say before someone knocks on my door. It was time for the trials to begin.

"I'll come pick you up when it's time. Have fun big brother!" He says before leaving me alone in the room.

I open the door and walk out, making my way to where the fighting will take place. I don't need a medic for obvious reasons, I don't need my beta here because I need him to run the pack while I'm away and I work better alone anyway.

"Josey was right. She thought it was you, the new alpha." A familiar voice said and I turned around quickly to come face to face with my one true mate.

"Why are you doing this? It isn't fair to the other alphas." Sabrina says to me. I hear what she's saying but I'm too lost in her eyes to respond.

What do I say to the one woman that stays consuming my thoughts? To the one woman who has my wolf going crazy, begging me to run to her and make her ours.

"You mean it is not fair to your chosen mate to fight your true mate? Is it because of my obvious strength and the fact that he will be fighting me, where he stands no chance?" I ask smirking at her. My mind was going crazy just having her a few feet away from me.

Let's not even start with my wolf.

"I came to earth to learn the ways of an earthling because you see yourself as one so when the time comes and I finally get the chance to call you mine, I'll understand you perfectly. Me being king shouldn't stand in your way to live your own life." I say confidently.

Her eyes trail down my torso but quickly looks up. Her heart was beating too fast too, matching mine.

I feel so much better knowing I invoke such a reaction out of her, that she feels the pull just like I do and now I am certain her wolf wants to be taken by me.

Stubborn but it's alright, I can wait for her. I can't die now thanks to her. We have all the time in the world and the next.

"My mate would have to report to you. It's bad enough he is aware who you are to me, my wolf and what that means for him. Now he has to bow down to you?" Sabrina shouts out, in clear frustration and I just smile.

"Look, just like you, I am a god. Whether I become king, whether he bows down to me as king or not, I'm still above him in every way." I say, throwing a smirk her way.

I walk closer to her.

"I think it bothers you over everyone because of who I am to you and it shouldn't. It's not like your mate has to live under one roof with me and besides, I think my pack needs the win. They have been the weak pack for far too long and I can't stand by and watch them remain cowards, this is the push they need to strengthen the pack and fight for what's theirs. I won't be around forever and this is the best I can do for them, so I'm sorry but I'm winning this." I say before turning around and leaving her to think on what I just said to her.

"Why do you go by the name Alexander, Aiden?" Sabrina asks. I smile, she knew my real name which only means she's been asking about me.

I don't stop to answer her. To be honest, I don't even know why I chose to go by that name. Maybe I'm the crazy stalker who decided to choose a name that is almost her chosen mates name but I came to find out that women loved that name.

Although, hearing her say my real name, turned me on.

What she also doesn't know is it took all of my willpower to walk away from her and not claim her right where she stands. If she wasn't so much of an earthling, I would've killed Xander for taking what's mine but because things are done differently here, I'll respect them.

I was right though.

My pack is too weak and no wolf should have to live like that. Living like rabbits surrounded by wolves waiting to be hunted, that is just ludicrous. We are all werewolves and everyone in my pack has enough strength to at least be able to protect their families.

I find my way around and arrive at the main field, where the fight will take place. Alphas in every shape and form walking around, showing off their muscle and power.

This will be fun.....


Sabrina's POV

Damn that arrogant true mate! Did he not hear a word I said?

'You just wanted to see him. Your argument was weak and pointless. Why does it bother you so much to the point where you had to come all the way to tell him not to fight? Yes he will be king but that won't change who Xander is to us, our chosen mate. Which means we choose him, over Alexander...' Athena says to me and I chuckle.

"Shut up and don't sweeten up his name. He is not our mate. You do well to remember who we are with at the moment." I say out loud to Athena who just growls in response.

I leave the arena, where I left my Xander to fight against all the alphas. I knew he could win this but now with the new alpha, there was no chance in the world.

I find Josey in my room, eating grapes and watching tv.

I throw myself on the bed, groaning out loudly.

"So I take it this new alpha Alexander is your mate?" Josey asks and I nod my head yes.

"His real name is Aiden." I say. Josey throws me a look.

"He will be king Jose. There is no denying the strength these heavenly kids possess. I mean the first few months of my training in that school were bad bad and I mean bad for me, they gave me my ass plenty of times before I could get it right." I say. Josey chuckles as she eats my grapes not bothered in any way which fuels my frustration.

"I mean I get why him being king bothers you as you'd probably have to see him more but don't be that shaken. We all know he will win this trial but that's about it. He hasn't won your heart for which is his ultimate goal. Just make sure Xander knows he is the one you choose a thousand times over." Josey says as she flicks through channels.

Josey is right. Xander will come back wounded physically and mentally after losing to my true mate. I will have to put aside my frustrations and focus on him.

"You think this will make him insecure?" I ask Josey who then looks at me like I grew two heads.

"He will feel like shit. He already knows he isn't supposed to be with you so imagine finding out he has to bow down to his chosen mates true mate. I mean I'm confident but it would render me feeling small and I'm not an alpha." Josey says to me and I mentally groan.

Sometimes I wish I had a couple of years with Xander before I met Aiden. Then maybe Xander and I would've have enough time to maybe form a bond that is unbreakable.

"What do you think I should do?" I ask Josey who just shrugs in response.

"Changing the topic, how are the twins?" I ask Josey who sends me a death glare.

"Nice change Brina..." Josey says to me before sitting up.

"I guess we are okay but not where I want us to be. Me wanting the vampire king has created this rift between us that none of us want to speak off but it is clearly eating at us. I can't even look in to their eyes." Josey tells me.

"Is that why you're in my room eating my food? To hide away?" I ask and Josey nods her head yes.

"I mean I killed the stupid vampire king, that should mean something right?" Josey asks me and it was my turn to shrug.

"Someone was going to kill him either way. They died Josey and came back to life, that kind of thing changes you. Besides that, they still need to get to know your vampire, who we have all noticed can be the a little much." I say. Josey buries her head in my pillow and screams out.

"I think you should let your wolf take the lead on this one. She has always wanted them so if you want to make things right, listen to her." I say and she looks up at me.

"Yeah I guess you're right. What about you? What are you going to do about this this dilemma?" Josey asks me and I smile back at her.

"I think I might have a temporary solution to my problem that will give me enough time to win Xander over after this big loss that's coming." I say and Josey looks at me, waiting for me to continue.

"My ball is coming up in the heavenly realm. I will be introduced to that world as the moon goddess and what better way to attend that ball than with Xander by my side?" I say confidently.

"We aren't allowed there Sab. At least I am but your mate is an earthling, do you not remember how the elders were against our ins and outs there like we owned the place?" Josey reminds me but I shake it off.

"I need everyone to know who my mate is and I will show off Xander. The elders are just my advisers, they don't run the show. My family does and I don't think Hunter would mind if he hears why I'm doing it. If Aiden's family attend the ball, if he shows up and I hope he does, they will see Xander with me. I will show the world he is mine and I am his, earthling or not." I say excitement taking over me.

Josey shakes her head in disagreement but I pay her no mind.

Yes Xander is not allowed there and goddess knows I'm breaking the rules previous moon goddesses put in place to keep earthlings on earth but he is my mate and as mates, we share everything. I am the new moon goddess and it is okay if they don't understand my motives, they just have to live with them.

I think it was time I pay my dad a visit.

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