Baby With The Billionaire

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Kyle Dale after long thought decides to have a baby which will be his heir to his family business. Marriage is the last thing on his mind, all he needs is a child or so he thinks. After weeks of observation, he thinks his secretary Jade Brown is the best candidate who is cable of bearing his child. He is going to make a deal with her which she isn't able to resist. Jade Brown is in deep financial debts because of her younger brother Josh keeps getting in fights. So when the billionaire boss who has never spoken to her asks her to have his child, she accepts. Will the two bond over the little bundle of joy they share? Let's read and find out.

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Chapter 1: Baby

Kyle's POV

I find it very difficult to focus on the work in front of me. I know I'm not supposed to be staring but I can't help myself. I took a deep breath and let my eyes travel over her body. She has a very defined shape, her curves were just right. Her nose was straight and her cheekbones slashed. Her lengthy brunette hair danced on her shoulders. She is beautiful and she fits the description of the woman I want my child to be bear from.

My Heir

This beautiful woman that was setting out the files on the conference table will be the mother of my child, the one that will take over Dale's Corp. I had no doubt it will be her. After doing a background check I realize that she is in need of money. Her younger brother keeps getting himself in trouble and she's the one who's always running to help him even though she wasn't financially secure herself. It is obvious that she loves her brother and she will not decline an offer such as sweet as mine.

Jade Brown has been working as my secretary for a year and a half now. I've never actually spoken to her, she takes instruction from my Personal Assistant, Dane. But what I know about her is that she is a very hard worker. She gets everything done on time and we never have to question or argue with her. She is also always punctual and I admire when a person is early and present. I've never seen her got ill, at least that's what I know. She is always here doing her work and she didn't folly around with the other workers who seem to take my private affairs as a job by itself. She isn't preying. Which is great, I need a person who is humble and based on the research I received from my men, she not only had a clean record but also did some community service. I need a woman like her. When the gossiping starts they won't have any bad things to say apart from her brother but I can easily make him disappear. Probably send him off to a Caribbean island to settle himself.

Based on my research or should I say the research of my men, both Jade and her brother; whose name I'm yet to find out parents' died in a Tsunami when they travelled to Japan. They never made it back home. Jade was sixteen when it happened and her brother was just ten, both young. The research also showed that their parents left quite a sum of money but their greedy uncle invested it all in a company that went bankrupt.

Jade had struggled to make it back up. All through her college years, she was on scholarships which meant she is a very smart person. I needed that in my son. My heir has to have ambition, he needs to be motivated to do good and to work hard and that's why I've chosen Jade.

She has been through a lot and is still facing trials with her brother but she hasn't given up. She comes to work each day and does her best. I admired that about her. She is worthy of carrying my child. I choose her because the other women that I date wouldn't fit. They were all money-hungry, gold diggers and most of them weren't exactly what you called smart. I don't want my heir to turn out worthless like some of these women I date. I needed my heir to be humble, some of my personalities and some of his mother's.

"Thank you, Jade." My assistant Dane said. Jade turn and left the room. I was really enjoying the view of her ass. It is round, it wasn't big but it wasn't small either. It was just right. Personally, I'm not a butt person, I like the breast. I love when my women have a nice shaped breast and when I mean nice shape, not long and floppy. My women breasts are to be up and have its curves. I don't really care about the size of the breast but I like it when it was like an orange size, Not huge, not small.

"Mr Dale will take over from here." I smile and stand up to give my presentation.

Yuen Wong Company Ltd which is owned and financed by Yuen Wong was trying to join the business with me. I loved the idea of working with Chinese. They knew what they want and they went after it. If they invest in my company they will be getting back a great number of profits which is the only reason why they want to do business with one of American's finest trading company. Dale's Corp is known worldwide and many people want to trade with us because not only do we offer great service but we participate in my community activities and give many donations to the needy and the poor. Of course, people will be drawn to us. We aim to please, satisfy and create a friendship. That is our motto and my family generation has been living up to the standard of our motto and that' why whom I choose as the mother of my child and heir is so important.

"It's a privilege for my company that you are willing to join with us. I truly appreciate it, Mr Wong. Welcome to Dale's Corp and let's get down to business."

After the meeting, I decided it was time I brought my deal to Jade. The sooner my child can be born, the sooner my family business will be secure.

As I waited for Dane to fetch Jade I started looking up books on the internet on how to be a good father. Although I want to have a baby with Jade, I plan on being there every step of the way.

I want to be there for him in the way my father wasn't there for me. I knew that my father had the business to run and I didn't mind neither did my mom because she knew what marrying him would mean. But as a child I always wanted him to be there more. I knew he loved me and he told me that all the time but I wanted him to play football and soccer with me. To teach me how to ride a bike and he wasn't there. I don't want my child to feel the same way I felt when growing up. I want him to be able to look and say, "My father, is always there." I want him to smile when I come to his school for father's day or career day. I want him to say, "That's my dad. He's always here."

I smile to myself. I have really high expectations of the father I want to be and Jade will help me be that father.

I look up from my computer when my office door opened.

"I heard you have requested to see me." she not only looked nervous but she also sounded nervous. I'd be too if the boss who I've never spoken to has suddenly requested me. Yes, I'd be nervous as hell. She probably thinks I'm going to fire her.

Let me ease her worry.

"Yes, Ms Brown please come and have a seat." I smiled at her to lighten her mood a little.

After she sat I decided to get straight to the point. "You must be wondering why you're here talking to me and what you have done." She nod. "But let me tell you this, it's not what you have done it's what your brother has done and keep doing."

"Josh?" she sounded a little shock but she then sighed like she was used to this type of news. "What has he done to you? Tell me, I'll pay for it in small down payments."

"Oh no, your brother hasn't done anything to me. I noticed that your bother Josh keeps getting himself in trouble, getting into fights and ruining people's car and this is because of a girl, all because of a girl. I'm here to help you through it. To get rid of the problems you have been facing. I'll pay back all the damages your brother has done." I offered.

"What's in it for you?" She asked suspiciously.

I smile. I know I've chosen the right person for the job. She is smart, why would someone offer to clean all her debts if they weren't going to get back something in return.

"You'll have to conceive my baby."

She raised her brows and stayed silent. "What?"

"You'll have to conceive my baby."

"I heard you the first time. I'm just shocked." She shakes her head and looks at me intently.

"You're serious," she said after realizing it wasn't a joke.

"Dead serious. I need an heir and you're perfect for the job. You have a great body and wonderful personality which I'd like my child to have." She blushes as I compliment her.

"Okay, so you'll remove all my debts?" she asked still not believing.

"Yes and I'll even give me you two million dollars extra to go and start your life in a better way maybe like to do what you want. You can open your own restaurant or coffee shop, anything. I can make your dreams come true."

"Just by having a baby with you?" She asked still not believing all that was happening.


She shakes her head, "You're crazy."

"I've been called crazy before by many people but I don't think I'm crazy, I'm just wise."

"Oh, yeah. Well, the two words have a different meaning." She shakes her head. "You want to pay me to have a child for you. I think you're crazy." She lifts her hands and signed crazy.

"Why is it crazy, Ms Brown?"

"Well, for one, there are so many beautiful women who would love to fall pregnant with your baby. For God's sake, you're Kyle Dale, a billionaire and I'm Jade Brown, a nothing and you're choosing me?" She laughs and shakes her head. "You're crazy."

"You're right, Ms Brown. There are thousands of women who would want to have my baby and believe me, many have tried to trick me. Women who I've never met are coming to me telling me that they're pregnant with my baby. Women who've I've slept with tried the condom trick on me. Oh, you can't be more right. So many women have tried some ungodly things just to have my baby but it never works. I don't need any gold-diggers for my baby mama."

"How do you know, I'm not a gold-digger?"

"Are you?"

"I'm not."

"Then what more do I need to know?"

She shakes her head. "You don't know anything about me."

"I know enough."


"You need money to get out of all the debts that you and your brother are in."

She nods, "Well you know that but you don't know about me, what if I'm a bad woman?"

"A bad woman wouldn't call herself a bad woman or ask a question like that."

She shakes her head and laughs. "You're crazy."

"Yeah, you've said that before."

"Will I get to be a part of the baby's life?" After a few moments of silence, she questioned.

"No, you'll be set free."

"Then no, if I'm not going to be able to be with my baby then no, I can't accept your proposal." She declares. She is truly different from the other girls. She wants to be a part of the child's life even though it would stop her from fulfilling her dreams

"Okay, you'll be a part of his life."


"Yes, I want the baby to be a boy."

"You can't determine that."

"You're right, I can't but it would be best if we had a boy."

"Okay. I accept your deal. I want to get my brother out of the trouble he's in." I knew that would be her initial reason for accepting. She wants to protect her younger brother. She loves him and he keeps falling for the wrong girls. He really needs me to teach him a little bit about girls.

"Great, we'll need to start working then," I said with a smirk.

"Working? Aren't be going to do insemination?" she asked with her brows raised.

"Nope," I said popping the p. "Any child of mine will be conceived naturally."