Arranged Marriage With The Billionaire

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"I want you to talk to me, who was that guy you were dancing with?" "I didn't do anything with him, we didn't even touch we just danced. Also, you are in no place to ask me that, you have no right to ask me that Dylan." He scoffed. "I'm your husband, I have every right to ask you that. How dare you dance with another man, have you got no shame?" Dylan was furious and Blair's tone only seemed to infuriate him even more. “And need I remind you everything is just a fake.” Blair was already too angry now. Dylan paused his teeth. “You are my wife, fake or not. You belong to me. Your body, mind and soul, everything belongs to me. Only I, am allowed to be consumed by it.” His voice was dangerously low now. Blair swallowed. She was fire, and he was ready to be consumed by her.

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Chapter One


Blair would never understand people. She would never understand why people fed lies of love when they knew there were starved souls on the street. Why people made promises they knew they could never keep. Why they raised up your hopes even when they knew it was impossible. How they could look you in the eyes, say they love you and break your heart the next minute.

"I can't do it anymore Blair, I'm sorry. I tried, but they have my hands tied and I can't do anything now.

When she had heard those words, she thought it could mean anything, anything but Richard breaking off their engagement. She thought he was in trouble, and had been ready to help, in any way she could, even if she had to run to him, barefoot, still dressed in her pyjamas.

Who has your—What are you talking about Richard? Please tell me, did something happen? Why do you sound this way?

The minute of silence that followed after that, only increased Blair's fear. With each passing second, her fear only heightened as the shaky breaths coming from Richard pushed her closer to the edge.

Nothing happened to me Blair, the engagement, it's off. I can't do it anymore. I won't be home...I'm not in town anymore Blair, I...I'm sorry, goodbye.

He ended the call after that. She had sat in shock for awhile, the first thing that had run through her mind was an image of her throwing her favourite slippers at Richard when he came home and admitted he had been pulling a prank on her. Blair had refused to believe it, refused to worry. She had spent her entire day, going on with regular activities, telling friends about Richard silly prank. Richard didn't return home that day. He didn't show up the next day, and the weeks that followed after Blair still slept alone on the bed they had once shared.

"We were planning on having an August wedding." Was the first thing Blair had said to her best friend Samantha before bursting out into tears. It was at that moment it hit her, Richard was really gone, life was no fairytale. Nothing was going to happen between she and Richard. He was gone for good. He was almost gone forever. Blair could not help as she weeped. The pain was laced in her soul. She had never felt this kind of pain before in her entire life. Blair was lost, she could not be found and she knew this.



Blair was woken up from sleep by her mother's call. "Blair! Finally I've been trying to reach you since yesterday." Blair frowned at the tone in her mother's voice. It didn't hold it's usually cheer or positive vibe. Ever since Richard's departure Samantha and her parents have been the only ones making things better, which she was really grateful for, but today was different. "Blair are you there? Can you hear me...or is this stupid network acting up again," she muttered the last part, sounding frustrated.

"I uh...wasn't feeling too well yesterday, stayed in bed all day. I also wasn't with my phone, I forgot it in Samantha's room the other day and haven't opened it since," she lied, hoping her mother wouldn't question more on that, because she wasn't really good at holding a lie, especially to her parents.

Blair had actually been with her phone when her mother called and even listened to the voice note she was sent, but yesterday had been such a terrible day and the only reason she didn't answer was because she didn't want her mother to know of the state she was in. "Did you want to tell me something?" She sat up, clearing her throat.

"Yes," she said. "Will you please come home this Friday? There is something your Father and I would like...have to discuss with you. I mean, I hope you aren't too busy to come see tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow? Can't this discussion be done over the phone? I don't think I can come. You know I have work, I will be busy" She told another lie. Blair was currently unemployed, after Richard left, the betrayal left it's effect on every aspect of Blair's life. She couldn't concentrate on anything, and her boss was starting to complain, she had to submit her resignation later before she would be fired. "If this is really important I can try and come next week."

"It is important honey. W-we, your Father and I, we have been holding this for some time now and feel tomorrow is the right time to tell you about this. How about you take an excuse from your boss? Also, the topic at hand isn't one to be discussed over the phone," her mother said. "It will be better if you were here."

"Fine, I'll try to be there Mom."

"Thank you, we will be waiting." She had wanted to question the tone in her mum's words, she sounded a bit worried, scared almost. She ended the call before Blair could ask what it was.

She chose not to worry herself and instead went back to sleep. If something was wrong, she would find out when she went to see them tomorrow. She was just about to lay her head back on her pillows and sleep when she heard Samantha's voice announcing her arrival. "Blair, I'm home!"

"Urrgh," Blair groaned. Honestly she was glad Samantha was home, she felt more comfortable when Samantha was in the apartment with her, but now she wanted to sleep and she didn't need Samantha around. She closed her eyes, hoping Samantha would respect that she was asleep and let her be—but humans don't always get what they want.

"You can't be like this forever Blair." Samantha sighed as she walked into the room. "Your room is a mess Blair, when was the last time you even clean this place?" Like Samantha had said, Blair's room was a mess. She wasn't exactly the most tidy one while she was still in a relationship with Richard, but compared to before, it was a state of grace to grass. "I'll have to clean it myself then." Samantha sighed as she bent to pick Blair's bra which she had just stepped on. "Why is your bra even here?"

"I want to be alone Samantha." Blair turned to lay on her side, bringing the duvet up to her chin, she closed her eyes to rest. "Leave my bra alone," she muttered sleepily.

"I know Blair, but it's been over a month now. You need to...I don't know, be yourself again? I know it hurts, Richard leaving and..." Seeing that Blair was not budging to her words, she gave up on trying to speak to her. Taking off her shoes and jackets, she walked over to the bed, getting in under the covers, she pulled her friend close to her. "You're going to be fine. That asshole, wherever will one day..."

"Don't," she heard Blair say. "Not now Samantha please...I don't want to hear anything concerning him." Samantha didn't say another word, pulling Blair closer, she began rubbing her back gently.

"I'm sorry," Samantha said softly. Blair wanted to let Samantha know she wasn't angry with her, but she was too tired to move or even speak, so she instead relaxed to the gentle rubs on her back and slept.


Blair's family house was over a hundred years old. It had belonged to her mother's great grand parents and had been left to her by her grandmother in her will. Blair remembered the first day her Father had driven them to the house to have a look, Blair remembered protesting that she wasn't going to stay a night in the house. Before her Father had done a little renovation, Blair had said the house was a haunted one. The only reason she had said this was because, back in their former house she got to share a room with her elder sister, Anne. But here, there were enough rooms for everyone, Blair feared the dark back then and dreaded the fact that she wouldn't share a room with her sister again.

The house stood at great heights, standing proudly, with the trees around, which stood at both sides like everlasting guardians to the building, combined with the peaceful atmosphere. It gave a very warm and inviting look to anyone who would come visiting.

"Good day Sinclair," Blair greeted the butler, who approached her as she stepped down from her car. Sinclair had been working for her great grand mother before she passed away, when she passed, he had been the one taking care of the house, and when the moved, he offered to stay behind and Blair's Father had hired him. "How have you been?" She asked with a kind smile.

"I've been well Blair. You know I didn't think I would see you again so soon after your last visit."

Blair smiled. "Mum called, she wanted me to come home. Apparently, it's for something really important." Sinclair nodded, taking Blair's bag which she thanked him for. He followed behind her as they both walked to the house. "Mum, I'm here!" She announced as she stepped into the house. She turned to Sinclair. "Is she in?"

"Yes." He nodded. "She is in her office." Blair nodded, the turned to walk away, jugging up the stairs, Blair headed to her mother's office, which was located at the top floor. There was a tall tree just behind the house, closest to her mother's office. That was formerly Blair's playroom, but when Blair had moved out, her mother turned the place to her office. She said she loved listening to the chirps of the birds which had nested their and rustle of the leaves while she typed.

Blair pushed the door open slowly, peeking her head in. Just as Sinclair had told her, her mother was behind her desk, typing away quickly. She noticed the presence in the room, her head quickly snapped up to see Blair.

"Blair!" She sounded surprised. "You scared me." Blair and Jane bared similar looks, while Blair had her Father's baby blue eyes, everything else was from her mother. They had the same small, but pointed nose, which would always scrunch up whenever they were confused or deep in thought. The same cat eye shape, which Blair's Father would sometimes joke and refer to as the eyes of the Chinese, Blair never understood why he said that, she had met many people from China and most of them didn't have eyes shaped like that. Their smiles were one of their most brightest features, Blair remembered being told several times of how beautiful her smile was and she should smile more often when she was little by the older ladies who would sometimes come visiting.

"Hey, how have you been?" Blair inquired laying a kiss on her mother's cheeks. "I see you're busy." She glanced at the screen before her mother before walking to take a sit on the available couch which was at a corner of the room. Blair smiled at the little change she noticed in her mother's office. She had gotten rid of the portrait of some woman dressed like she was from the eighteenth century. Her mother was the type who would sometimes buy something and then regret it hours later. The eyes of the woman, her mother said, was haunting. It was now replaced with a crown of flowers, which she hung from a nail.

"I've been okay, fine and no, I'm not really busy at the moment, just finishing up here. was your journey? Hope it was well."

Blair shrugged. "It was okay. So uh...I hope there is no problem. Over the phone you refused to tell me the problem and you said it's urgent."

"Yeah." Her mother looked away nervously. "Blair, you just came back. You should go take a shower, rest, then grab something to eat. When your father returns back from work, we'll discuss it together."

Blair frowned. "Nothing has happened right? You are starting to scare me with the way your speaking. Did anything happen to Dad?He is not sick again right?" He had just had a surgery months ago to get rid of the appendix, and had then gotten sick with malaria, just a week after that.

"Nothing happened to your Father Blair, he is fine. Just go take your bath, you look really tired. When your Father is back and ready, we'll let you know when we need to speak to you."

"Okay, if you say so." Giving her one last hug, Blair walked out of the office. She didn't know how her mother expected her to be calm, take a bath and go to sleep, she couldn't do anything but worry at the moment. Though she was used to conversing with her parents, the only time they had both called her for something really important was during high school when her principal had contacted her parents concerning Blair's performance at school, and when she had gotten her first boyfriend.

She went upstairs to her room. Blair's childhood bedroom, would always bring her nostalgia whenever she stepped her feet in it. Not one single thing had changed from the time she moved here and it still held the most precious things that made up childhood. Her favourite stuffed animal Miss Woodsy with one leg, which had only been Miss Woodsy before Blair had cut it off one time when she was really angry. The ceilings was painted with the universe, which lit up at night when Blair slept, it also served as a night light. Blair was really happy that her Dad set it up, since she was the afraid of the dark. The thing she lost the most about her childhood room was because it was her Haven. Her safe place where the troubles of the outside world couldn't get to her.

She smiled, making sure her door was locked, she began stripping, taking off her clothes slowly. Though she was still worried, she couldn't deny that she wasn't tired, her bones were weak and her eyes heavy. But she didn't have the strength to stand for a shower and she knew if she decided to take a bath, she would spend hours in the tub because she was too lazy to get up.

She got under her covers, clad in only her underwear. Taking her phone, she plugged in the earpiece to the portal. For a month now, Blair has found it really hard to sleep, she hated taking pills because it made her feel like her body had a problem, so she turned to asmr. There was something about it, the soothing voice and satisfying, nonthreatening sound that helped her lot in putting her straight to sleep, it brought her piece of mind and clears her mind away from any distraction.

When she woke up hours later, the first thing her eyes landed on was the clock on the wall facing her, nightfall had arrived now, and the night light was the only source of light in the room, she suspected her mother had been the one to out this for her. A knock came from the door. She sniffed, trying to sit up, only to fall back on her bed. "Who is it?" She asked, her voice laced with sleep.

"It's me Blair," It was Anita, the help. Since her mother had gotten back with her writing, Anita was hired to help with little choice around the house, she was also Sinclair's cousin. "Your parents are waiting for you downstairs. Your mother said I should come get you, they are waiting for you in the living room."

Blair sat up quickly, granting at the head rush. "Thank you. Let them know I'll be down soon, I just need to put some clothes on."

"Okay, I'll tell them that," Anita said, following that where her retreating steps.

Blair got up and headed to her wardrobe to put on decent clothes, while back at home she was comfortable in walking round the house in her underwear, she couldn't do that here. Once she was decent, she headed downstairs to meet her parents. Her Father was home now, he sat on the two sitter chair in the living room, while her mother sat beside him.

"Hey Dad," she said walking into the room. She collapsed on the couch closest to them, sitting in a way that she would be facing them.

"Hey, how are you doing?" He asked.

"I'm fine." She nodded. "So...Uh, is something going on?" She gave a dry laugh. "You don't have cancer right? Please let it not be cancer."

He gave a small smile shaking his head."No, no Blair, I don't have cancer and don't worry, no one is sick, or dying, nothing like that," he assured her.