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"How can you betroth me to Tessa father? Beside there's no way that I am getting married to her dad!" Hayden yelled angrily as he stomped out of his father's study holding back the rage that was trying to overlap his emotions. "This is the only way to save the company from bankruptcy, your father worked so hard for the company and take it to a higher status. Tessa is our only hope. Try to understand, your marriage will be a revolution for the family business. "You both are pushing me to marry a woman that I don't even have any feeling whatsoever for her! I don't know her anymore; she is completely a strange person and I am never getting married to her!" "You are going to get married to Tessa, Hayden I won't seat down and let you destroy everything that your father and grandfather worked hard to build never!" His mother spat out. "You are getting married to Tessa and that is final." His father angrily said to his face. "I won't get married to her, never will i ever get married to that daughter of Lucifer." Hayden yelled flaring up. Hayden and Tessa used to be very close and very best friends until something hurtful and painful happened tearing their friendship and bond apart. The sweet, kind and loving best friend of Hayden grew up with changed to a arrogant, proud and mean person. The Anderson made a deal with the Cooper to get their children married in order to save their company. Will Hayden agree to get married to his ex best friend that broke him in order to save his father's company? What exactly did Tessa do to Hayden that destroy their friendship and made him hate her?

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Chapter 1




Inside the wide capacious office, the air conditioner blowing so cold with a quirky fragrance, the glass desk littered with so much files, a pen cup, a apple laptop which was sparkling neat and glittering as it was made of annaeled glass, two iPhone, two iPad and a office telephone.

And just in front of the glass desk were two black twirling seats. A mini bar placed at the far end of the desk and a plasma television which was hung on the wall.

There was a blue coloured cushion some meters away from the desk right beside the wall, four black throw pillows was placed on it making it look comforting for a nap, a little table.

The door and walls around office was made of glass and done in such a way that only a person from within the office could see what was going on outside the office, he could see when a person was coming to his office, but no one from the outside could see a thing, the office was convenient for the boss alone.

Hayden Anderson sat down majestically on the chair in his office reading through the file in his front on the desk, three buttons was loose on his long sleeves exposing his sexy albs, his tie hung loosely on his neck.

The door of his office was suddenly opened, he raised his head up and saw his two best friends Gerald and Marcus with a mischievous smirk plastered on their faces.

"Hey man." Marcus greeted seating in the seat opposite him together with Gerald.

"I heard Tessa is back from England." Marcus informed.

"And what does not have to do with me?" Hayden asked furrowing his brows.

"You are such a bad boy, i bet you are the first to know and you didn't seem it fit to inform us." Marcus said ignoring Hayden's question.

"To think we are your best friends and you have to hide the fact that you both are getting married." Gerald added.

"I don't get you guys, i am confused." Hayden arched his brows.

"Here take a good look at this, let's see if you will deny it." Marcus handed his phone, a news article was displayed on it.

Both Luca and Gerald focused their eyes on Hayden studying his expression.

"Do you think anyone is gonna snatch Tessa away from you?" Marcus jokingly asked looking at his best friend.

"To think you always say you hate her so much or is there something you are not telling us." Gerald scoffed furrowing his brows.

"What is the meaning of this? Who the hell made this article?" Hayden yelled with an unreadable expression not believing what he saw on the article.

"Don't tell us you don't know about the marriage between you and Tessa?" Marcus asked when he saw the dreaded look on Hayden's face.

"Don't tell me that is an arranged marriage that rich parents always make out for their kids." Gerald asked with a shock expression.

"No i have no idea about this, how could my parents do this to me? How could they get me betrothed with my consent." Hayden yelled trying to control his temper.

"Oh my God, this is terrible, do you think Tessa already knows and could this be the reason that she is back to this country from England?" Lucas arched his brow.

" I can't believe that my father betrayed me by getting me betrothed to the least person i like without my consent, i always knew that he was greedy. How could that old man do this to me?" Hayden felt betrayed and sad at the same time.

"I guess that daughter of Lucifer knows about it that is why she is back." Hayden clench and unclench his jaw.

"I think my father has a lot of fucking explaining to do, thanks guys for informing me." Hayden said picking up his car keys from the desk and his jacket from his seat, storming out of the office with both his friends trailing behind him.

"Dude please calm down, should i drive you home?" Lucas offered the moment they all where at the company garage.

"Don't worry no matter how pissed i am I will be able to drive safely, i think you guys should get back to work." Hayden said entering his car, he turned the engine on and zoomed off.



Upon arriving home, Hayden headed straight to his father's home office after inquiring about his father's whereabout from one of the maid.

He barged into his father's office without knocking and that was so not like him but he didn't give a fuck about it, his father had to give a perfect explanation as to why he had gotten him betrothed to that devil Tessa Lina Cooper.

"Son why did you barged into my office without knocking and why is your face that way?" His father Mr Marcus Anderson asked taking his eyes away from the document in his front.

"Can you fucking explain this to me, dear father!" Hayden said emphazing on the dear father, showing his father the article.

"Oh! This i am glad you already found out about this." His father said with a voice which was void of emotion concentrating on his laptop.

"You have no right whatsoever to decide my future father, you have no right to choose a bride for me." Hayden seeth trying to keep his anger under control.

"I am your father and I have every right to decide what is good for your future." His father yelled.

"Tell me your reason for such rash decision, i deserve to know." Hayden asked glaring at his father.

"The company is having financial issue son and we need the Cooper, I know you have your little company, but we need you to help us save the company." His mother Martha said walking into the office.

"Your dad had no option but to strike a deal with the Cooper's which involved getting you and their only daughter married, your father had to do it to save the company and our legacy." His mother explained.

"But mom, you both should have talked to me before you went ahead to make your plans."

"What would your reply be huh? You would have made a big deal out of it, you would have kicked against it." His father said, he was beginning to get angry.

"This is my future, my life not yours or mom's future and life." Hayden yelled seething in rage.

"Are you trying to tell me that i can't decide your future now? I am your father and i have every right to decide for you. Tessa Cooper is the perfect choice for you, she is smart, beautiful, resourceful and she is the heiress of the Cooper's and Laurel's fortunes."

"Do you think betrothing me to Tessa is the best thing for me dad? Dad you never care about my feelings in the first place, you never cared of how i will feel. You just went ahead to do your fucking wish."

"All you ever care about is yourself, money and the fucking company, you have always been selfish father, you always like controlling my life."

"Watch your tongue young man." His father thundered landing a slap on his face, a loud gasped escape from his mother's mouth.

"How can you betrothed me to that bitch Tessa father? Beside there is no way that I am going to get married to her, I won't give you what you want." Hayden yelled loudly as he stomped out of the home office.

"This isn't your decision to make dear son." His father seethed coming after him as they headed to the living room.

"Father, how is this not my decision to make?" Hayden scoffed "

"We are talking about me getting married here, What about my feelings don't they matter? I don't feel a thing for her, even if i were to get married it was definitely not to her!" Hayden whispered yelled holding back the rage that was trying to overlap his emotions

"Son, this is the only way to save the company from going bankrupt, your father and grandfather worked so hard for the company to get to a higher status."

"Tessa is our only hope, try to understand, your marriage with her will be a revolution for the family's business, your father is at the verge of loosing everything we have, we are at the verge of bankruptcy."

"You have no brought a woman home neither have you had a girlfriend, so i don't understand why you wouldn't want to get married to the woman you always wished to marry when you were still young, you and Tessa used to be close and inseparable, you were best friends." His mother voiced out trying to convince him

"That was long ago mom, you are pushing me to marry a woman that i don't even have any feeling whatsoever for, i don't know her anymore, she is completely a change and different person and i am never getting married to Tessa, never!" Hayden spat.

"You are going to get married to her, Hayden Leo Anderson, i won't seat down and watch you destroy everything that I and my father worked hard for with our blood and sweat to build, i won't let you destroy my legacy. Never!" His father yelled

"You are getting married to Tessa Cooper and that is final." His father angrily said to his face

"I won't get married to her, never will i ever get married to that daughter of Lucifer, why don't you divorce mom and get married to her if you are so desperate to save your company." He yelled back at his father.

"You should be happy that the Cooper's are allowing their daughter, their heiress to get married to you every man in your shoes will kill for this opportunities." His mom spoke

"Then go and give birth to another son so that he will get married to her."

He picked his car keys which he carelessly threw on the table and stormed out of the house

"Hayden... Come back here... Hayden... You brat get back here this instance." His father called out his name which he ignored.

He went straight to his car, entered inside, turned on the engine and drove with speed out of the compound.